Psychostick - Blue Screen Lyrics

I can't believe it went down this way
I had so much left to save
I thought that we would last forever
But now I'm taking it day by day

Oh, what I'd give to have you again
But there's no way I can get in
You shut me out of my whole world now
My heart is in the recycle bin

And I don't know why
Backups weren't on my mind
'Till the day my computer died
My hard drive fried and I cried
I was too careless, now it's repairless
I know that's not a word
But I don't give a f__less
And now that you won't load
Not even in safe mode
I gotta check E-MAIL ON MY PHONE!

I feel as blue as my screen
Your error message is true
You formatted my heart
And partitioned it in two

I'm trying so hard to be strong
To be a man who can take a fall
I guess I had to learn the hard way
The price of making you hold it all

Now fate has forced me to interact
With human beings who talk and laugh
I'm in a hell of social functions
Fresh air and sun have turned my heart black

And I know I tried, for the data you had inside
Disk Utilities couldn't find
Why my access was denied

Now it's all over, I'll never recover
The memories you stored
Must have been a bad sector
And now you're so empty
You boot up to nothing
And now I gotta look up stuff in books

I feel as blue as my screen
Your error message is true
You formatted my heart
And partitioned it in two

"Ah, come on. Really? REALLY? "

I saw you wouldn't get started
I tried running GParted
Through the night just to find you couldn't be revived
I had to lose all my shit to learn to
Never forget that you can never depend on just a single drive

The saves to my games and all my porn
I miss you, I miss you. (PORN!)
I'll heal with time, but for now, I miss you, miss you [repeats]

I feel as blue as my screen
Your error message is true
You formatted my heart
And partitioned it in two

I hit Control+Alt+Delete
I guess there's no other way
Now I'm formatting C colon
But you come up blank, come up blank...

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Psychostick Blue Screen Comments
  1. Lucy Cypher

    I hate being hacked

  2. thistubeisfucked

    The 3, 2, 1 data back up rule becomes real when this happens to you.
    Most underrated IT themed, comedy metal, love song ever. Well done Psychostork!

  3. Compodulator

    This is why you invest in ssd drives.
    And don't diss the old scrolls of knowledge, man. Saved my ass so many times it ain't funny!

  4. Fusion Kaixvny

    C:/>Open Windows/Bluescreen.exe
    C:/>Data erase in T minus 1 second

  5. roy kattoussi

    when you use pop on a email server (no backup) o man i need to send this to some customers who lost there email because of no backups

  6. Chain Masters

    Rip... My PC just passed away... Like ten minutes ago...

  7. Asbestos

    How is this so literally so fucking perfect

  8. CreepingDebt

    i dont cry in songs but i cried...

  9. Snappie

    Bash error in windows.

    Well they tried.


    I thought we made it pretty obvious it switches from win to linux during verses.

  10. vXArchonXv

    Everything about this is a masterpiece. Presentation, lyrics, terminology, use of said terminology intertwined with the lyrics.

  11. Eel Sigh I

    DS3, SCP and BSOD. 😭🤣

  12. SutorippuDotCom

    Well, your problem might start with the fact you're dual-booting Windows 98 and Linux in 2015. Is that a Sempron processor in there? Holy shit...

  13. LazarouDave

    2:53 - "Habla grito tufuese seoh"
    "Habs bi dies en satz"
    **some Russian I can't type**
    **W I N G D I N G S**
    Can anyone translate these, Google translate isn't exactly reliable, and even then has no answers

  14. PRsOwn Glaceon

    My comp just bricked... again. Last time it did, this song just came out.

  15. frankenzion0001

    The pain is real. I too, have suffered this painful misfortune.

  16. Westerman22

    Just noticed the the couch at 03:15

  17. zachary stearns

    The 5 stages of grief

  18. RockabillyFox

    I had a similar experience with my old PSP that passed away not too long ago, it's been a faithful veteran for the longest time.

  19. Sh33p0_Of_Baa

    Does this sandwich sound familiar to anyone else? I feel like I've heard it before.

  20. Ereshkigal Van Drekkenov

    Damn, this appeared on my feed just after I spent 2 days installing a new PC... and trying to recover 2TBs of data. Good timing youtube algorithm, you good.


    I'm sorry for your loss

    Ereshkigal Van Drekkenov

    No problem, after doing voodoo satanic rituals I managed to recover one of the hard drives. Hopefully Recurva will do its job.Update: i reclaimed everything back, except one folder. RIP memes folder, you will be missed :c

  21. Nicolas Morel

    no joke this song is realy beautiful, particulary the chorus, that melody is so huuuunh!!!!

