Psychostick - Megaman Lyrics

200X so long ago
when there was only Rock and Roll
Doctor Light had built me, gave me armor of blue
You know my job was lab assistant then
till Doctor Wiley's Evil Plan
Killer Robot Army taking over the country, ya

C'mon Rock Man he said with a smile
Defeat the robot masters or we're all gonna die
The power's in your hands!
Time to make a stand!
You're the only one who can
You're the Mega Man

Bosses can be tough it's true
Defeat them with your Jump Man shoes
Find Crash Man's Tower
Get equipped with his power
The right weapon takes fewer hits
Unless you're using Ki Bullets
Jump through the boss door
Float up and cross the floor, ya

C'mon Wiley I'm at your castle door
I beat your robot masters but must fight them all once more
I foiled all your plans!
You never stood a chance!
Now I'll make you understand
I'm the Mega Man

C'mon home now pleaded Doctor Light
I hope that one day you'll no longer have to fight
But Wiley's back again!
Who is this Break Man?!
Fiiiight fight this guy again!
But what Rock doesn't understand
He's a Proto Man, ya
Oooo he's going to lend a hand

Ohhhhhh Mega Maaaaan
Ohhhhhh Proto Maaaaan

He's my brother Mega Man now sees
With armor and Proto Man now join to face Wiley
The power's in his hands
No one stands a chance
He'll keep fighting Wiley's Robot plan
Got a dog name Rush!

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Psychostick Megaman Comments
  1. Carnifex20

    I was surprised by how long this song is. So catchy too.

  2. YaWeedMan

    I better put down this joint. My mind is in danger of being exploded 😂

  3. Tzilbalba

    Oh shit my childhood...subscribed

  4. Doom2exe

    This is just hits me in nostalgia's hard

  5. Sean Greaves

    This was excellent. Thank you for making this, I teared up a bit.

  6. jffry890

    Did Nintendo approve this?

  7. Adam Charles Hovey

    I was watching something about Mega Man video games on YouTube, I have it on the Roku on the TV, with my nephew. And, we go to another room that has YouTube on the Xbox, and it suggests this video. Divine Providence? Probably not. Coincidence? Yeah, probably. But an interesting coincidence.

  8. George Schlaline

    Ann Wilson will have YOUR HEAD

  9. PiousMoltar

    This sounds a lot like Tool. Despite being a parody of another song entirely.


    Having checked out the original song, I love it. And it's less Tooly than this cover.

  10. PiousMoltar

    How have I not even heard this before? Amazing

  11. Gwen Miller

    Hi People!

    The are my dads friends.


    Hi Gwen!

    Gwen Miller

    @Psychostick I miss you! I got a MacBook and that is how i am sending this!

    Gwen Miller

    Psychostick do you still have the video with me in it?

  12. T M

    Fuckin A! That was my youth in a 4:44 video. Was that a Zartan figure?!

  13. Andrew

    My 9 year old nephew is really into classic Nintendo games right now and i showed him this video last week and it blew his mind how Megaman could come alive and interact with the toys lol.

  14. DukeYT

    Is that nes original


    Who knew that thing I remember booted up just fine

  15. Malal the Renegade God

    HOW HAVE I MISSED THIS!? Megaman x is better though. :(


    Malal the Renegade God I’m the kid in the video check out my channel you will see my face

  16. TheJadeFist

    Aww come on, Bubbleman wasn't hurting anything.

  17. Joshua Roberts

    Easily my favorite Psychostick track. It only made me laugh once or twice, but this track seamlessly mixes heart and Mega Man. Not to mention its epic as Hell.

  18. Ingwie Phoenix

    This song is not on Spotify.
    Whaaaaaaaaaai X3
    Oh well. Is it released on Vinyl, though?

  19. Ingwie Phoenix

    You...even got the weaknesses right, it seems.... Woah.
    Either you did your homework well, or Rawrb is a nerd =)

  20. Sean Simons

    This video gives me life. Sincerely, the guy with the Mega Man tattoo who had a Mega Man cake for his 40th birthday.

  21. Paul Pierce

    Not as good as your other stuff, who knows could of been the recording it seemed a little weak

  22. nesenda

    The fact that I haven't heard this till now disqualifies me from ever winning in life

  23. Chris Spawn

    I know it’s a heart cover but it sounds like tool alot

  24. Hello Kitty

    This is mega man...on crack lol

  25. jason tardiff

    Perfect, I'm running out of shit to watch, hurry

  26. Matthew Bertrand

    At first I wasn't sure, but after this, it's pretty clear you've become my favorite band.

