Psychedelic Furs, The - Dumb Waiters Lyrics

Give me all your paper ma
Gimme all your jazz
Give me something that I need
Something I can have
Mrs. London's coming round
She's coming with her son
Gimme all your paper ah
So I can get a gun
She has got it in for me
Yeah I mean it honestly
She's so mean
Give me all your paper ma
So I can buy a train
They just wanna suck you in
To being one of them
Tell her that I'm not in here
Tell her I'm a freak
Tell her that I fall about
Every time I speak
She has got in for me
Yeah I mean it honestly
I just scream
Give me all your paper ma
So I can buy a train
I don't know how I got in here
It's making me insane
Have another cigarette
And have another cigarette
In a room where lovers go
Talking on the telephone
They have go it in for me
Yeah I mean it honestly
They all dream

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Psychedelic Furs, The Dumb Waiters Comments
  1. Vlad Drakul

    One of the absolute best songs EVER. I JUST SCREAM!!! The most underrated band in History! TOP THREE UK BANDS OF THE 1980?? *'The Psychedelic Furs', 'Depeche Mode' and 'The Stone Roses'* UTTER GENIUS! Sex Pistols meets Sgt Peppers!

  2. lisa bradley

    I love this too

  3. Invisible Boy

    Timeless...Good enough to last 1000 years.

  4. Chrìstoρhεr

    Good god ... remember this vividly living in NOLA

    What a time to be alive...

  5. Chris White

    I remember this when it first came out!

  6. milo_steinz

    There are so many infinitely better songs from “talk talk talk” than this boring, monotonous garbage song...”into you like a train” being an excellent example

  7. Spike Burst

    Then in 85 The Smiths' How Soon Is Now became a sister song.

  8. Stephan St. Claire-Méfret

    Still hold the test of time better than most.
    Perfect. Just perfect.

  9. DeafboyOne


  10. Stephan St. Claire-Méfret

    The guitar work is just so bitching. Love ya furs.

  11. Stephan St. Claire-Méfret

    Tape drags. Still. Very best.

  12. Katie-Jo

    Perfection 👌🏻

  13. William Mackenzie


  14. D B_Uptown

    Original lineup, hell yeah! I’ve never seen this. Thank you so much for posting. Pure gold.

  15. Lisette Heilman

    I can't wait to see them in Royal Oak in July!!!! Its gonna be a great party.

  16. Doug Tagg

    When I hear this song I never left where I was. I am still there.

  17. Martin Wood

    Not to be confused with the song of the same name by The Korgis!

  18. the Guild of Redcorn

    No internet when this song came out

  19. Jota

    exelente canción, saludos desde Chile !

  20. Stefan Milisic

    Nice title bad song

  21. foto21com

    This band captured such a mystique at the time, and their music still does. It's so out there and so unique. Noone has the balls to release music this uncommercial these days. I would love to be in a band doing this kind of music, though. Butler should get a check from the tobacco companies. I doubt he smokes now, but he's a walking cigarette advetisement.

  22. 2468hap

    Todd rundgren got fkd

    David Ellis

    He didn't produce this song.

  23. Eyes Of Isabel

    first time i heard this album it made me feel truely alive now check out the eyes of isabel on youtube

  24. Guy Morgan

    She's so meannnnnnn! ¡!!!!!!

  25. tanyah

    this makes me want to style my hair like leo from titanic and smoke a cigarette, in my room after school while listen to records on vinyl

  26. David Olivas, Jr.

    This song grew on me big time, I used to hate it. Can't get enough of it now!

  27. emma duncan

    Just a remarkable slice of post punk.

  28. emma duncan

    also the record with the proper version of "Pretty in Pink."

    David Ellis

    Talk Talk Talk

  29. David Ellis

    Fierce track.Have another 🚬 and scream!! Video is a bit dodgy. An edit as well.still clutch.

  30. ELISSA H


  31. Prashant Barua

    Finally found this tune! Love it.

