Prozak - Audio Barricade Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
People tell me that I never really smile maybe
If they knew me ever since I was a child baby
Understanding the reason for my withdrawal lately
It's been worse than it has in a long while
You see my brain just thinks a lot
Often lost in thought
Often spaced I just cannot
Seem to get it together been losing my patience a lot
Hope for the better whatever anything to make it stop
If you're feeling like me then you'll understand
And if you don't I apologize in advance
But on the other hand
I don't really give a damn
Take it or leave it, I am who I am
Just another person trying to find his way
Trying to figure it out trying to find my place
Either lead, follow or get out of the way
Life is too short, too fast to turn the page

Turn the page
Audio barricade
Audio Barricade
Audio Barricade
Audio Barricade

Audio Barricade

[Verse 2:]
Sometimes I really think I'm losing it
I don't really know what I would do without the therapy of music
Therapeutic no substituting
Can't erase the pain but sure help subdue it
Helps me to get through
Dismiss my issues
Gives me a lift to a place that's less blue
Sorta like a force field that protects you
Audio barricade I suggest you
Turn it up a little louder
When you feeling lonesome
When you feeling down some
When you really feeling like you hit rock bottom
And nothing to break your fall but more problems
And all the walls seem to close in on you
Nothing but darkness to fall upon you
Feels like all is lost everything around you
The sun will rise again you gotta push onward

Push onward
Audio Barricade
Audio Barricade
Audio Barricade
Audio Barricade


[Verse 3:]
Every time I look around I can't help but
Pray for something or someone to save us
From our own ways that seem to plague us
From the dawn of time our hate discontains us
All we really gotta do is live and let live
Enjoy the ride of all that exists man and that's it
Kinda simple ain't it? So why complicated?
With all the bullshit and games that people playin'
If they wanna make their own grave let them lay in it,
All I'm trying to say is don't create your own pain
Otherwise you'll be the one to blame and that's being honest
Another lame brain maybe you're walking around us
Every day can be a new day if you let it
Try to focus on the positive and not the negative
Tip nonsense I'm just saying let it
Go far by the wayside so many
People trying to bring you down
They drag you to the bottom then they try to watch you drown
And pretending to be friends but yet somehow
Always a reason to run they mouth
So jealous

So jealous
Audio Barricade
Audio Barricade
Audio Barricade
Audio Barricade

Audio Barricade
Audio Barricade

Turn it up watch it
All just go away

Turn it up watch it
All just fade away

Turn it up watch it
All just go away

Turn it up watch it
All just fade away

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Prozak Audio Barricade Comments
  1. Sim Del

    This song made suicidal thoughts go away for me. Much respect

    Jonny Valiant

    Same bud. Hard times. Musical medicine.

  2. Pukwudgie

    Your music speaks to me! Thank you for you, my big brother 🤗💙

  3. RNG Gaming

    2019 still listening to this👍

  4. William Burkhart

    Music helps me calm down and keeps me calm listening to this song sounded like my life in a way

  5. Kirk Brindley3

    I love this song- Prozak you need MORE music PLEASE

  6. Johnny Rebollo

    This is amazing this is my first time hearing this

  7. Sebastian Månsson

    Love it!!!!!

  8. Maxine James

    Just found him 2018 he dam good like very much 👍🏼🔥🔥🙏🏼


    The flow is completely batshit insane, but holy crap the Hook is so bad. The song would've been perfect without the hook.


    Phils Goodman I think the song is perfect the way it is

    rylan short

    Yea i agree it feels very disconnected from they lyrics and beat. Doesnt fit at all. Those verses are unreal tho

  10. Jordan Hill

    not a bad song yet

  11. Space Bear

    Another Prozak song I love so much. I've literally have had an Audio Barricade for years now. I need music in my life to keep going on.

  12. Tommyvihh

    i love this song

  13. gaydarskiy13

    more than just a song

  14. Walt6294

    thank you

  15. Walt6294

    one of my favorite songs man! listen to it all the time helps me get through and think about allloooottt!

  16. Lesley blomsma

    For life

  17. BessemerUnicorn

    thanks for speaking the truth zak, I love your music so much! You saved my life again, your the shit! If you ever see this hit me back, it'll make my life come true!!!

  18. Ellite Ness

    F the NWO nd there Fema camps camtrails

  19. Ellite Ness

    hes the bestest and yeawolf

  20. Meh Sugaaar

    One of the hard core hi hoppers who knows how to smack with a hard core yet melodic raps.His songs are so mature and got the beauty that I think only few rappers of this time got.

    Saku Partanen

    100% true

  21. John Winslow

    Story of my life. My venr

  22. GratefulDeadHead023

    one of the only rappers i listen to.

  23. Brandon Vasquez

    How does this only have 2,389 views!

    Meh Sugaaar

    +Brandon Vasquez These guys (Strange music guys) deserve way more recognition


    People don't know what talent and art is in the form of lyricism, just mindless mainstreamers thinking they the shit.

  24. infernal 216

    Love prozak! He tells it like it is.