  27. gruthakhul100

    lol, this is me ca. 1992 :D great video, great song, nostalgia-goosebumps!

  28. Scoff von Kiel

    Fucking glorious.

  29. Howling Wolf

    It’s sad when the Mom had to interrupt that kid playing Megaman ☹️


    Howling Wolf That was me 5 years ago

  30. mike

    That has to be the most beautiful thing I've ever seen on YouTube.

  31. 240p Club

    Happy 30th Birthday, Mega Man!

  32. Kevin Meisenbacher

    Holy crap, that's actually a really cool animation and job in general!

  33. Aphrodezecat

    I love this so much.

  34. Ryan Miller

    He's got a dog named Rush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. InfinityPotato

    I fucking love the CHORUS of this track!

  36. mikeforte

    I don't know how I'm only just now finding this video... but I love you guys forever for this.

  37. william presley

    I used to have a bunch of those toys!!!!!!!

  38. Jan DeJohn

    This was me as a kid.

  39. Dante D

    Liked and sub'd this was amazing, my whole childhood in a video

  40. Brian Madigan

    This is fucking exceptional!

  41. Word Unheard

    In a perfect world, EVERY gaming video would look and sound like this!

  42. xanloveless

    fucking masterpiece


    +xanloveless Thanks it's ok

  43. Kickin it Retro

    Awesome To meet you MAtty Moose this weekend.......Gonna check you guys out the next time you are in the area! Morrison......


    +Kickin it Retro Sweet! TMG was a blast.

  44. Holly Senez

    Oh my god I love you guys so much 🤣
    Definitely been going on a psychostick listen binge this evening

  45. Betty Glimmer

    Wait that's right! Mega Man didn't get the super buster until Mega Man 3! This is Mega Man 2 here!

    Puddin Tayn

    Betty Leanne 4. 3 had a great soundtrack though.

  46. Teb Al Di Destodes

    shit i love the mashup solo, thats brilliant!

  47. Shadow 3091

    Is it bad that I like this more than the original??

  48. Branoden1187

    This is too cool you published this on my birthday!!!!

  49. Bailey Volkert

    + 1000 thumbs up!

  50. atticus hart

    this never gets old

  51. Man Gagan Man

    sound like tool.

  52. adallas181

    Holy shit, this song is BOSS damn xD

  53. phiberoptick

    how this doesn't have a bajillion more views is beyond me. It's so smooth like a good whiskey.

  54. Hellfire

    they should make a good 3d game of this

  55. TwoBlade5

    Psychostick has to visit LA and collab with Starbomb/NSP/Game Grumps

  56. raijin 1378

    I'd like to see psyochostick do something with solar boy django as they did with mega man here

  57. The Madrummer

    HAH! That fuckin' Heart, baby! Nice!
    This is my favorite re-imagining ever!

  58. Archdeacon Slag

    If you guys could voice any of the robot masters from the first three games, who would you choose?

  59. Lightbulb

    Rather than looking it up online, i just watched this video to find out what order to kill the mega man bosses, once i was done i completely forgot what I watched this for

  60. Aphrodezecat

    "Don't blow in the game!" I got in trouble every time. :'(

  61. IAMME857

    When you guys coming to big island Hawaii?


    We hope to some day! There and Alaska are the only two states we haven't played yet.

  62. IAMME857

    almost cried, would be killer to see you lined up with horse the band

  63. Wurld Peaz

    ah the nostalgia of growing up in the 80s with this

  64. ThuggishCone 13

    I can't stop listening to this. It's really good.

  65. Sean Hinkle

    Psychostick, what say you fine sirs to a gentleman's game of Risk (original,2210,Godstorm,Star Wars, GoT, Walking Dead or Lord of the Rings) next time you're coming down I70 to St. Louis. Beer, Tacos and a guest room for price of concert ticket for me a my little brother?

  66. Lightbulb

    Hey, would you guys be ok if i used this song for a video, i bought it on itunes, and i just wanted your permission first


    +Lightbulb Sure! Though as a parody it does get claimed by Heart like this one has been.


    +Lightbulb Sure! Though as a parody it does get claimed by Heart like this one has been.


    +Lightbulb Sure! Though as a parody it does get claimed by Heart like this one has been.

