Psychostick - Do You Want A Taco? Lyrics

Do you want a taco? (taco)
Do you? (Do you) Do you?
Do you want a taco? (taco)
Do you? (Do you) Do you?

Do you find that every thought you haves about it?
Do you wake every second your without it?
Do you feel like your very souls on fire?
A burning desire!

Do you hate anyone that keeps you from it?
Would you do what it did until you got it?
Would you slay a thousand zombies?
And then you run and get one!

Do you want a taco? (taco)
Do you? (Do you) Do you?
Do you want a taco? (taco)
Do you? (Do you) Do you?

Do you feel inner peace because you hold it?
Would you fall in despair if you had dropped it?
Does it meet every need you have inside?
You feel so alive!

Do you crave all the simple pleasures of it?
Does the taste qualify in it?
Can you claim that the taste is to know the mind of God?

What can I get you?
I would like 4,000 tacos and 1 diet coke
How many tacos?
Uh, that would be 4,000
Four THOUSAND tacos and 1 diet coke?
Yes sir.

Do you consume it or does it consume
Do you consume it or does it consume
Does it consume YOU?
Do you consume it or does it consume
Do you consume it or does it consume
Does it consume?

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Psychostick Do You Want A Taco? Comments
  1. Joshua Weston

    This is a legitimately good song and video! DO YOU CONSUME?! OR DOES IT CONSUME...YOU!!!

  2. RoxyTheFox

    *yall want a taco?*

  3. Amber Howard

    Ya'll need to get some real fucking tacos up in this bitch....


    Those were too expensive.

  4. NightShadow720

    Psychostick is the "Weird Al" of heavy metal.

  5. Douglas Barrett

    Christmas eve dinner we had a TACO !!!!!!!

  6. legalize homicide

    I WANNA 🌮

  7. Eric Cartman2407


    Mrs Cartman: Yes Dear!

  8. john k

    Yes, please.

  9. Jason Mullinder

    This is going on my next Valentines day playlist, what girl could say no?

  10. flawlessfoose

    Dude, I think I want a taco

  11. Andrew C

    I love pocket tacos. Best thing for the middle of the work shift

  12. gamma_gacha shot

    yes i do

  13. Team Meerkat Gaming

    if my soul were a song, this would be it

  14. _cameraboy

    My names Rob, and I sell taco's and taco accessories.

  15. Greg Bernar

    "Methane crescendo soon to follow"

  16. HAV0K TV


  17. sir Reignz

    Slap chop a taco

  18. James W Roberts Jr

    Avitars cant eat tacos.


    I love tacos 🌮.and I am one.😂🤣🤣🤣

  20. not another weird occurrence!

    Microsoft Sam tacooooooooooooos!

  21. Casey Pilarczyk

    Good music

  22. Coco Couchless

    How does someone look so cute while shoving a taco fully in their mouth?? 😱



    Coco Couchless

    @Psychostick shit I guess I'm just not practicing hard enough!

  23. Killgore1029

    Oh sweet!! The new Taco Bell theme song

  24. IncapableLP

    "Do you find every thought you *has* , about it?"

  25. LEO420

    This songs screams early/mid 2000’s

  26. EnochPlays

    *_f ree sh a vo cado_*

  27. uhavemooface

    This is the most disgusting and satisfying video of all time.

  28. Sammiches25

    Inspired the Lego Movie.

  29. lord sivler

    this song has the same energy as banana man by tally hall

  30. Cliftyman

    Am I watching Plea for Purging?

  31. TheWingedPotato

    I hate to break it to you guys, but.....

    Burritos > Tacos


    Hey now, it's not a competition.


    @Psychostick Wow, I wasn't expecting a reply on a video this old, let alone one so quickly. :)

    Keep up the great work guys. I hope I can manage to see you perform live again sometime. (I saw you on The Evil Dumb tour)

  32. MISSpell media

    2019 nd i still want a taco!!

  33. PulsarPurple

    Slap chop

  34. MrParkerman6

    I want a burrito

  35. Fire Angel Productions

    Sorry to disappoint you guys but I’m more of a burrito guy


    I fight you

    Fire Angel Productions

    I like tacos to

  36. just the tip? band

    i have this strang craving for tacos now.🤔🍻

  37. DaMightyBenStein

    I need to make a habit out of playing this song every Tuesday.

