Prozak - Knuckle Up Lyrics

[Intro x4: Distorted]
Stand Up
Boss Up
Fist Up
Fuck it up, Bitch!

[Verse 1: Prozak]
I'm raw like Jigsaw, dismemberin' your skeletals
Breakin' apart your jaw while stompin' all across your genitals
You wanted a war, you got it, now come and face me
You must be crazy trying to escape the Rosemary's baby
I was born to defeat deceitful people, relieve them of the lies of evil
With knives that are lethal, while leaving them Rest in Peaceful
I'm a full blown psychopath! Full grown maniac!
Known to get the last laugh, and you don't want to fuck with that!
My mental pain is conveyed with rage and anguish
With a hatred I can't contain to explain to this English language
So why must I insist to persist to inflict damage
When we come face-to-face you'll be draped with Ace Bandages

[Hook: x4]
Now if yolu're with me (Stand up!)
If you're fed up, (Boss up!)
Put your fuckin' (Fist up!)
Knuckle up, fuck it up bitch!

[Verse 2: ROC]
(These hoes)
No more sleep niggas!
(My zone)
Give me fifty feet niggas!
(No clone)
Fist to your cheek niggas!
(Cracked bone)
Yeah I'm a beast nigga

Cry for more, ride to war, beat my chest like King Kong
Life is more, not we saw, demons in this fucking song
You can't survive, we thrive like cockroaches
No way, but I'm stomping that bitch til ain't no motion
It's open, that door, lean forward, your body snatch a sun goes down
This shoe stick pinches and cactus
Pursues your arms, legs, your bones
Broke in the dome like Mike Jack, closed case
I flip then I ain't coming right

[Hook x4]

[Verse 3: Dirtball from KMK]
Better get a fuckin knife if you're thinkin you can kill me
Instead of a scratch I'm gonna cut deep inside you, you are ill B
I set em on fire, let em expire, let em e-fuckin-xplode
My gasoline – my pride, my grind – it never done slow
Hit em in the fangs, seekin them dead in the flesh of the track wa wa
I pillage and hustle the circuit never to pause, took it from the back
Maniacal rapper divided
Insane and the flesh can't fight it
Bloody the knuckles are anger provided
Iller the most of the pack yea
I'm rappin this hallucination
Don't you fuckin change that station
We have neglected to give you and earful
To stabbing your earholes
Sicker than all of the demons combined
Sicker than most psychotic of minds
Sicker than hell itself, that be my steal

[Hook x4]

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Prozak Knuckle Up Comments
  1. James Branyord

    That moment when you totally forgotten this song and then it pops up in your recommendations. Thanks YouTube

  2. Corey Shelp

    Damn dirt stoll this track...hip hop superhuman...

  3. Todd FarrAnd

    the r.o.c hell yea!!!

  4. HumanBeing NotBeingHuman

    Rap.On.Contact   !!!

  5. Esel Raccrew

    Excellent sound congratulations friend ¡¡

  6. EhPik Sphire

    So fuckin sick!

  7. davie james


  8. skan1245

    Dirtball kills it!!!

  9. Chris Yonge

    ROC still rappin' he just cant tour

  10. Okra

    Always loved Dirtball. Needs to do another song with Tech

    Erik Espinoza

    GOOB3000 Still waiting for another collaboration between dirtball and Tech N9ne as well

  11. Josh Thomas

    This song went hard as hell all 3 of them ripped it up.

  12. Edgar Bennett

    hell yeah roc, im gonna listen to half breed

  13. Paul Milliner

    my nigga ROC.

  14. 77alberta

    I dont think i found this vid wit some one wit a crazy system in ther ride bumping like crazy like it should be ahha

  15. Chris Yonge

    thats some crunk shit right there! Throw some elbows to that joint!


    yea if you're deaf


    It doesn't need to be said, it's known

  18. jason ziesman

    @sporemaster97 i should cockslap you.Thats the stupidest comment i ever heard. Just go die.



  20. Nathan Murray

    It's just all dependent on your taste. It's okay if you don't like Twiztid. I, for example, cannot listen to Bizarre or King Gordy without either laughing or getting annoyed. Music's an art that's dependent on the perceiver.

  21. Jordan Adams

    actually, twiztid sucks, and i have listened to a lot of their songs, wanting to like them, its just impossible...unless you're fucking stupid

  22. AlyssasxFascination

    Go listen to Twiztid, pure talent. If you can't see that you are fucking stupid.

  23. Jonny Kronik

    dirtball always kills it i never thought that would ever even needed 2 be said lol

  24. 707whiteboy1

    hell yes ninja

  25. Mozzylette Quiroz

    strange music is part of psy crew tech n9n3 and prozack both had done music with icp before , mmfcl

  26. billy massinger

    roc aint on psy

  27. billy massinger

    3 dope ass emcees.

  28. Mikest Michael

    people need more Dirtball in their ears

  29. kaji520

    Whoop Whoop Strange music

  30. Benjamin Gill

    Not a fan of the Psychopath Records crew but The R.O.C. killed this

  31. T9_DesertBoi

    Even with this Industry failing, Strange Music is always here bumpin' it loud and crazy!
    And even when the Industry gets better, Strange Music simply bumps it louder.

  32. Jordan Johnson

    Dis song $laps!

  33. josh willkillyourkids

    what you call it 'dub step' i call it rap ...

  34. jeremy brueckheimer


  35. jeremy brueckheimer

    finaly not sum rock

  36. craig helman

    Dirtball Chhyeeaa

  37. DeadDonAK

    sounds Strange to me,if you want cookie cutter,same ole same ole,try some little Wayne,or maybe some drake.that way your shit will always sound the same.STRANGE ALL DAY...FTI

  38. Rebecca Golt

    Prozak, Hey Baby. Thanx for Ashland! Love EVERYTHING you do and can't wait to speak with you again. We can do great things together and this proves it. I'm very pleases. Love ya, BABY!!!

