Psychostick - Choking Hazard Lyrics

"Hey, look at Kevin Stupid over here. He's choking cuz he's stupid!"

First Aid...For Choking

Step 1. Ask, are you choking?
(this is the universal choking sign)
Step 2. Have someone call EMS ambulance, telephone 911.
If victim can speak, breath, or cough...
Stand by but do not interfere, wait for professional help
Step 3. Victim cannot speak,
Victim cannot breath,
Victim cannot cough...
Perform Heimlich Maneuver until food or object is forced out.

"Did you call the ambulance?"
"Yeah, they're on their way."
"Aw, they better hurry up, he's turning blue."
"Ehh, I'd say more of a purple."
"Ehh, it's kind of, kind of a bluish purple"

If victim becomes unconscious
Clear mouth
Then perform abdominal thrusts, 5 to 10 times!

Repeat steps until food or object is forced out
Then do mouth-to-mouth or CPR as necessary
Repeat steps until food or object is forced out
Then do mouth-to-mouth or CPR as necessary

"Aw, thanks. It was the cheese on the pizza."

Step 1. (again) Ask are you still choking?
"Well obviously he's still choking"
Step 2. Still waiting on the ambulance
"Where are they? Traffic jam? Possibly,
Wait a sec, flashing lights, here they come, finally!"
"Alright, who here called the ambulance?"
"Oh my god, you're here! He's turning blue!"
"Ehh, I thought we agreed on bluish purple?"
"I'd say it's more of an indigo"
"Indigo is not even a color!"

This song is legit information
It could save somebody's life someday
If you find yourself in this situation
Remember what we had to say then
Perform abdominal thrusts, again

"We lost him, call it."
[coughs] "Naw, I'm good."

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Psychostick Choking Hazard Comments
  1. kathy murphy

    psychostick is the only metal band i know thats funny

  2. trueninja01

    if this song actually saved someones life i'm gonna jump into a lake


    Odd reaction, but I hope the water's nice.


    Lol me too. Nice song tho

  3. Mike Descoteaux

    I've saved hundreds of lives thanks to your video! Thanks Psychostick!!

  4. instantbadass

    Is this the Atlanta Falcons pregame song?

  5. I cant think of a name

    1:22 I love how the guy is pushing with the riff

  6. Caio Gomes Nogueira Sisto

    Seriously, this should be a video clip. It would be really funny and instructive.

  7. Death Really you need more

    I just imagine people in a class cpr and then this shit is playing.

  8. punisher101

    Actually if they pass out then perform CPR, abdominal thrusts went away a while back. That said amazing song.

  9. Fab Tiki Jewels

    I'M DEAD!!!! I used to be a first aid/cpr instructor. THIS IS THE MANUAL!!!!! I CAN'T I'm in tears!!! I love them. I just discovered them today. I feel like I've missed so much in life. They just performed resuscitative measures on my playlist. Thank you, I was choking on BS!

  10. AliensAreNoobs

    If I were a teacher who teaches this, this will be what I show the students. If they complain about it then they get *EXPELLED.*

  11. Sataneliteoneshots

    I've followed since stickdeath days.

  12. Sir Digby Chicken Caesar

    That's a cute way to spell manoeuvre


    +Gertrude Perkins American spelling often is the cutest, neighbor.

    Lord Walrus Fishbatten the 3rd

    @Psychostick you're my favourite band

  13. askmeab0utmylobotomy

    Huh? I forgot about the part where you mount the victim. Guess I’ve been doing this wrong my whole life.

  14. Salok

    - First thing you should try before Eimlich is strong slap in the back with your palm, then try Heimlich, if that doesn't work, try first step again.

    - "Abdominal thrusts" are to be done at 120 BPM for 2 minutes then mouth-to-mouth then thrusts again until AED (if there are any available) or first-aiders tells you to stop.

  15. ElvenGodFromHell

    I did my renewal of first aid this year and they said Heimlich wasn't to be performed anymore due to the risk of breaking ribs and what not... this is in Canada but you know damn well if the person is blue I will do it anyways!