    Skankerman Studios

    Shit man I'd like to use a lot of songs for some of my animation stuff. Psychostick you guys fucking rule man!

  67. CK's channel.

    Dear Psychostick - Will you consider doing an album that's just Psychostick covers of epic Megaman game music? <3

    Joshua Scott

    CK's channel. Listen to a band called The Megas. Not quite Psychostick but still great.

  68. CK's channel.

    I fucking love you, Psychostick. <3

    0123456789 9876543210

    CK's channel. agreed ^

  69. Thomas Shaner

    This rocks hard!

  70. Midnight Lost Gaming

    I call BS getting a Nintnedo system to start up on the first try XD

    LJ Ruiz

    Mine does and it's an original.

    shawn upole

    @LJ Ruiz I have an old Snes. Hasnt been plugged in for years. I need controllers for it. I would bet a million bucks it starts up. Now the cartridges are another story lol. Usually blowing into that or the slot will work.

  71. Xistove

    ...I like the song, but the video was actually really brilliant.

  72. Cottonmouth ASMR

    every time I hear this song and watch this video it makes me super nostalgic I love it

  73. c w3377


  74. TenaciousGamingTV

    why doesn't this have more views!?

  75. rollo 320d

    Megaman 2 the best

  76. MrBuckshot198722

    The only thing that would make this song better is if I could buy it on cassette

  77. MetalMonkey

    My childhood, probably spent half my game time BLOWING THE FUCKING CARTRIDGE!!!! Damn you, Breath OF FIREEEEEE!!!

  78. They Call Me The Hoff

    With all of the music related names, I refuse to believe that Rush the dog isn't Canadian.

  79. DemoNik Tusk

    This is too awesome, an awesome band making an awesome song for an awesome game

  80. MaximumKahnage

    i only just discovered you guys and i think your fucking awesome

  81. superfightingrobot

    you guys have great taste in video games.

  82. James Klaver

    Great Scott, if you guys do anything, you absolutely knock it out of the park. This is beautifully-done, and the little hints of theme music scattered throughout were fantastic. Keep up the great work!

  83. AlexanderW

    OMG best music video ever. So many childhood memories rapped into one. Can't wait to check out a show in Minnesota again, hopefully soon!!! You guys rule!!

  84. Gauntlet 42

    I didn't know that I needed this.

  85. TigirlakaLaserwolf6


  86. Richard Sinclair

    This was fucking AMAZING. I get a strong Maynard Keenan vibe from his singing at times in the song. It's fantastic. Nice job, dudes!

  87. Harry Thompson

    Last conventiion i was at met Matty J Moose, played thsi song for me and i became an instant fan.. epic parody is epic. Those riffs so sick..

  88. Carl Kendall!!

  89. Travro

    Most kids these days won't understand what was going on in 0:02-0:03. But we do.


    you could not be more true.


    Travro Yeah, but why didn't he have to snap the damn cartridge into the unit?


    I think adults really underestimate kids these days, for example saying we don't know what an overhead is or in this case why he blows at a cartridge. I mean after all we are not that stupid

    Odd Luck

    Dude, everyone who's heard of an NES/SNES knows about that trick.

    Person That Exists

    I do, and I’m technically a child, but most other kids probably wouldn’t, I agree

  90. Jose Valencia

    the metal band that wierd AL would be proud to be in.


    He WISHES he was in.

  91. Svenopolis

    you've gotta be fucking kidding me! this was amazing!

  92. nuke mecca

    2:20 Bernie sanders

  93. Vipertwin175

    Lmao this was awsome and I miss this game especially mega man X on Super Nintendo

  94. brandon wenzel

    FUCK YEAH!!!!!

  95. Andrew

    2:49 I did not even know they made a Ron Jeremy action figure.


    Ron "The Snake" Jeremy

    Psycho Chicken

    Or a Foghorn Leghorn one.

    0123456789 9876543210

    Andrew lmfao I thought the same exact thing

    Eric Groulx

    Or the Slime from Dragon Warrior! 3:06

  96. taran young

    tears of joy, thanks psychostick, you guys are awesome!!

  97. WilliamBilliamBeard

    I don't think anything could be better than a cover of Magic Man with lyrics about Mega Man. Best Heart cover ever.

  98. bell110

    Who else kept pausing this to guess the toys? Was that Monster in my Pocket Frankenstein, or am I just happy to see you?

  99. Zieg Byron

    they r good the took magic man originally by heartn made it into mega man bravo