Prozak - No More Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I tried to hold my own, safe face, maintain
The only light in my tunnel is this freight train
Moving at the speed of karma, it's insane
One minute you're on top, next you're in flames
Burn like embers on this solitude
What happened to the yes men that surrounded you?
What happened to loyalty, respect and gratitude?
Vultures, when they thought you had something they surrounded you
Horde of vampires, drain you of your own well beings
Stepping on necks on the quest to become king
Cutthroats, turncoats, manifest like dope fiends
Insult to injury, choke with their own hall strings
Enemies of the worst kind, souls black like shoeshine
Nature of the hater – perpetrator, they consume time
666 metaphorically their true sign
Trust me, you will see them and receive them all in due time

[Hook: x2]
I can't take this – no more
This is my life – not yours
So what the fuck are you hatin for?
I must be something you can't ignore

[Verse 2:]
I keep on pursuing the suited and as if
The real person in Prozak are congruent as in there's 2 of them
Connected at the souls, symbolic the black hole
The secretly seeking dominance, ominous control
Nowhere to turn next, thoughts are out of context
Life is out of focus and I'm hopin to survive this
Depression, lost my way, no direction
Well under midst of career resurrection
Shed a tear for my form of reflection
You fell victim in the battlefield of deception
Well on the quest to keep it real, he been steppin
Through the landmines of his own mind's invention
Wolves in sheep's clothing, deceitful screen smoking
Evil is omnipotent, it's all-seeing, all-knowing
Keep your eyes open for bad signs and omens
Or get fed to the lions like ancient times of Romans
For real though

[Hook: x2]
I can't take this – no more
This is my life – not yours
So what the fuck are you hatin for?
I must be something you can't ignore

[Verse 3:]
Like a jack of all trades and the king but no subjects
Renegade to the game, I'm looking 'round like what's next
Been through it all, man from stolen ideas
To shady record labels tryna put bullets through my career
And even some of my peers, who weren't as they appeared
Back stabbing faggot rappers who hold themselves dear
But it stops here
I'm on top, I'm back again, it's a new year
For the focus and dedication, I'm your worst fear
To see me shining and grinding
Through the core of the storm and it's on, I keep lightning
I'm a keep writing, keep performing and keep fighting
Keep spiting, you industry whores, while crowd hyping

[Hook: x4]
I can't take this – no more
This is my life – not yours
So what the fuck are you hatin for?
I must be something you can't ignore

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Prozak No More Comments
  1. jaboy321


  2. Cody Hayes

    I can't take this no more to i must be something you can't engorgh that's something to say to a entitled person

  3. Orestis Orlandos

    Man I miss Prozak. :( His music is needed. Hope he soon releases something new. Black ink was great like his previous albums and this song right here. <3

  4. yourleaseadvisor

    buy no more is bad ads but only 95 % complete something missing

  5. yourleaseadvisor

    until then obviously (I think his commercial success)

  6. christin clark

    Love this !! i havent heard something yet that I dislike....what a talented artist... great beats and lyrically intelligent * be still my dark heart*


    TRUE1 🍇💯💯💯

  8. ЄƛƦƬӇ ƛƝƓЄԼ

    Awesome to see Prozak is WIDE awake
    FUCK the illuminati!!

  9. Twisted Heretic

    So many problems and I feel like this exactly

  10. SimplySadie

    "Shed a tear for my former reflection"..... love it

  11. Space Bear

    Love this shit bro

  12. Atheist Alibi


  13. Troy Klapperich

    when people kill themselves, their god dies with them, so never shall they have their peace

    in the same way, I am able to kill their god, by simply taking away their lives


    Deep bro

  14. Brittany Skaggs


  15. Edwin Fidom

    l.e.b no more . aint nobody's fool biths

  16. Brandon Grubbs

    he's so right i can't take this no more this is my so what fuck you hating it i said so many times people..worried about something that is nothing to everyone needs to stay out everyone else life and take care of there own lifestyle but that to easy..think about people

  17. Space Bear

    Fucking chills damn this guy is so real when he raps.


    Right? I get em Bad on a lot of his tracks.. LoL

  18. WIW FIG

    вот еще матрица ...Clubbed To Death (Full Matrix Soundtrack)

  19. John Smith

    great song...really helps



  21. Chris O'mahony

    I'm in a dark place Im the most hated person in my house the only thing that helps is music and weed and alcohol mostly weed though.

    Gabriel Justice

    Chris O'mahony

    John Smith

    try working out it could help

    Chris O'mahony

    Sadly that won't work

    Chris O'mahony

    Because she's pissed I'm living with them and her son isn't she's blaming me for him not living here yet he's the one who costed my dad $25,000. But she's mad at me because her son leaves every house we've been in and she treats me like shit for that.


