Propagandhi - Less Talk, More Rock Lyrics

I'd like to actively encourage
The toughest man to dance as hard as he can to this: my song.
And bring your stupidest friends along.
We wrote this song 'cause it's fucking boring
To keep spelling out the words that you keep ignoring.
And your macho shit won't phase me now.
It just makes us laugh. We got your cash, court jester; take a bow.
'Cause did you know that when I was nine,
I tried to fuck a friend of mine?
He was eight, then I turned ten.
Then fourteen years later it happened again with another friend.
This time, me on the receiving end.
All the fists in the world can't save you now.
If you dance to this, you drink to me and my sexuality
With your hands down my pants by transitive property.

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Propagandhi Less Talk, More Rock Comments
  1. Andres Soto Alvarez

    2019 and your lyrics have even more sense !!! still inspiring the real fight against the social injustice!

  2. 23bushman23

    Nice comp!

  3. jkrycz

    Should just be a "right about everything since 1996" on all their subsequent albums.

  4. Dallas Segno

    i love this record but goddam are the lyrics so bad

  5. ahatrack

    Those first three tracks probably had a bigger impact on me than any other 3 tracks from any album. Challenging my views at the time on animal rights and homosexuality. More than 20 years later, I'm still an angry pro-feminist, gay-friendly, anti-fascist vegetarian.

  6. ArchEnemy969

    Ha ha ha ha ha. Twenty years after my idiot friend in high school tried to get me into this, I can still come back and laugh at this bullshit music. Proudly one of the thumbs down on the video

    Scott-Tenorman's pubes

    It's ok if you're gay man. You should be proud of it.

    D H

    Just a heads up. Thumbs Down counts the same as Thumbs Up. It all just counts as interaction to the algorithm and makes the video more visible to others. You should be proud... You helped get Propagandhi's message spread a little further. Thank you for that.

  7. M1n0R

    Still listening to this in 2019..

  8. Nobody Special

    6:54 the soundtrack to my teenage angst and my Awakening to the murdering of our planet by these companies.

  9. not sure

    the master race is jewish, not white

  10. Ryan Hastie

    one of the best albums ever

  11. Carlo Gironi

    is there really an "official" 20th anniversary edition of this record ? (CD or LP??) thanks

  12. Logic Makes Sense

    A nearly perfect album. My only complaints about this album is that "...And We Thought Nation States Were a Bad Idea" and "The Only Good Fascist Is a Very Dead Fascist" had only part of the energy compared to the "I'd rather be flag burning" split EP (later released as "Where Quantity Is Job #1"). Honestly, this is less a criticism and more of a declaration of just how amazingly good "Id rather be flag burning" was. These two songs were as vicious and acoustically brutal with the bands classic Whip-smart lyrics as any two songs ever recorded.

  13. Ian Campbell

    "I more than half believe it when I say..."
    There will never be another band like Propagandhi. They changed my life. I feel like I learned more from them than almost any other thing in the world outside of my own experiences.
    Its like Sublime says about KRS One (lame reference, I know) "and I know because of Propagandhi."

  14. Dorian sapiens

    *Category: Howto & Style* Word.

  15. Nahuel Gorosito

    so many amazing memories. awesome lyrics ; "Gifts" reminds me my best teen years

  16. José Ignacio Díaz L.

    what a fucking amazing album!! listen to this when i was 16, 20 years laters still a classic, and sadly the lyrics still so actual...

  17. Dean Torbern

    thanks for posting 'em. cheers!

  18. Terry H.

    I refuse to be a man <3

  19. Carlitos

    Amazing band.

  20. dj berg

    Life insperation

  21. Erin McCarthy

    Thank you, Propagandhi, for assisting me through a tumultuous childhood/adolescence and helping me see through the smoke and mirrors that we are forced to consume in our educational system! Very much appreciated for your supportive music.

    Jeremy Creason

    Erin McCarthy yeah I’m glad they helped me see through the communist bullshit

  22. Jeff Panetta

    Why is this album so fucking awesome?? 😍😍

  23. anarchonobody

    Jesus saves, Gretzky scores... the workers slave, the rich get more

  24. Ryan Mailloux

    This was a game changing album. My mind was blown when I listened to it back when it was first released. Still one of my favorite albums to this day.

  25. Phillip Bonahoom

    Holy shit 20th anniversary of this album...I remember preordering it so I could get it right when it came out..I got old..but this album didn't still sounds great.

  26. RaiN

    It's okay to be white.


    it's ok to be black.



  28. x1plus1x

    I'd like to actively encourage the toughest man to dance as hard as he can to this..


    I wanna thank you for that great image in my head.


    secret gays/trump supporters dancing to this sing song is amazing

  29. Punk Rock Secrets

    I love listening to this album while eating a big juicy cheeseburger


    I used to do that. Then I grew up.

    Swole Calibur

    MrMmnngghh Oh, I'm so sorry for you.


    It's just like listening to minor threat while smoking a joint and sniffing coke

  30. Andy Howard

    How do you think it feels me .. a homophobe ... bit racist . I love eating animals .. and to hear those songs put together with those guitars ... the message .. wow

  31. ConstructsoftheState two eyes one mouth

    Really nice job here!
    Can I use your images in a video?
    If so,I'll shoot all credit your way.
    Either way, thanks for making this awesome video!

  32. 1thess523

    I wonder how much free merch(cd's & t shirts) propagahndi gives away you know since they hate capitalism so much?


    Almost like you can believe in an ideology while being forced to live in a different one and live by the rules of that one :thinking:

    ECTOgroup Canada

    The work with ethical goods producers.


    Lots dumbass. They've done benefits throughout their career, and donated proceeds from DVDs, songs, etc.


    You understand nothing

  33. FandA

    Masterpiece... the lyrics the best.

  34. Craig Bailey

    20 years and still no change. Being too over the top (and insulting) is what makes ideals like this ineffective. Just a grip of wankers complaining into microphones and instruments.

    Florida corporate unions now !!

    Craig Bailey way to conform and not realize the depth of the corporate inhumanity

    nathan richardson

    You’re a fucking moron. Seriously. Choke on something.

    Dwane Whitmore

    this dude Graigs got one music video on his profile and its the metal band..  type o negative... hahahaha.. says it all..

  35. Hypergolic_rhetoric

    Rock on man! I've been looking for this for a while!

  36. Dustin Forsey

    Unfortunately you do bud!
    We all should be.

  37. Dojangles

    Man it's fucked how true this shit still is. 11 years later

    Dorian sapiens

    Right? That's why I'm here today.

    The Fonz

    People have been preaching these views for 150 years, its time for action!

    Evan B.

    borntobustass 21 years.


    Evan B. Nerf Oh fuck me. I skipped a decade.

  38. Martin Potvin

    don't stop listening to them will learn a lotta shit

    Dorian sapiens

    Now more than ever, this is the education we need.

  39. Jason Zumwalt

    wow, thx for posting! cheers to propagandhi for introducing me to so many issues that are important ! truest dudes in music imo.

  40. rth095

    You kept your word.... Thanks man. Badass.

  41. Eddie Shiffler

    Greatest Punk Album of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    i agree. cant be topped

    Rocco M

    18 years later it happens again! ..This time me on the receiving end ;)


    propagandhi's worst album though