  32. Atom Aunt

    Richard Butler looks like John Lydon.

  33. SAMURI_DJs

    Perfect example behind why bands today are pathetically bad. This shit makes my hair stand straight up. When I hear Coldplay or imagine dragons I want to punch them in the face. So bloody awful

    Stephan St. Claire-Méfret

    So true!!!!

    Blind Wave

    Then listen to Nitemirror instead

    Stephan St. Claire-Méfret

    @Douglas Luckey he thinks the furs are from 98. Or that dragons band. He can't be that lost

    Stephan St. Claire-Méfret

    @The Porsche Dude ya speak of dragons are from 1998. Not the furs? Right.

    Chris Reed

    I loved the Furs but there were shit bands then too ! Check out the Murder Capital...

  34. Richard Bonau

    The best

  35. misterjohn john

    More grey hair, but they still got it.... Saw em last Sunday for the umpteenth time since 1980!
    They opened with this and totally nailed it

    Kim VanFelton

    Glad they can still turn out good live shows - I'm tempted to get tickets

    Space Space

    misterjohn john
    They opened with it at The Institute- Birmingham this weekend too. Just Superb!

  36. unicorn Princess

    Love this fucking tune to bits,it is one of there best,love the Furs.

  37. Hayley Kean

    Still amazing after all this time.Furs rule...

  38. Susan Keech

    I've got it for you Richard ♥️😍😘🎨🔫🌡💎

  39. Amanda Laggan

    Criminal how little this has been viewed/played.

    Stephan St. Claire-Méfret

    Yes. It is. Yet the more for us. :)

    Eugene Kuzmin

    I agree. Very strange, indeed

    Marianne Duffy

    John Ashton killing it

  40. fern Haloo

    Smoking is bad for you kids.


    Don't worry I don't smoke. I just sometimes sniff permanent markers...

  41. Joël Confalonieri

    Such a perfect beat

  42. Joël Confalonieri

    and what a f""" green dress he's got


    Joël Confalonieri lmao I believe it’s an army coat or just a green parka lol

  43. Joël Confalonieri

    Just play some music and play it again so I can buy a train

  44. Joël Confalonieri

    She has got it in for me yeah i mean it honestly

    Marianne Duffy


  45. glanesb43

    listening to this with headphones drowning out my High-School......Ahhhhhh Pure memories

  46. Archepytus

    Don't know how I got in here. It's making me insane.

  47. traecy43

    Classique post punk.

  48. mark26714

    when the british ruled the pop charts.

  49. fiery1962

    Why such a short edit? love the proper *full length* take of this.

  50. Bruna Cavallo

    Tra qualche anno vedrete quanti apprezzeranno questo pezzo....

  51. shaunsk citizen

    A post-punk masterpiece.
    The wrong drugs,paranoia,a riff to kill for,art school pan sexuality,and best of all near chaos.
    Oh how we need this shit now.

    Duke Togo

    shaunsk citizen I think the word is androgeny. Fuck Pan Sexual.


    'The wrong drugs'. ('cigarette's' was dismissive) No the right drugs (trip).The paranoia provides itself and comes with present day reality. I AM a Psychedelic Fur. It's all in my mind though these days and has been so for decades. A little good hash just for the jamming helps though. And an everyday closer to death attitude to keep the adrenaline flowing and the shark moving forwards. Highwire days can only be an eye opening (if used not abused) season of life but you must then afterwards seek that in everyday life. That's where maturity comes in, caring for others around you (wife, kids, parents, friends, buddies etc) and the need to survive and not fail as an intoxicated bumbler. No need to give up on the fire within though. I'll bet RIchard Butler agrees.

  52. Louise Sherwood

    This is a perfect song


    +Louise Galdamez I say this to my son for certain songs. I agree on this one.

    Myszak Philippe

    +Louise Galdamez yes !

    Hayley Kean

    Thanks to

  53. B A

    Dang, love it.