  22. UglyAmericanLobster

    I'm sensing a strong Bush influence in this song and I love it!

  23. Ethan Brinley

    He need RAID arrays in his life

  24. gwolfe333

    That was the most confusing shell I've ever seen :0

  25. Zoe Li

    Shouldn't you use PowerShell instead of bash?

  26. HekiShavik

    First of all, I love this. Second of all, I hate to be that person, but if it's supposed to be a DOS prompt, which I assume it is cause the BSoD looks like Win95/98, it's supposed to be "C:\>", with a backslash instead of a forward slash.

  27. epic on osu

    buy a new computer

  28. CPU II

    Never heard these guys before. My friend recommended them to me in class and the second he said that Repairless isn't a word I died laughing.

  29. Jack's Film Orchard

    this should just be the offical music video! seriously worthy of said type of video... :D

  30. Jonis Mommerency

    Has anyone noticed the typo in the BSOD yet?

  31. SergioEduP

    I never get tired of this music, even the video is so perfect and relevant, better than most of today's artists

  32. Schleepy

    Playing this on my iPod as my computer is dying in front of me T_T

  33. K4RN4GE911

    As I was listening to this and browsing through some stuff, my computer ran into a problem and had to restart.

    What are the fucking odds?

  34. Doomie Grunt - Dead Malls & Derelict Digs

    Congratulations, Psychostick. You made a serious song.

  35. Erik Olson

    what song is this a parody of?


    It's an original.

  36. Adam Clarke

    Who the fuck dislikes this! Bring them to me! I'll format their face

  37. KyubeetheEspurr

    This is one of the songs that sums up my life.

  38. theduke ofweasels

    "Windows 10 is updating
    do not turn off your computer
    time remaining 47 years"


    Lol one time I was downloading an update for the game War Thunder and it literally just had the Infinity symbol. I have pics on my phone lol

  39. theduke ofweasels

    so sad!! ,0_0,

  40. R A T C H E T

    Fuck there's some good puns in ere boys
    Video clip is dope as fuck

    R A T C H E T

    That chorus is also one of the coolest things you guys have written

  41. Bacon8t0r

    I never thought a Psychostick song would make me feel legit sadness

  42. Dan McKellip

    Dude(s), you used a forward slash in the command window... It is a backslash. At least it is on Windows where you would have a C:\ drive. Unix OSs use the forward slash /

  43. R O M C H O M P A

    so many tubes as far as the eye can see, series and series of tubes

  44. John Otagowa

    I have lived this. It hits me right in the feels.

  45. Jeremiah Lee

    God the musicianship is off the charts

  46. Zaniacg

    My computer has legitimately bluescreened listening to this song, no joke lmao

  47. Mr Arca9

    Comments : 404. (I ruined it)


    +Mr Arca9 how dare you

    Mr Arca9

    I have returned to this video to meme on your recent video, only to discover at this point in time:
    you replied


  48. xFallenDemon99x

    love how it switches back and fourth form bash to cmd haha

  49. Vince M

    Next song on the album: NSFW

  50. Consural

    Fuck all those stupid love songs, THIS is the most emotional song ever written.

  51. SupahProductions

    "I thought the weed would last forever"

    Lemonchino Reviews

    SupahProductions me as fuck

  52. EraZarE

    imagine if psychostick advertised for the REAL band "Evacuating Chicago" which they play in which is ***SO*** much better

  53. EMANON 000

    You made my day! :D

  54. Kugrox

    This is easily the saddest song ever written :(

  55. StephanoTheGolden

    i cried

  56. Ethan

    Pretty stupid story, probably not related to this but.... I was setting up a Kubuntu dual boot. I created my Free space but I didn't create a partition. After booting up the USB, I ran the installer and there was no install to Freespace so it replaced my OEM install of Windows that had all of my stuff. I did reinstall Windows 10. So now everytime I play this, I have flashbacks of forgetting to create a partition.

  57. Jerome Mayfield

    @Psychostick #Psychostick Idk how this taggin' shit works. Just letting you know you guys make some awesome guitar riffs Love your music!

  58. John Kratzer Jr.

    Love this tune my computer actually shit the bed not too long ago this is so perfect, but only the boot part of the drive got fried so i was able to pull a bunch of stuff off of it with dos, haha

  59. Poefeathyr

    Hey this was published the day before my birthday

  60. Saigo Hoshizora

    My PS2 memory card just died, RIP Lu Bu and Dynasty Warriors overall

  61. David Jones

    You guys just replaced horny(often "rapey") dolphins as my spirit animal...

