Prophets Of Rage - Pop Goes The Weapon Lyrics

Who's that knockin' on my door
What ya tryin' to bother me for
Don't want none of what you're sellin'
I know you're rotten to the core
So my 44 mags about to put one in your melon

Last night one of my neighbors got held up for the paper
But the popos never came
They won't do you any favors
Say prayers
So many layers
Some things will never change

Ha ha ha
This afternoon got caught up
At a red light, in the line of sight
Of these mother fuckers from the other night
Seems like the right time pullin' out his life line
Any time you threaten mine
Gonna be a fight

See I'm numb just lookin'
For a reason for my finger
To be squeezing on the trigger
Through another killin' season

One gun, two guns, three guns, four
So many guns keep on runnin' out the store

Pop goes the weapon
You better keep on steppin'
Pop pop goes the weapon
Pop pop
Ha ha ha ha
Pop pop goes the weapon
You better keep on steppin'
Pop pop goes the weapon
Pop pop
Ha ha ha

Who's that knockin' on my door
Who's that knockin' on my door
Who's that knockin' on my door
Who's that knockin' on my door
Ha ha ha

Feelin' my soul leave my body
La dee da dee
Somebody got me
I don't even know his name
Started fightin' at a party
No karate
Hammers droppin'
But the popos never came

Lightheaded and I'm dizzy
My vision fuzzy
I get the feelin' it's the end of the game
I'm on the television talk of me
Ask who was he, 'cause they don't love me
That's when the fuckin' popos came

Pop goes the weapon
You better keep on steppin'
Pop pop goes the weapon
Pop pop
Ha ha ha ha
Pop, pop goes the weapon
You better keep on steppin'
Pop pop goes the weapon
Pop pop
Ha ha ha

Pop goes the weapon
You better keep on steppin'
Pop pop goes the weapon
Pop pop goes the weapon
Pop goes the weapon
You better keep on steppin'
Pop pop goes the weapon
Pop pop
Ha ha ha

Who's that knockin' on my door
Who's that knockin' on my door
Who's that knockin' on my door
Who's that knockin' on my door

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Prophets Of Rage Pop Goes The Weapon Comments
  1. Naomi Salek

    It came up on apple rock radio....OMG

  2. andreas bianconeri

    What happened with RATM

    Rod Jaques


  3. Pablo Padilla


  4. Tom Allnatt

    It's insane when you realize all those shootings scrolling down are just in 2019

  5. Brian Oblivion

    this shit is hard

  6. Zulkifli Nani

    Based on the list, it's more Dangerous in USA compare to Middle East

  7. Kim House

    Welcome back rage against the machine

  8. JohnnyV Val

    This is *racists* ! Only consider with 1 race at the end. Then some of the dates for Chicago aren't actual stats. Google the dates and look up the news and police reports

  9. Glenn Hertel

    Hey, what color is your Dope, 546 can you take care of that for me.

  10. Glenn Hertel

    Hey Take care of that for me,

  11. fknwht mail

    Oh look it's another anti video coupled with an anti white comment section.

    Augustus Cole

    fknwht mail you’re an idiot lol

  12. Gustav Gnöttgen


  13. BrainEatPenguin

    Spends the 90s talking about how spitting out buckshot is badass, 2019: blames it on the guns😂

    Gustav Gnöttgen

    It's called getting adult and happens to some kids


    They're what's called hypocrites. Blame it on guns instead of idiotic Democrat policies. 98% of mass shootings happen in "gun free zones." Enacted by moron Joe Biden. The truth that will always be is bad guys will always have guns and use them. And so will a tyrannical government. All this is is the bad guys trying to take guns away from the good guys. Tom Morello is a brainwashed clown. I love his guitar playing but the dude is a damn Communist. Communists are responsible for over 100 million deaths worldwide. And that's a fact.

  14. Furry Seed

    Damn this is a good track :)

  15. Fgsdf Sdfgfsdg

    Prophets Of Rage 10/10, and as per usual youtube video quality 0/10

  16. J CK

    I’m so happy this sound is coming back 😁

  17. Sergeant Grimm

    This band is as American as it get's. Straight up G' shit!

  18. kind kid


  19. Jeff Keister

    Well done. I like to think "fistfull of steel" was about a microphone.

  20. YouTube Account

    Tom Morello would rather have the mass shootings done to the public by its own communist government – the one that he wants – rather than other citizens.