    Chris O'mahony
    Much love 🍇🍇🍇💯💯💯

  22. Optic Leviathan

    have it on repeat it helps me so much to get my self consicous up keep grinding prozak

  23. Forrest Williams

    Yeah for real 😳 3 4 5 seems more like no Asgard...

  24. Hey Im Sora

    your my Favorite in the morning

  25. The Jokerr

    Whoop Whoop Prozak

  26. Luna Love13666

    Love this song

  27. Missa Deead

    one of the sickest in STRAAAAANGEEEE!!!

    James Perry

    right though

  28. mesha kuriatnyk

    Prozak's songs are so awesome and filled with so many meaning and are deep unlike other rappers I could name. <3

  29. Preduzece Music Studio

    still feel it after all these years....respect!

  30. Monique Boucher

    talented man right here. Keep up the good work. 👊

  31. Lesley blomsma


  32. Lesley blomsma


  33. Lesley blomsma

    ik ben (36)

  34. Gordon Bishop

    killing it bro plain and simple

  35. Lt. Magnum

    Prozak is dope.

  36. Member Berries

    We live in a world were untalented people are famous and talented people aren't.


    theyre famous where it counts


    real artists get shelled and wack ones get famous to leave masses brainless a smart mind is dangerous

    Silas Hume

    This Guy like Jacob sartorious

    Cody Hayes

    Good speech m8

    Michael Burdue

    This country is all fu#@ed up,and

  37. DaTechn9cian

    why dont this have like 6 million views

    Big Boss

    because our Generation is Fucked

    Oze Michell

    +DaTechn9cian YUP

  38. DaTechn9cian

    holy fuck this blew me away

  39. BessemerUnicorn

    Straight fire, Prozac is awesome!

  40. Next generation Hicks

    ^S^ love this shit

  41. LordFridge

    Damn that is good.

  42. Delon Agee

    I love this one!

  43. Rael Jones

    So I'm usually pretty good at interpretation of songs. But this one had me confused. Anyone care to explain the meaning? I've listened to alot of his music but this one for some reason lost me.

    Ogami arbmu

    @Rael Jones It's about recognizing enemies, your own weaknesses and all the attempts to strive in life. Generally speaking of course.

  44. Terry Beatty

    Prozak ......nocturnal so definitely getting this....thanks Chris May 1st it was ICP now PROZAC you have awesome taste in music......give credit where credit is due...xo

  45. Worldwide Devils

    Just discovered this rapper thanks to Tech N9ne doing a song with Tyler Lyon and TL doing a song with Prozak. 
    My question is : Why isn't this rapper more popular? 
    I certainly prefer this and his other songs a hundred times more than the stupid anaconda or other stupid twerk songs.

    Lesley blomsma

    +Lykosys and give my and realy good antsher

    b kay

    honestly I feel strange has been underpromoting. I hardly see any promos involving prozak at least from my perspective.

    Bino White

    Who mike Jones lol

    John Carter

    The reason this isn't played on the radio is because you can't dance to this.

  46. Zach Sosby

    i cant take this no more this is my life not yours so what the fuck are you hateing for i must be something you cant ignore * steven prozak shippy is one of the best rappers today and a very wise man*

    ETR Triad


  47. BigGomez24

    Gotta love prozilla man. The Hitchcock of hip hop 4 life.

  48. BigGomez24

    Gotta love prozilla man. The Hitchcock of hip hop 4 life.

  49. Jesse B

    was that shady record labels line a double meaning call out to shady records?

  50. karen saville

    This is my life,, Not yours

  51. JBO Gaming

    tits song. just ordered this ep on the 50% off sale!!

  52. Alexander Harvin Jr.

    is it bad that during the song the only thing that really caught my attention was that awesome snake

  53. karen saville

    You are not alone,,Reach out,,My Life,,

  54. Abdel Latif Abou Hussein

    I didn't know that Prozak could make scary clips like Tech N9ne does in life on Strange music. The clip is damn dope!

  55. karen saville


  56. karen saville


  57. JustLykeMusic

    In my own mind, the candles represent the righteous of the world, while I (we) the sinner become the light, by the blood of the Lamb (Jesus) whom was ransom paid in full for our sinful nature. Our brother; Michael Sam, to this day is having stones cast at him by some of those whom call themselves Christians. May I(Worst of Sinners) and Prozak together, bear witness that God is Love, and NOT condemnation. Those whom oppose "Us", cast your stone(s), or gtfo! ..,though we'd rather y'all enjoin @ the Table of Plenty. Glory be to El Shaddai!

  58. Ari Love

    "The Hitchcock of Hip Hop" => Prozak

  59. Matthew williamson

    This is good stuff!

