Psychostick - Dogs Like Socks Lyrics

I'm a dog and I like socks.
I like socks.
I'm a dog.
I'm a dog and I like socks.
I like socks.
I'm a dog.

Gimme that sock.
Om nom nom.
Gimme that sock.
Om nom nom.

We are dogs and we like socks.
We like socks.
We are dogs.
We are dogs and we like socks.
We like socks.
We are dogs.

Dogs dogs dogs.
Socks socks socks.
Dogs socks dogs.
Socks dogs socks.

I'm a dog and I enjoy playing with socks for some reason.

We are dogs.
We like socks.
I'm a dog.
I love socks.

Pick up the sock.
Then throw the sock.
I'll catch the sock.
And bring back the sock.

Pick up the sock.
(I'm a dog.)
Then throw the sock.
(I am a dog.)
I'll catch the sock.
(I'm a dog)
And bring back the sock.
(I'm a doggy.)

Pick up the sock.
(I'm a dog.)
Then throw the sock.
(I am a dog.)
I'll catch the sock.
(I'm a dog)
And bring back the sock.

I'm a doggy. (I'm a dog.) [x8]

I'm a doggy doggy doggy doggy doggy doggy doggy doggy doggy doggy dog.
That likes socks.

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Psychostick Dogs Like Socks Comments
  1. Soji Okita

    As terrible my memory may be, this is one of the few things I just can't seem to forget.

  2. Vincent Colon

    Im a simple guy.. i see doggo..i click the doggo

  3. Sixysady Hatey

    How'd you get dogs to write a great metal song? I know, that dog whisperer dude, right?

  4. marsiakowa

    Om nom nom

  5. space nugget

    Friend: What is your dogs breed?
    Me: oh, just a sockaholic

  6. Witpix

    This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL

  7. Mary Ai

    Prepare a breakfast while listening to this....

  8. Strabby Crabby

    when he caught the sock, I really felt it

  9. Tyrosuss

    so this song got recommended on spotify, seeing the clip makes it even better

  10. Nue Houjuu


  11. nighttime bonnie

    Its good music because we can relate

  12. LoKeD XD

    I watched this when they had 150 subs just saw their subs..

  13. Tube Turtle

    Who the hell dislikes this

  14. Sean Jones

    Anyone in 2020 watching this🔥

  15. That One Girl

    at 0:31 it looks like he's actually saying it XD

  16. xAKALISx

    This is accurate.


    I want a dog now that likes to play with socks

  17. Cedric Harris

    I had a skinny friend who moved to Alaska and he came back a husky fucker.

  18. PuppyPlayzz

    My dog turned into a sock

  19. Бабушка Из подъезда

    I'm a DOG and I like SOCKS

  20. Bam Dan The Science Man

    1,000 cats disliked this video

  21. Hazel Mae Casas

    Shit my boyfriend is addicted to this

  22. György Horotán

    3 million!

  23. scott shepard

    Bow wow bow wow bow wow🤪🤪🤘🤘🤘

  24. mc st

    I love it; it's tells the whole story!

  25. legalize homicide

    This is the greatest thing ever

  26. CrniWuk

    Well. That socks.

  27. TheLonelyAstronaut

    I'm a hooman and I like doggos!

    Cap'n Black Lung

    im a sock and i approve this message!

  28. carson


  29. Petr Holý


  30. Tampchen

    Could be a new song of System Of A Down

  31. Mariusz G

    Do i hear right there is like words-"give me tat fuck"? haha it sound like laaaaaaa


    2 Huskies. Can u plz elaborate on shed control? I'm in a dire need of help. Pooling all options

  33. Kyrios AoE2

    I am a metalhead and i find this amazing.

  34. Elik Blu


  35. Faces Of The Martyrs

    Come play in San Antonio again!

  36. Robert Creegan

    Best video form 2013 in 2019

  37. Cervezadog 69

    I thought that my dogs were the only ones with a foot fetish.

  38. Sniff Heinkel


  39. lalunalee1

    2019 and I've just found this lol

  40. HACK ME PLEZ Got packed in doritos

    My dog secretly steals my socks at 3 am

  41. Slagg CS

    Almost 1000 people that touch little kids.. not cool

  42. Quintin Nowak-Wolff

    Well i had my fill of siberian huskies, oh who am i kidding, I NEED MOAR

  43. Jay Paans

    The best thing about the video is the Huskys. They rock my socks off!

  44. Elbo VonDonnegan

    I saw this and I remember “beer is good and stuff”

  45. Leo Q

    I'm not a dog and I like socks.