  21. YouTube Account

    Cool, now show all of the non-white mass shooters ya fucking muppets.

  22. alonso parravicini

    Tom morello you are a genius man, that riff..

  23. Black Sunshine

    This is very cypress hill which for me is perfect. But we already have cypress hill.. All these legends, chuck d?! Wheres THAT track with balls and power? Sleep now in the fire/fight the power/I ain't goin out like that.. I get it, the years have rolled on. But on their worst day they should do better than what I've heard so far

  24. Adam Macias


  25. StumpdIntallekt

    Pure hardcore rap is back!! Though a little more aggression in the voices could help for this. Examples, B-Real > "Riot Maker" Chuck D > "Nighttrain"

  26. Music Of Sounds

    Damn! This shit is heavy.

  27. emcats84

    "The music of rebellion makes you wanna rage, but it is made by millionaires nearly twice your age".

  28. Matt M

    Oh that's flavorful

  29. 707whiteboy1

    This track is DOPE AS FUCK.
    Song of the YEAR

  30. 삼풍장

    캬 비트 보소 ㅋ 존나 쩐다 진짜 ㄷㄷㄷ

  31. Tanarae Johnson

    My new favorite song! I am in love with this band. Every single member is brilliant! I can’t stop listening to it. Beats are insane! Thumps my car and like all of their music it has meaning. DO NOT STOP MAKING MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Philip Orr

    I would love to know where the list came from that scrolls across the screen. That's vital information. Anyone know what the source is? I would love to post that on Twitter.

    twicebitten thasme

    Public crime statistics. You can find them on a government site if you tried looking for it. I don't understand the why of it being used. It seems like propaganda to me. We're not the only "rich" country with shootings or mass murders. Just one that reports more.

  33. HeyrroPrease

    If both sides demand to receive respect first, it will never happen.

  34. Trying Times

    Lol anti gun music when it’s clearly a a city/ gang culture problem. All the lists of murders are inner cities with gang and drug violence. Guns aren’t the problem lack of jobs and gang culture/ drugs and black kids with no daddies is the real reason why gun homicides are so high.

  35. Craig Ramsdale


  36. Wolfman Roy

    Do you believe in science, alternate realities, and the Ultraverse of Ultron, Megatron, and Voltron?

  37. Walt Kowalski

    Commies of rage XD porphyritic popstars

  38. Black Sunshine

    It's their best track so far but that being said, a band with so much potential and so many iconic members I hoped for better. Love pretty much everything else they've all done with all their other bands. Hope for the album

  39. Julien Perret

    This song is fucking scary

  40. charlie gaudino

    The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem...

  41. Adam Turner

    Not a strong offering.

  42. Fernanda Pereira


  43. Loud Pack

    Lmao nice propaganda you fucking losers

  44. Giak

    Respect from Italy. We need you here.

  45. Виталий Федотов

    Blast in my head🤘✌👍

  46. Vik

    ! Жёстко

  47. Sam Jones

    NRA official song.


    Amazing and unfortunately at the same time mass murder data...Tune

  49. Juan Castaneda

    The music video from the teaser was better

  50. Harvest Their Bodies Official


  51. Yesenia Arias

    Holy shit! This goes hard af, well done guys

  52. E.C.

    Fuckin awesome

  53. Fugly Society

    I'm sick of this game

  54. Fugly Society

    Virginia Beach....fuck your coicidences

  55. livefootagetube

    In the song superstar Cypress hill said there's gonna be some one that's going to sound like us lol

    Martin Šagát

    Because B-Real is part of PoR as well

  56. livefootagetube

    Is this Cypress hill?

  57. kantrogu

    Da fuck happend i Odessa?

  58. 27Dmurphy

    Id like it more like RATM

  59. Matt Stampede

    Jeez more renegades of funk, less what ever the fuck that is pls

  60. Mark

    Stop the Weapons

    Mica Rambin

    Fuck you


    @Mica Rambin What do you want to kill?...

  61. Mister B

    My new drug😍🥴

  62. 2xkiller

    If guns made places safer, America would be the safest place on Earth.

    If a Good Guy with a Gun is the solution, NO Texans would have been killed in Mass Shootings in 2019.
    Open Carry, CHP's, almost 40% of Texans owns a gun, etc...


