Prozak - Vendetta Lyrics

I don't know why you wanna push me
When I'm so close to the edge
You see and we can just prevent
This beef before I lose my mind
Walking a tight rope between sanity and psycho
Veins filled with nytro igniting like pyro
Needs a room to breathe before I'm reacting like Michael
Myers with violent desires to sever your spinal
Yes the urge is primal in vital to feed my rivals
By any means of survival leaving em dead on arrival
The beast unleashed, released proceeds to strike you
Defeat to lead to decease the repeat cycle
Claustrophobic now, everything is closing in
Is this reality or prison from within?
Very hard to focus as my mind slowly spins
Oh no, here it come, not this again

[Hook x2:]
(I hate!) Everything about you hate!
Anything about (you hate!)
Everyone around (you hate!) fuck you!
And all that you're standing for

Maybe I should try to take a deep breath
I can't see the reason with my own self
Focus is only showing my true hell
I'm blackin' out thinking about all of this
Jeckyll & Hyde shit, friend on other pilot
My mentality riot, unsustainable climate
Melt down, time split, personality conflict
See it in my iris, dilated I'm just
Thinking of killing you, drilling you, filling you with venom
Struggling cause the thought of murder is so compelling
Deep inside of me is a demented monster dwelling
Like Bruce Banner can't get a handle, dismantle everything
And now that the rage has consumed me
Andrenaline lettin' in purely
Each and every self is with fury
Revenge is all that consumes me


At the end of the day I don't know what else to say
So if the shoe fits, wear it and stay the fuck away
This is predator speaking directly to the prey
May we never cross paths in the same place
Stir with lambs so we're facing the same space
Mind state, mine grain, bones will break
Strange brain, blood drain, screams of pain
Placing great seal fate, no trace


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