  60. Stevie b

    Whoop whoop prozak is dope

  61. Jamie Chung

    My friend told me to search No more and Million miles away by prozak and right now im always listening to this(im addicted to this song)

  62. Starlets Gaming

    +BrookDavis "This is my life, not yours so wtf are you hating for? I must be something you can't ignore" get a life and stop hating on great artists in the comments of videos. It's disrespectful because they put so much effort into this stuff. If you don't like it, don't listen to it. As simple as that.

  63. Starlets Gaming

    +BrookDavis this song is aimed directly towards people like you. Don't hate bro

  64. David Deleon

    I never comment on any videos but i must say I love rap music but i was on the verge of giving up but artists like prozak help keep hope alive not all rap has to be about nonsense. Keep making great music!!!!

  65. Greg Ullrick

    i think its time prozak n madness set the past aside, resurrect bedlam, and do at least one last song together.

  66. x212

    favirote song by him

  67. ashtan leblanc

    one of your best songs Prozak, it really should have more views by now. iv watched every one of your videos, your songs are dope

    Trina Colebank


  68. jagmaballer65

    @EY81695 , you clearly do not understand Prozak (strange music artist's) or his music at all.

  69. Old Gregg

    @Marcus-Lee von Kulger, I think he said shady record labels, but I might be wrong.

    Destiny Williams

    he did but not like eminem shit shady he means fake fulse liyng is what he means so what it meant was shady record labels are fake and were trying stop him cuz he need to do him and not be a puppet of some else, but its nice to say that your werent sure it shows you have a great deal of brains cell and use them

  70. jacob basham

    tech, you need to let me and my crew be part of strange music.

  71. Mark Wood

    Badass song keep it real man.

  72. Shady88Italy

    @Marcus-Lee von Kugler he says Shady records, not meaning Eminem's record label, just other record labels who are messing with him

  73. Matthew Murray

    nice video prozak. everyone should stay to themselves instead of judgeing eachother for how they r or wat they do

  74. Apondie Achternaamloos

    Same to me, i agree ;)

  75. QuadFeed

    way to underrated;( love this song and artist!!!

  76. Marcus-Lee von Kugler

    Anyone know what the beef he has with shady records since he brought it up in this song and there isn't anything on this whole "been putting bullets in my career" that he said just wondering

  77. Matt H

    Saginaw love for ya Prozak!

  78. alphawolfmaster88

    Who else thinks techs the one as the evil persona? Lol would be legit.

  79. Dakota Anderson

    Ok love the message there Hippie, but its Helen Keller...

  80. Hippie Alex

    Lol I love how people feel the need to speak without truly listening......anyone who thinks prozak is in any way a satanist is clearly Kellen Keller.......

  81. HoundoomFreak007

    Damn this guy's good xD

  82. Devin Luna

    "Nature of the hater – perpetrator, they consume time
    666 metaphorically their true sign
    Trust me, you will see them and receive them all in due time
    Enemies" he's pretty much saying that haters are the devil, not anything about him praising or worshiping Satan, i mean he is clutching rosary beads when he is looking at the demonic figure for fucks sake.

  83. Isaac Morgan

    he is actually singing against just that he is talking about how everyone is always hating on him for who he is ergo I can't take this no more, this is my life not yours

  84. Juan Gonzalez

    am i the only one getting this 12 minutes- 1 hour ads?

  85. Azulgo


  86. Nayya Yazzie

    Fuck yeeeaah Prozak <<33

  87. EazyJay777

    Both your theories are corrupt

  88. EY81695

    2 theories. Either he's a satanist considering the baphomet in the vid, sayin 666 is what we'll get in due time, and what not...or he's saying that they want him to be a satanist and he considers them enemies and he's revealing what they want to do to us and thats what he means by "This is my life, not yours."

  89. Christian Richards

    go listen to some hoes clothes money n foes then..... be a dumbass like the other 70%

  90. brian nelson

    hmm this shows how much you listen to his music, fuck off

  91. xchild08

    tss if you buy tickets for tech you HAVE to know the others with strangemusic ...

  92. lord squidington

    he is actual a christian

  93. FlashDashStudios

    1.English 2.Grammar 3. Thanks.

  94. Maxavius

    WOW are you slow or deaf ? Let me guess , you saw the horned figure and said to yourself this is satanism suddenly the 1% of you brain that still functions decided to either hit pause or ignore every single lyric that followed. Get a grip on reality and if you're going to comment on videos please LISTEN to what the artist is saying. I'm amazed you even had the ability to type that ignorant ass message . This idiot is whats wrong with the world , please do us all a favor and don't procreate.

  95. Brooke Seales

    This is the first time hearing a song by this guy and he not Satanic... Someone been droning you full of bullshit?

  96. Travis Cauvel

    You're a fucking dumbass, You're the reason the world is going to shit. Please dont reproduce. I deal with stupid fucks like you everyday.