  46. Charlie Vasquez

    A while ago I had my blood drawn and I thought of this and I was laughing and crying 😂😭

  47. cwbellor

    How does this only have 3.9 million views?

  48. kevindc18181818


  49. ItsTwiz

    My dog rips the sock of my foot and runs away with it.

  50. Matthew Kennedy

    I have a husky and he love socks to

    Jeppe Pedersen

    Matthew Kennedy kill him!

  51. Skyfly Skyfly

    What has my life become......

  52. Parakeet Vlogs


  53. Artur Błędowski

    The cutest metal video everXD
    It even sounds wierdXD

  54. LamboMOT

    0:23 that face OMG 😭

  55. İrem Winchester

    does anyone know if there is another song like this or not???
    its necessary somehow, don't jugde me lol

  56. Wundermacher

    You've got socks, we've got socks, they're adored by all the dogs! :-D

  57. Ellen T

    Love this video

    Chris H

    It's 4 sure epic👍

  58. Hunter Craig

    This randomly got stuck in my head today

  59. babalon 777

    I know a Siamese cat that has a serious stinky man sock fetish. He carries them around in his mouth and tosses them up in air and catches them whiles making weird sexy noises. If you try to retrieve the sock he growls in a weird alien language and stands his ground, no running or swiping at you, just serious intimidating temple guard cat business stance. He also sleeps at your feet and right when you fall asleep he wakes you up by licking them.

    Jeppe Pedersen

    babalon 777 kill it!

  60. jeffiner crosby

    pick up, the SUCC

  61. geosword6

    Who's still watching in 2021?

  62. hrpang

    I guess cats like gloves?

  63. Aaron Sander

    I like the part where you're talking about dogs. Dogs rule.

  64. SevenFrogs

    My friend screamed this in my back yard while it played at midnight

    Mean while a huge snake came out from under my back porch

  65. sammy samstar

    I'm crying with laughter 😂😂

  66. Siegecraft

    *looks at the dislikes*
    893 bitches who hate socks.....shame

  67. Will Walter

    I have absolutely no idea what I just stumbled across, but I'm definitely a new fan and DEFINITELY hooked

  68. Diamond Charged Gaming

    The year is 2019 and I'm still here


    its 2020 you still here?

    Dr. Sausage

    @BloodySeaGulls no but Im


    Dr. Sausage splendid

  69. You're Right I am right.

    Never thought it could be possible for a 1 minute song to legitimately seem like it was 3-4 minutes long.. And definitely not in a bad way. Thank you Psychostick for continuing to blow minds!

  70. BBB Spitz Gang

    Haha ok and I thought my Bailey was an avid sock lover!!! This made my day haha

  71. ruassmarkt

    The true meaning of this song seems to be hiding deep within these most subtle lyrics


    I’m a dog and I like socks 🧦


    I love you guys you are the best how do ya Mack YouTube videos?

  74. Johnny Zombie & the Grindhouse Blues

    Me and my wife married to this wonderful piece of art.

  75. Lorena Martinez

    Lmao 😂 I love this ! Can you make another dog song?

  76. Fossyman Videos

    Why is there even one dislike on this video🧐


    Must be cat people

    Fossyman Videos

    Psychostick yeah you must be right

  77. Noah Adamson

    Best song ever

  78. Aaron Sander

    I discovered this just the other day and have been back several times to watch it again. Dogs are the best and this song gives me joy :)

  79. Mark Swigert

    My dogs favorite song

  80. Messias Santos

    It’s raining watermelons
    Me no it is raining socks

  81. Eileen Brown

    Well I'm not gay

  82. randomguything

    I regret my life choices....... I love this song¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  83. John Doe

    My 3 month old husky got into the hamper and got her first sock, this song instantly popped into my head.

  84. Rolf Venz

    Meanwhile in a alternative universe: im a sock and i like dogs

  85. Oliver

    Dogcore is my new favorite genre

  86. XxGacha KayleexX

    b e a u t i f u l

  87. Woohoo Barz

    I love this song lol

  88. QUIX

    Lol this is funny

  89. MrJerseyMark

    I had a dog growing up who would literally eat socks, swallow them whole, and poop them out. He ate about a dozen in his lifetime and racked up a couple big vet bills.

  90. Danelle Dean

    XD beautiful

  91. Alexander Wood

    I like the part with dogs

  92. Maddison Johnson

    It's so obnoxious it's beautiful! I fucking love it!

  93. Travis Retriever

    Mhm. I know at least one doggo furry whose online presence is pretty much this video in cartoon form. :P