    Oh and also mouth to mouth isn't allowed either unless you have a 1 way breathing valve


    I did mine in 2016 in Brazil and they said Heimlich is to be performed only in kids you can easily lift up (that is, up to 6-7 yo). They said nothing about ribs (honestly breaking ribs is not as large a concern as making the person *breathe*, though it can be troublesome in certain situations), but rather that Heimlich is hella hard to perform on heavier people. They said to do abdominal thrusts. Well, not quite abdominal. And to not perform mouth to mouth at all.
    The students from the 2017 group said they received slightly different instructions. Idk, these things keep changing all the time.


    Australia here, did mine like 3 weeks ago, we don't do the Heimlich here either but forcefull back pats.

    but the cpr section of the song was really good for getting timing down!

  16. kevin w

    This song is legit information, it could save somebody's life someday

  17. Bobby Willingham

    The correct amount of compressions is 30.


    +Bobby Willingham This song is verbatim from a NY subway sign from several years back. Perhaps it has changed?


    Mouth to Mouth is outdated too, Mouth to Nose is more secure of getting the air actually into the lungs and not the stomache. I learned that 5 years ago, that sign was definitly outdated.

    Dave Chrome

    I'd take hands-only resuscitation over mouth-to-nose any day of the week...

    Wait I'm not even talking about choking anymore am I?

  18. Outside Repose

    *Awesome guys*

  19. mystaplerisblue

    I had to do first aid/cpr training a few weeks ago and during the Heimlich portion this song was stuck in my head.

  20. THX-0381

    And after the victim is revived we will go drink some BEEEEEEERRRR!!! because das ist gut mit schnitzel.....Ja! and hopefully he does not choke on the schnitzel afterwards, then we have to do this whole fucking thing over again.

  21. Ultra Thicc


  22. The Original Gamer

    What took you guys so long to upload this? This is important information, THINK HOW MANY LIVES COULD HAVE BEEN SAVED!

  23. GhostMonkey Customs

    You guys had your moment

  24. BATTIS94

    I actually learnt things! Nice!

  25. Jason Henderson

    Man if this wasn't from the last album years ago I would've totally read the lyrics to find out what was going on.

  26. MaxMadV8

    This is a song that knowing off by heart might be useful. To bad all I got memorized is " Can't grow a beard? Then buy a beard! If you have a beard then grow more beard!"

  27. Beans

    More psa metal please


    Please make this be a legit subgenre now.


    Search: How to Drive stick shift - Explained with metal.

  28. TheRandomMexican619

    Metal and educational! 🤘🤘🤘

    A Slutty 9S Unit

    Category: Metalcational

  29. TonY lOnG

    I fucking love this shit😂😂😂

  30. Merriman Devonshire

    My kids loved the video... and my wife promised to kill me if I showed them any more of your catalogue until they are 18. 🤐


    But this is vital information for your kids to know. THINK HOW MANY LIVES THEY COULD SAVE!

  31. Toaster Strooder

    Out of the many song names that you people have written, this has to be one of the most metal-sounding ones. If I didn't know any better, I would have guessed that this was a more typical metal song instead of this hilarious metal masterpiece.

  32. Billy Costa

    If victim becomes unconscious,then have your way with them...


    Billy Costa holy shit dude

    Matthew Bertrand

    I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.

  33. the plague

    Somehow... I like it!

  34. Stephen Harris-Macaskill

    I give you props for me not knowing what the hell to think with this music

    Some Guy From The Internet

    How do you not know what to think? It gives you clear instructions.

  35. SickBabySeals

    Mhhnmmm... Cheese.

  36. James Golden

    Brutally fucktabulous and ass cracking awesomesauce

  37. thelowe1313

    Cleveland loves you!

  38. Nixolas Zinn

    Thanks for the sandwich

  39. Jokirockers5

    Awesome! 🤘