    @2xkiller The sources you posted use firearm suicide as a proxy for gun ownership. This is a pretty huge leap considering that there's no distinguishing between legal or illegal guns used for this purpose. Given that firearm suicides are used to inflate gun violence statistics (by conflating suicide with homicide), this makes for a pretty weak argument. When you use direct methods of determining the gun ownership rate - such as gun sales and surveys - the correlation completely evaporates, as this helpful amateur article outlines (the survey used to determine gun ownership by state is widely sourced, and is currently the best non-proxy method we have of determining it):

    On top of that, given that rates of homicide or violent crime in general do not correlate to gun ownership internationally, why would they do so in the United States? You use an article that analyzes gun control policy by nation (and only a very tailored group of nations, hmmm, I wonder why...) but only looks specifically at gun violence. Why does it matter what a person was murdered with? It's the murder that's the problem. So if gun control succeeds in reducing gun homicides, but not in reducing homicides in general nor violent crime, what does it matter?

    Even if you want to drastically reduce gun violence just to assuage public fears or play to a political argument, as I've shown there's no real evidence it'd help violent crime or homicide in general, you're just going to be denying law abiding citizens the ability to defend themselves. Even the lowest estimates of defensive gun use put it in upwards of 55k (which is the absolute lowest). That's a whole heck of a lot of crimes being prevented and people being defended:

    "Most people get agitated at the 3-4 comments I make in response to their one,"
    I mean, mostly because it makes it look like you're a crazy person. You do know that you can put all that in a single comment, right? I'm also not sure why you linked the last article - the same one that I linked and that supports what I was saying. Did your medication wear off? Did your brief moment of (very stupid) lucidity evade you?

    tl;dr: Your sources are heavily massaged, use a poor proxy for gun ownership, and reduce their scope drastically in order to get their desired conclusion. Take your meds, boomer.


    @Bearrorist I've used HARVARD, The Council on Foreign Relations, Etc. But these are not reputable enough?

    You're wanting to devel into the process used for the studies, AFTER trying to bring international studies into a national debate.

    You're grasping for straws with this last comment.
    Are you implying that you know more than the experts in the field? Because the EXPERTS almost all agree on the subject.

    Sure you have some outliers, but just like with Climate Change the vast majority of scientist and experts all agree on this subject, and yet because you think you know more about it than they do, you think you're right and are better to inform others on the subject.

    Dunning Kruger effect is in full effect with you. I'll openly admit I don't know everything about this subject, but I sure know that I don't know more than the fucking experts!!

    7.9 Million results, YOU sift through them all and pick out which ones confirm your bias opinion. I'll do the same thing and we'll see who has more studies done by more reputable sources.


    @2xkiller I never said anything about how reputable the sources were, I said that their methodology made me question the accuracy of their findings. This isn't even some claim that I know better than the "experts," since the researchers themselves note that using firearm suicides as a proxy for gun ownership is problematic. When you use more direct measures of gun ownership, such as properly sampled surveys, the data doesn't display the same correlation. Similarly, if you look outside of particularly narrow scopes (a single country or some, but not all, high-income nations) the correlation also disappears.

    Those discrepancies should cause you to pause and consider the whether or not the research actually says as much about the real world as you think it does. Well, they should if you're capable of reading or critical thought. You strike me as someone too stupid to actually understand an academic paper after reading it, so you just skip to the conclusion and parrot it without any of the original nuance. You likely use an appeal to authority because you were too dumb for university.


    @Bearrorist Questioning the methods of the thousands of studies conducted by professionals and experts on the subject is questioning if they're reputable.

    You are basically saying that YOU a layman at best, knows more and better how to calculate a statistic, that the Republican party made nearly impossible to calculate with the Dickey Amendment. This was passed AFTER the CDC found direct correlations between Gun Ownership and Gun Violence way back in 1993.

    You've dismissed or ignored every link I've provided and focused on what you perceive to be inaccuracies, again when you are not an expert in the field in any way shape or form.

    I've used the expert's opinions. The expert's studies, etc. but I don't know what I'm talking about.?.?.?

    You question their methodology and accuracies based on what grounds? What degrees do you have that the experts don't have? What inside knowledge do you have that they don't?

    Do you seriously believe that you are intelligent enough and well enough informed on the subject to question literally THOUSANDS of actual experts in the field? People, who devote their entire lives to the shit you're doing on a comment on YT?


