Prophets Of Rage - Made With Hate Lyrics

So close, so close, so close, so close
So close, so close, so close, so close

Hear the cameras click and the shots go boom
Money talks, God walks out the room
See now the news, a billion clicks consume
That fake ass bullshit y'all assume
Ass outta you and me, get the fuck away from me
With that factory manufactured sucker energy
Testosteromping that stink from the stage
We bust the sound of outrage against the hate y'all made

Made with hate
Against what hate made
Made with hate
Against what hate made
Made with hate
Against what hate made
Made with hate
Against what hate made

Emerged from the zone in the sunken unknown
Straight up, stripped down, disco clown
Swirlin' off sides, out of bounds, foul ball
This motherfucker paid to fool you all
Believin' on the winside, while you bleedin' on the inside
Celebrate it, get wasted, but the flags offsides
Tired of y'all taking populations for a ride
I'm tired and sick of bein' sick and tired

Made with hate
Against what hate made
Made with hate
Against what hate made
Made with hate
Against what hate made
Made with hate
Against what hate made

So close, so close, so close, so close
So close, so close, so close, so close

Made with hate
Against what hate made
Made with hate
Against what hate made
Made with hate
Against what hate made
Made with hate
Against what hate made

Blew up my inside world with no mercy
Blew up my inside world with no mercy
Blew up my inside world with no mercy
Blew up my inside world with no mercy

You blew up my inside world with no mercy
Blew up my inside world with no mercy
Blew up my inside world with no mercy
Blew up my inside world with no mercy

This is not a drill, this is fascism
It is here, poised as a government takeover threat
Your region of the world, it is not alarmist to say these things
It is simple, truth

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Prophets Of Rage Made With Hate Comments
  1. Jun Da Man

    What happened with these guys since RATM coming back in 2020?

  2. Eva

    I love that you guys have come back to make these messages loud and cleae once again, but I also HATE that you guys have had to and that no one new stepped in to filll your shoes....what is wrong with youth of today?!

  3. andreas bianconeri

    I'm not gonna buy this album

  4. Richard Chartier

    I just wonder if there really is a valid reason to hate unless a person's been treated viciously.

  5. Mitchell H

    Living Room footstool

  6. YouTube Account


  7. Nocturnel Son

    Its good
    But check Aubis Son "ident"
    Got music and a messgae too in this age of identity politics.

  8. Black Sunshine

    I love them all in their bands but I think morellos run outta riffs and the bands run outta passion

  9. Matt Miklus

    Make the world rage again

  10. Jay Borthwick

    The only band I can listen to in 2019 that has the balls to say it...... why can’t more musicians call it for how it is. Love and thank you Prophets of rage


    There are bands with that integrity but they don't "call it" as bluntly but the messages are there and the music makes you feel good. The music's never sold/souled out if it still resonates my friend 🤗

  11. DodgeWatt

    You guys need to make New Zealand rage soon!

  12. Fu Que


  13. Robert Oppenheimer

    fucking awesome! Chuck D is the best

  14. Jean-Jacques DAGUET

    Make Meyrargues rage again !

  15. Agnos66

    Pierdolić faszyzm ! Fuck fascism !

  16. Crazy Bastardo

    Welcome to Russia, make Russia SOVIET AGAIN. tnks

  17. John Smith

    Wow, these guys are angry.

  18. b b

    bit like rage against the machine

  19. Rich’s Pizza Party

    Disappointed yet again by these guys. They need a ghostwriter and Rick Rubin if they’re gonna do this without Zach. Huge fan of them individually but this ain’t it.

  20. The Last Guitar Hero

    like all the anger has been polished away dull


    The Last Guitar Hero calm down fuckboy, they in their 50s

  21. B҉L҉A҉C҉K҉ U҉N҉I҉C҉O҉R҉N҉ -新 ドラゴン

    Nu metal era 2019

  22. ConnorShawMusic

    Zack where u at

  23. jasmyn R

    This actually would've been so good delivered by zach

    jasmyn R

    This is okay

  24. e30325ikiller

    sell boats or sth

  25. rocker

    Y que te paso tom morello se te olvido como hacer riff??

  26. 1789Bastille

    is there a song they made about China somewhere?

  27. apollo creed

    at 2x. Insane in the brain

  28. Shawn Couch

    I love Rage, Audioslave, Public Enemy and Cypress. This together isn't really working though. The song sound awesome musically but I find the rap with it just isn't blending. They either need to change the rap style with it or change the style of background with it

  29. rrichards31

    RATM please!! This ain't working.

  30. Hel Vomit

    For some reason i imagine zach de la rocha singing this song , it would be so damn intense

  31. Cristan Medina

    epic dream band

  32. Mr Noname

    holy shit, this is terrible. I know this isn't RATM but the vocalists sound so lame and boring. The has the good songwriting gone? This song seems so forced, just for the sake of making a song. No energy, no meaning.

  33. Dave V

    Try being disabled you really get sick and tired of being sick and tired trust me I know.

  34. Nathan Scott

    This is so bad

  35. Elektryk Wysokich Napięć

    Mate with hay

  36. The Goat Got Milked

    Where are the dope riffs and energy from RATM and Audioslave, guys?
    Jeez never felt so boring while listening to this kind of style of music.

  37. Christopher Winsor

    Y’all be trippin. Comparison is the thief of joy. B Real bitches!!

  38. Eugene Cheong

    So glad I got o check out POR live in Sydney...looking forward to a new album from you cats...PE, RATM and Cypress was my jam...and POR is the next best sonic assault I enjoy to the maximum...