  39. sum1toluv420queen

    2:24-3:31 Best part of the whole song. Too bad It's all the way at the end bc the rest of the song wasn't worth a shit

  40. Jerry Carpenter

    Dirtball KILLED IT

  41. Dirtay Evt

    Prozak went in. Didn't care for the rest tho.

  42. DemiGodZilla G

    song is dope, soft mothafuckas just can't deal with this track

  43. hazmat1134

    dont know why peoples hating on this track, yea this aint like prozaks paranormal, but if you know about prozak, u should know hes always switching shit up. keeps u entertained

    Erik Espinoza

    hazmat1134 expect the unexpected from prozak

  44. Aaron Long

    yea id say dirtball merkd ths shit! 2 whoops ninja

  45. 666DLA999


  46. brandonspielberg

    Actually people if you know anything about lyricism dirtball killed it.. people have their own opinions but if you know anything about music you need to look past who's is your favorate and look at who is truly the best weather you like them or not

  47. Fadi Zuabi

    he stabbed this track ;P he should be in strange

  48. kottonmouthUK

    Last verse is Dirtball.

  49. 928SAINT


  50. jordan burton

    raw as fuck

  51. Fadi Zuabi

    who's the lattest verse!! :| plz tell me his name ,R.O.C Or DirtBall? he killed it with his rhymes

  52. CrazYxKiLLa

    R.O.C Killed this shit. All of them did. Alfred Hitchcock of Hip hop!

  53. ToxicDriveBye


  54. Landon Milam

    Fucking dope! ^S^

  55. MattGames

    STRANG, PSYCHOPATHIC & SUB-NOIZE RECORDS do it like that!! together holding down the underground!

  56. mikep460

    the second guy u refer to is the R.O.C. who is a legend obviously u dont no music

  57. georgieo toma

    Music video to this song please!!!

  58. Dale Smith

    stop lying... you said this so many times, get off the page then

  59. Lyrion Neeley

    I can do without verse 2. Other than that, sick as fuk.

  60. Gonzo the Dude

    dirtball kills it.

  61. Marcus Payne

    whoop whoop

  62. Stephen Vincent

    Damn, sounds so good turned up with the BASS just POUNDING!!!

  63. Umut Çakıcı


  64. kjhardy92

    For and Four are two completely different words.

  65. kaji520

    Whoop Whoop Prozak this song hits hard

  66. Diztraught

    Fuckin ILL! 3 beasts...Prozilla killin em! Nice to hear R.O.C on that shit also. dirtball kills it Madd props!!! STRAAAANGE!. #2o8

  67. Bryan Allen

    he spelt for right once hahahah what a dumbass

  68. Alexander Cain

    Brotha Lynch Hung said long while back this story will contain 9 videos, 3 from each album. MANNIBALECTOR FEBRUARY! GRRRRRR


  69. DemiGodZilla G

    they started doing the promo vids after lynch's last cd came out, but I'm hoping they do lynch needs some more coverage

  70. Adrian Sheffield

    This shit is Sick!! STRANGEEEEEE

  71. WESTGH0ST47

    I am currently trying to build an independent label like Strange Music & Funk Volume called "WildChild Records". If you guys check my music out on my page & tell me what you think/Sub I would greatly appreciate it & it may even help me get noticed a bit more so I can build onto my independent Label. I'm not the best rapper n stuff but thats why I put my work on here to get feedback to get better & see what tracks people like & what ones they dont so ik what to put on my mixtape! EveryViewHelps!

  72. Ange

    damn dirtball killed it!

  73. kjhardy92

    So much fail here.

  74. papabirdy

    Here come the Tech N9ne fans
    Whatup erryone

  75. Tyler Lamere

    This great now check out porn star rap on youtube.

  76. LightWolf117

    do you not know how to spell "for" and "one"

  77. BudOnSteam

    lol no speed is not dubstep
    their music took a different tone when he joined. im not the only one who noticed this

  78. Blaine Moss

    Dope collab wit the R.O.C. n dirtball.. Strange!.

  79. musicpal5

    Strange does it again!

  80. josh willkillyourkids

    dubsteeppy ?..... not at all. Oh, You rap fast !? Then your dubstep .

  81. Nack Strange

    Whens the hitchcock of hip hop ebrr spozed to release?

  82. optimuspr9me

    Dirtball is the white tech n9ne i think. But worlds apart at the same time

  83. BudOnSteam

    i wish strange had picked up dirtball first, cause he ruined the Kings for me
    i like him but his influence is dubsteppy

  84. dekoimusic

    Dirtball always kills it. Kottonmouths lucky they got to him before Strange did

  85. RedwoodOne

    I'm sorry, but this chorus is garbage..

  86. ChiefSonic9

    Comes out 3 days after my birthday!!!!

  87. Aguiraru Engeru


  88. Mistah Lou


  89. DaUnderGround Muzik

    i didnt know who this guy was aut apparently now i have a new favorite rapper

  90. Paul Means

    whens the rittz cd dropping

  91. DBara15

    Who ever disliked this prepare to "Knuckle Up!!!!"

  92. Official Killa-mo 187

    Nice to hear Prozak back up on that style that got him originally to the dance back in 1999 with Bedlam's Chemical Imbalancez Vol.1.

  93. J.2.

    First Nocturnal Than We All Fall Down 9/17/2013 Prozak has been putting work I can't wait for my order

  94. ImaNutbagg

    They don't call him THE HITCHCOCK OF HIP HOP for nothing

  95. Dragon's Roar

    Its going to be a good christmas for me.

  96. Justin Poindexter

    Sick and tired of these EPs....