  54. Myszak Philippe

    C'est fait depuis longtemps !

  55. MrsFish7

    ...Butler Rep & Co really split the atom on this one!... pure CLASS!!...

    shaunsk citizen

    Pure post-punk,bad drugs paranoia.
    Superb,South London's finest.

    Bruna Cavallo

    Hai detto bene... pura classe!

  56. OrangeFuzz123

    One of the ONLY bands from the 80's worth bothering about, an Oasis in a wllderness of scummy froth - no pun intended.

  57. eirodgers

    This is awesome

  58. shoesnew99

    This sounds like complete shit. I'm accustomed to people fucking up audio encoding when they try to upload shit to youtube, but from a "vevo"-related channel? You guys are making money off this, you could certainly do a batter job - it sounds like it's encoded about 64 kbps... you'd do better to listen to this on an untuned-AM radio than listen to this version.  "PsychedelicFursVEVO" should delete this, since there are acceptable versions on youtube already. 

    Aaron Trivino

    If you listen to the vinyl version it's more likely better at the end than this one


    @Largactyl Kid  Free? No, it's not free. The deal is they get to show you advertising, and you get to hear a song. 
    Consider it this way: you like the original song, I assume, since you're here on the page for the song, and looking at the comments. Does this sound like the original song? Maybe someone who never heard Psychedelic Furs before wants to check them out - and this shitty recording is the first thing they hear. "Hmm," the first-time listener would think, "they're pretty popular, but they sound like absolute shit." 

    Largactyl Kid

    +shoesnew99 As I said, the original analogue recording isn't that great & whenever I've watched the video from Vevo I've listened through a decent DAC & amp as well as  not once having to to watch an ad. Buy the CD/vinyl you whiner. Try down loading 'Ad Block' too. Tight arse.

    Scott McArthur

    actually that's just the recording. It was done to sound extra rough.

    Robin Parmar

    Actually, no. OPP is correct. Original recording sounds massive and complex. This is tiny.

  59. Blind Wave


  60. boykillshorse

    Fucken love this...
    Played the record so much, i wore it out...
    I was 14 when this was released.
    Still holds up..all the Furs tunes do.


    You could have put your record under a truck tire after it wore out, and it would still not sound as shitty as "PsychedelicFursVEVO's" upload - they fucked up the audio encoding, either when they did the AD conversion, or when they uploaded it to youtube. Unacceptably fucked-up audio fidelity. 


    @shoesnew99 ....I hear where you're coming from, shoesnew99... but I don't think people surf YouTube/VEVO expecting sonic excellence.... if you want the full meat and two veg' sound you'll get out your lovingly preserved original Japanese vinyl copy of Talk Talk Talk .... or even the superior 45rpm 7" vinyl version.....


    Sonic excellence is neither expected nor evoked in my criticism of the uploader of this copy of the song. This is unacceptably poor quality encoding. 

    Marianne Duffy

    Side is one of those rare eclectic and great r&r lp sides ...... imho

  61. foto21com

    Pretty not great rendering of the song. Should hear it off the vinyl through some Klipschorns in 1985 at a drunken house party. Much better. People nowadays don't even don't know what dissonance is.

  62. John Allinder

    Have another cigarette and have another cigarette / in a room where lovers go talking on the telephone

  63. cellini69

    Easily my favorite Furs song....

  64. Houston Area Diversions

    Love this!!!

  65. Marty Howe

    When the furs ruled

  66. 24601211

    Completely agree!

  67. loop66

    tell her that I'm not in here tell her I'm a freak, tell her that I fall about every time I speak.
    she has got it in for me, yeah I mean it honestly.

  68. emma duncan

    awesome son, from an even better album. yeah, thats riht I said album.I would play it on my Hi-Fi...bitches.

  69. Anjelo Caesar M. Ejercito

    Psychedelic Furs OUTCLASS a lot of today's Rock Acts !

    Em McCord

    Truth right there !