  63. Denise Macias

    HELL YEAH!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  64. John H

    This is probably my favourite POR song. I'm glad they've brought out something more hip hop

  65. Rivera

    Esse som está do cacete; não pensei que fosse gostar tanto.

  66. Max Otto

    music good, I can look past the politics

  67. James unknown

    Glad they keep updating all the mass shootings!! Trump don't give a flying fuck about the Mass Shootings!!

  68. richard pitman

    now this is the type of sounds i love

  69. YaknowcheckVan

    It´s the dream team of legends

  70. alley flows

    Good track

  71. Denise


  72. Charles Darwin

    Big UP from France

    Sexy Girl

    Une tuerie

  73. Mister B

    There i can see what is real music 🔥✊🏻

  74. ɔiƨυM nɒႧ


  75. Shawn

    Great song. Genius video. Stand up, organize, fight back.


    Spoken like a true sheep being led by others.

    A good lyric: "The music of rebellion makes you wanna rage, but it is made by millionaires nearly twice your age"

    Bands like this play people like you for complete fools. Don't get me wrong, I like the music, but I don't give two shits about their propaganda.


    @emcats84 youre defending fascism. Lmao

    BJ! We need you defending us with the MG42!

    @emcats84 Still wrong.


    BJ! We need you defending us with the MG42! Whatever bullshit you need to sell to yourself. Now be a good sheep and just gobble up the propaganda these rich millionaires are selling you.

  76. Ben Sadikin

    You cant get rid of gun culture in America. Its INCURABLE. Pray tell one of your law abiding people dont give up playing the good guys and decided to play the bad guys and driving down nearest schools.


    Ben Sadikin gun culture protects the citizens from the government

  77. Pvt Parts

    32 guns for 100 here in Finland. I think we are in top 10 most guns countries but our police shoots less than 10 times a year. Finnish police take out their guns 40 times in a year. From news

  78. Bertin Coyotecatl

    Profetas!!! B real killed as always...

  79. Анте Младіч

    Fake ass entertainers, first they praise guns and all that gangsta style living and now they're against violence.

  80. александр бушев

    Хорошее сочетание видео и звука. Список расстрелов-пугает. Но следует понимать, что оружие в данном случае-только инструмент. Принимает решение "Расстрелять их всех!" и приводит его в исполнение-человек. А что заставляет человека принять подобное решение? Что загоняет его в угол? Что оставляет его одного против целого мира? Гугл переводчик не использовал, он кривой)) Привет из России.

  81. Kenneth J. Lave

    Jesus didn't need to carry a deadly weapon.
    He had faith that his enemies will receive a justified vengeance from God.

    Kenneth J. Lave

    And lifted up to sit at the right hand of God.
    Where he has been making a place for those of us who pass The Judgement.

    So they can choose to pursue their weaponry in this world, but since it's not God's will to do so..

    Kenneth J. Lave

    @Allen Ricketts
    What's so dumb about knowing what an inflation bubble is?
    You just proved yourself a complete reject.

    Kenneth J. Lave

    I wish you idiots wouldn't leave comments contrary to what Prophets Of Rage are saying.
    I'd rather not have to see you getting steam-rolled by these masters of art.


    Kenneth J. Lave homie that was Jesus, god doesn’t bring other people back to life😂

    Kenneth J. Lave

    You sound like you're making up what The Bible says.
    That won't pass the test.

  82. Donald J. Trump

    More fear mongering, being used to scare people into giving up their rights.

    Just like they did with the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

    After those attacks, congress, and Bush, passed the "Patriot Act". Quite possibly the least patriotic bill ever passed.

    It legalized warrantless search and seizure of private American citizens data.

    Essentially, it legalized spying.

    Yes, as a result of an attack on our homeland, America passed laws that effectively eliminated our 4th ammendment, the right to privacy, and brought us into a world where the government treats us all as criminals.

    You don't have to be suspected of breaking the law, or even THINKING of breaking the law, to have Intel agencies, other gov agencies, and even Big Tech like YouTube, FB, Twitter, Google, ect, spying on EVERYTHING.

    If you ever give up your guns, we WILL be slaves, and a genocide WILL occur.