  38. YeOldeOgre

    I'm quitting my 6 figure job just so I can get a job at Taco Bell and sing this to customers

  39. Christopher Combs

    Now I want a taco😋

  40. Gracie Muldoon

  41. Shadow 3091

    I quote this any time my wife asks where we should eat

  42. bubbasdragon

    I wish I had friends

  43. jacob

    how many taco's did you guys go threw lol

  44. Jack

    El canelo Alvarez? :0

    666. 616.

    Jajajaajja mamaste

  45. Juan Laurinø


  46. Jordy Blanco Espinosa

    Alguien dijo taco?

  47. House Lamp

    First introduction to metal



  48. Ian M


  49. A Taco


  50. Doomie Grunt - Dead Malls & Derelict Digs

    Yes I do want a taco.

  51. Schweinchenfreund

    HaaHaaa! 4000 tacos and one diet coke...

  52. Frank Frank

    I feel offended cause im mexican!!! Psyche!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. ocnalB semaJ


  54. Faded Echo [ThatGuyWithTacos]

    Lol a song I can get down with.

  55. dan b

    that looks fun

  56. munchbags

    I'm craving tacos now lol thanks


    Mission accomplished


    Psychostick thanks for the reply lol
    I once saw you guys perform at fifth street pub in Parkersburg wv years ago...talked to you in the alley while y'all were loading up gear to go to your next show in Ohio where coincidentally my cousins band was an opening band...anywho; I'm trying to get a group together to de y'all June 20th!! Rock out with your cock out and keep em comin till then!!

  57. Jaret Thacker

    Sad part is now I really want a taco

  58. Pidon Deyle

    Best music video

  59. Zacharey Knadler

    deadpool theme song

  60. liloreolil


  61. Zen Clark

    0:12 This is prophetic. It is like he knew in 8 years people would be eating soap.

  62. socio sanch

    When I was 15 I heard this for the first time and I was like "what the fuck is this"?
    Now I still enjoy enjoy millisecond of it.

  63. Vault Boy

    What is that guitar at 0:34 ?

  64. QueenofBlackRoses

    Yup this song is why Im making my boyfriend tacos for dinner. He wont stop playing this song lol.


    +QueenofBlackRoses the key to a man's heart is tacos

  65. ameteuraspirant

    I actually do want a taco right now but all I have is yoghurt.


    +ameteuraspirant I'm sorry

  66. Lego Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Look it's Matt lucas

  67. Julian Marquez

    How much were those tacos tho?

  68. Veronika Panteleeva


  69. vorcazm


  70. Shadow Tech Factories

    What kind of sociopath doesn't put salsa on their taco

  71. Nash Allen

    these sandwiches rule !

  72. c222030

    nice lowest common denominator memes guys, i wish my lyrics were inspired by mall kiosk t-shirts


    +c222030 Please address all complaints of 7 year old videos to our legacy customer service department.

  73. c222030

    1 like = 1 prayer for a cure for these lads' autism

  74. Joel Serna

    If I ever open a taco truck, I want to play this in the kitchen/in commercials (if that's cool with y'all)

  75. CMSixSeven

    Yes, I want a taco.

  76. Dark Fedora

    this is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. InfinityPotato


  78. Dev odden

    Rudy's theme song?

  79. GamerOfNerds! Aka GON

    I would commit genicide to anything for a taco

  80. JTMC93

    And now I do want a taco... Curse you...


    +JTMC93 mission accomplished

  81. Dammit Carl98

    Now i want a taco but i cant have diet coke :(

  82. The Ginger Beef

    OMFG. Dude. Rob. We are doubles of each other. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!! We even have the same name.

  83. Zacharias Suurholma

    0:12 why are you cheating on me D;

  84. The666VampireGirl

    now i want taco's

  85. Chris McCarthy

    I’m a dog and I like socks!

  86. Mitchinatr

    Never have I wanted a taco so badly.

  87. GameMasters C and C

    What a ridiculous drive thru order, who orders a diet coke?

  88. Stellar Remnant

    I thought I made this song up I'm so relieved it actually exists

  89. Rose Sahera

    Imagine all the Taco Bell that was purchased for the making of this video


  90. Matt

    I could see dogs like socks as an infomercial as well.

  91. Danny Short

    caffeinated and fucking pumped!

  92. Facundo Marin

    Los banco fuerte!

  93. Gerald Clay

    Those aren't tacos man! Those are gringo tacos. Real tacos have real tortillas and real meat