  62. hamburgbam

    I love how this is a song about a blue screen but half of the text is from a UNIX terminal.

    Tristan Raine

    He would being using linux to recover his drive like GpartEd

  63. A Slutty 9S Unit

    RIP my SSD. You fucked me over twice before you died. I hope you're proud of yourself.

  64. Ludvig McRotten

    i love the "POOOOORN!" in the background :D

  65. Steven

    Fuck, I was really hoping for a man page on social functions! >:(

  66. Chris Shoeman

    > sed day (;_;)

  67. Xalx Aurion

    This is literally my life right now. Spending every day on my phone. ALL OF MY FEELS IN ONE VIDEO.

    Mark Dombrowski

    Sounds pretty rough. OwO

  68. Kurtis Sewell

    The Official Song of Windows 10

  69. Keegan Gentle

    This song is so real, my motherboard fried and now I have to go outside till I can afford a new one. This song will comfort me till me and my computer can be together again

  70. Richard Sinclair

    Dude, your voice (Rob?) reminds me of anywhere from Maynard Keenan (in the Megaman video) to Corey Taylor in the beginning of this song. Really diverse!

  71. Ten Craziest

    isn't this a parody of something?


    +Ten Craziest Nope. It's an original.

    Joshua Wolfe

    It's awesome as most of your originals

    Ten Craziest

    +Psychostick are you actually one of the guys from Psychostick?


    +Ten Craziest he most certainly is!

  72. residentgrey

    is this anyone's wrestling entrance yet? mfin sweet yall!

  73. PixelJanosz

    *sniff* This really brings back memories I don't particularly cherish.
    And I still haven't learned. No drive redundancy to be found in my setup and the "new" hard drive has almost reached the age of the "old" one when it failed.


    Just curious, how long do hard drives last? I have never had one fail. Current computer is a used 2005 Pentium D 840 with an 80GB HDD (probably original) although there are 30+GB I just can't seem to find where they went to... You should probably consider RAID 1, I use a flash drive for pictures, but I really should get an external Drive, would probably be cheaper and more convienent than a collection of flash drives...

  74. Bryer Saville

    what song is this a cover of?


    +Bryer saville It's an original.


    +Bryer saville It's an original.

    Venom Rage

    +Bryer saville Seriously??


    +Schyler Silvey these people take their music very seriously

  75. xzxANTICHRISTxzx

    Russian keyboard layout? Какова хуя?

  76. DemonicPride666

    This fucking song has been stuck in my head all week. Catchier than the #1 Radio $ingle.

  77. Rinnie Flynn

    This is my Theme song if you didn't know.

  78. Peanut

    Heh, that was pretty cool with some well worked references.
    GJ & thanks for sharing :)

  79. WOOP! Next level!

    No one noticed ''infromation''' ;d

  80. ward Kh

    the epic crash ever 4:31

  81. Tiny Otter

    Guys. I only would like you to come in France or in Luxembourg to see you for a live show !


  82. Nate Hesford

    I will never not laugh at the crying part.

    Staurnz brat

    Same 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  83. IncapableLP

    1:57: "man social function" nice one guys! HIGH FIVE! ^.^/)

  84. Professor Nebula

    This song has a bit of a Metallica feel to it.

  85. Jonathon Carten

    Like number 1000 from an IT student.

  86. K Ranger

    this is the best comedy rock band since green jello. Fucking A

  87. SpaghettiOnAcid

    Nice error!

  88. Chris Elliott

    This was my reaction the other day when my PC crashed ;-;

  89. baconsoap

    This reminds of the song at the end of Portal.

  90. Rock

    speaks to me tonight :( :( all that work for the final paper that is already late.......

  91. Pixle n Bit

    the part with the faces got me haha luv u guys

  92. Milsurp Mike Channel

    This is one of the saddest songs I have ever heard.

    j ram

    I cri evry tim

    its ya boi

    Milsurp Mike Channel Alexa play despacito

  93. Bamcorp Gaming

    good lord this is genius.

  94. erikhicks07

    metal meets geek - epic

  95. Darkray Accel

    M;y fav song from them lol.

    I can relate so hard -.-

  96. Zachary Streberger

    This is how i felt when my PC broke

  97. morgan owen-rees

    Psychostick colab with ninja sex party and steel panther would be freking awesome.

  98. TT Paradigm

    It's like Slipknot, but good.

  99. Marshmallowmonster 77

    So ... beautiful ..:)