    I don't care if your black, white, yellow, red, male, female, gay, straight, Muslim Christian, ect.... All of us have different obstacles in this world and nation, but if any of you think you have ever faced a form of oppression or racism due to your cultural backround, then just imagine how bad it would be if nobody hand any guns besides the government, that has a long history is mistreating many different people....

    The Irish were slaves in America, building railroads. African Americans were slaves, bought by Europeans, shipped to America.

    Italians were hated in the 50s by most of America, being kicked out of neighborhoods, with no job opportunities...

    My point is, our 2nd ammendments purpose was to protect ourselves from a tyrranical government, like the one our forefathers fled in England...

    Our 2nd ammendment wasn't created to defend yourself from a burglar or hunt. It was created to be able to be your own militairy, MAINTAING POWER OF THE PEOPLE!

    Kenneth J. Lave

    Faithless fool.
    Don't you know what The Bible says in Revelations?
    "They will have to beat their swords into plow shares and their spears into pruning shears. And learn war no more.
    Then there will be peace in abundance and plenty of food upon all the hills."

    What are you scared of?
    Eliminating the inflation bubble of money wrapped up in arms industries?
    ..Yeah, it's horrifying to think of using funds to stabilize the economy by enabling an end of poverty.

  83. Fed Bravo


  84. Donald J. Trump

    In the future, most firearms will be outlawed.

    History repeats itself.

    Use tragedy to justify infringing upon rights, like Patriot Act following 9/11, which stomped on our 4th ammendment, and gave Government legal authority to spy on non criminal Americans, with no warrant or reason at all. Just because.

    1800s: black people slaves in Europe and America

    1865: Slavery Abolished

    1964: Civil rights act

    2019: people want to limit legal firearm ownership.

    Fast Foward 10 to 20 years, or when a Democrat leader gets their way, and BAM! No guns.

    Seems great for a few years, as it did in 2012 when Venezuela banned firearms... Until that government decides to be tyrranical.

    Then, you are once again slaves!

    The cold reality of this world, is it is Arms VS Arms. It's not just America VS Russia, or nation VS nation.

    It becomes Government VS their own people.

    Genocide IS COMMON!

    Kenneth J. Lave

    The government will always have more weapons than citizens do.
    So the perception that the Second Amendment protects us from genocide is a lie told by NRA-goons - just so there will continue to be more money made off of devastating psychotic outbreaks.
    Cenk Uygur gives excellent explanations about the absurdity of excessive weaponry in America..

  85. Luis Ortega

    Thank you.


    Fuck this. It's not the weapon used, it is the intent of person

  87. Bryant Carter

    I'm feeling this and the message

  88. domi nique

    that list is chilling

  89. Ira Becker

    Wow, very powerful as always, gracias y salu2 compas.

  90. John Garcia

    I think this song really misses the mark. There are so many references to mass shootings and the imagery shows plenty of white people, but how many of those shootings were done by white people? As a weapons owner I could have just as easily have been put in that video doing some target shooting, but they chose to show mostly, if not all, white people. I'm Mexican and realize that shootings are not just a white persons crime. The lyrics of the song don't even match the narrative of the video. The lyrics are talking about one on one shootings. Some one at a party picking up pistols rather than fists. That is closer to the majority of shootings rather than was is portrayed on the news.

    Donald J. Trump

    All these fools are becoming anti gun.... Guns in our hands protect all of us from oppression, violence, genocide, ect...

    Put it this way.

    Year 1800, blacks were slaves in Europe and America.

    Year 1865, slavery was abolished.

    Year 1964, civil rights act passed.

    Year 2019, and many black liberals want the general public disarmed.

    What happens when you make it so law abiding citizens like yourself cannot obtain firearms without jumping through more hoops than already in place?

    What happens is tyranny, genocide and slavery.

    People claim Trump is a Hitler like nazi Authoritarian.

    If Trump was remotely similar to Hitler, than we'd all be really fucking stupid to be anti gun ownership.

    If you don't want to face persecution, violence, death, genocide, or tyranny, then arm yourself, and protect those around you as well!

    Your a GOOD GUY with a gun, and that makes you someone who is beneficial to our nation!

  91. Jesse Vega

    Fu king chingón tune! Love the e message! Fuck the NRH and fuck LaPier that puto can go eat a duck!

  92. zipa zonfa

    respect from SERBIA!

  93. foojam2002

    Almost absent guitars, Tom was taking a break...