  39. Wow Wow

    This song is ok, but Zack would have made this so much better

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  41. Vero Salvador

    The name of the reportage about the Palestinian girl is: "l'effet papillon ": la peste blonde ! Take a look if you can ! 👍 ♥ 🌻

  42. Vero Salvador

    Made with HATE!😠😠😠😠😠😆😅👍👍👍👍🐴💙

  43. Ashabul Kahfi's Dog

    Indonesian Rage please

  44. Hav0c

    I mean like.... It's good and all but I feel like we're missing something....... something that starts with a "Z" and ends with an "ack" .

  45. Robert Oppenheimer

    chuck D has one of the most powerful voices in music ever. Fuck that fucking Zack

  46. agentalbert

    I'm glad they're still doing something as I really liked the EP and the full album. But this is a throwaway track. Hope there is a lot better to come.

  47. Berserker Jo

    Respect to the vocalists now they done good but man with Zack on the vocals it will take to that rage level we want

  48. Nick Nelson

    So fuckin bad

  49. An Mi

    Guys, you're the best in that what you are doing, I'm yours biggest fan, cheers from Poland, *Żyrardów. Hope you're coming to us and give a great concert!!

  50. dan ohyeah

    this is boring. sorry.

  51. superava1982

    To lissen at 1.25 speed

  52. Joel Erickson

    Shills and sellouts!
    They’re working for the system.
    Where’s Zach?

  53. ALX Official

    WE WANT ZACK WE WANT ZACK WE WANT ZACK WE WANT ZACK DE LE MUTHA FUCKIN ROCHA!!!!!!!!! fuck this trash straight up ripping off rage against the machine with shitty rappers

  54. Matthew Andrews

    Where are the radical lyrics I need to make liberals feel awkward?

  55. David Howard

    Tom Morello brought me here.

  56. Ed Matthews

    This is not a drill. What part of that don't these ignorant people in the comment section can't understand. These lyrics aren't made up for fun and music. This is the only way to speak truth to these zombies. #civilwar for the soul of a nation, this is a struggle to save civilization. Destroy the corrupt government organizations, trying to survive cultural assassination.

  57. Shea Kelly

    Speaking the truth as always

  58. Artful Dodger

    The missing ingredient here isn't Zack, it's a decent chorus. Song seems incomplete.

  59. Zlav Zaytsev

    It wasn't that bad but it kinda felt like it had a flobots vibe

  60. milkandmeat

    people whining about zack need to get over it and stop living in the past. shit is embarrassing.

  61. Adammit !

    Check out "the hate that hate made" by Dirty Wormz. Similar??

  62. Turbo Turbo

    Just tell the world, the Angel Man is not worth proceeding with what the world already has and has had and has had. But you got his needs right left up down, keep fuckin sureshots.

  63. Adam Manus

    I want to like this ...but i cant

  64. amanda siekfur

    I think it's truly an honor to have Chuck d and b real emulate Zack......super powerful to think about that really. that rage made an impression on

  65. Zer0eher0e

    Antifa soundtrack, something to listen to while beating up gay asian journalists

  66. Commando_ man

    When is the next album coming out?

  67. Matus Maslej


  68. Joseph Callahan

    Leave 'em wanting more. Damn!

  69. L.H. HOPE

    Beautiful song 👏👍✌

  70. sebastian lock

    Pretty sweet groove, but that's it..

  71. derpy mcfly

    No Mercy!!

  72. indrawan 18

    Cypress Hill mix with Rage Against The Machine

  73. Devin Palladino

    Cool new song!

  74. Dean Thomas

    I love rage against the machine

  75. NPC# 0117

    Kinda soft for a song with such aggressive lyrics. Not bad, just missing the oomph. But new KSE, Cold, KoRn and Sabaton in the same week? Can't really be mad.

  76. Jphoenix137

    Wow this really sucks!

  77. Eric Pirillo

    Like their new stuff, just can't get into their covers of the various groups tgey are in. Thats for the younger generation though so they can experience what we got to when we were kids so i get it

  78. James Gooch

    I hate the chorus! Seriously poor

  79. chrisspley99

    Only De La Rocha would of made this truly rage

    Ticktock Productions

    chrisspley99 but it’s not rage


    @Ticktock Productions well ain't you a sharp one. I never said it was RATM 👍

  80. Media Monarchy

    Profits of Rage™

  81. RavenTheX

    Commie scum

  82. Jason Pate

    Damn. I want to like it but its soft. Kind of disappointing. :(

  83. Anok Stone

    Sounds tired

  84. manan dedhia

    That song title is so powerful... like the song, but the chorus could have been punchier..... still, good song.

  85. Delboy219

    It's never truly sunk in for me that B Real and Chuck are in a band together. Feels like i'm dreaming.

  86. Al Pesimo

    I gotta agree with the haters, this would be epic if it were Zack on vocals.

  87. Tony Bloke

    That chorus has an unusual cadence that shouldn't work but somehow sounds awesome. Loving it on the back-to-back-to-back playing.

  88. unun septium

    I hate how short this song is.

  89. Iqbal Hidayat

    This song is awesome but we need Zack to back with RATM

  90. Charles Mitchell

    The vibe is a great build up to a scream that doesn't happen where's the crescendo where's the climax... It seems unfinished I wonder if it's different llive

  91. Miau's Cavern

    Prophets Of Rage Rules! Make America Rage Again! F**k Trump!

  92. o tipiño

    Traigan a Zack ya son los peores cantantes q vi en mi vida

  93. monado550

    One more great track *fight*

  94. richard giudice

    So close to breaking the plane