Propagandhi - Anchorless Lyrics

They called here to tell me
That you're finally dying,
Through a veil of childish cries.
Southern Manitoba
Prairies pulling at the
Pant leg of your bad disguise.

So why were you so anchorless?
A boat abandoned in some backyard.
In the small town that you lived and died in.

I've got an armchair from your family home.
Got your P. G. Wodehouse novels and your telephone.
I've got your plates and stainless steel.
Got that way of never saying what you really feel.

So anchorless.
A boat abandoned in some backyard.
In the small town that you lived and died in.

Don't wanna live and die here.
Don't wanna live and die here where we're

A boat abandoned in some backyard.
In the small town that you lived and died in.

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Propagandhi Anchorless Comments
  1. Asa Braco /Deayth Faerie

    Heard good things about this band. Eh. I don't like Hannah's voice. Kinda wanna makes me claw my eyes out.

  2. anarchysham1

    i always enjoyed the first two albums way more because john was in the band, propagandi just aren't as good now that he's gone. the weakerthans are amazing tho

  3. Kem Matthew

    I have always loved propagandhi but hated when I was faced with the loss of Samson. I loved the way he would change up an entire songs way and rhythm.


    you can feel that big time on Showdown, great song.

  4. All My Best Friends Wear Turtlenecks

    I loved Propagandhi's mix of Chris Hannah's political lyrics and John K. Samsons love songs. Shame John's not in the band anymore.


    When they lost John, they lost me.

    All My Best Friends Wear Turtlenecks

    @rth095 I liked today's empires tomorrow's ashes. After that they kinds changed and I'm not a big fan of the new sound.

    Bob D

    Samson grew into his own with The Weakerthans IMO. Shame we lost Propagandhi but still some good came outta it.

  5. Catherine Nado

    It's perfect.

  6. Sven D

    I haven't heard this for like 8 years and it just randomly popped into my head

  7. sake609

    the guy who sings it is the singer of the weaktherthans!!

  8. JustLetMeDrive

    i havent heard this song in probably 15 years, and the other day suddenly started singing it in my head. The mind is amazing

  9. Kam Kazaly

    This was always my fave Propaghandi song. I remember being in a broke-ass punk band that supported them in Brisbane, Australia back in the 90's. We had just done a gig supporting Conflict, who acted like rock stars, immediately heading off with the groupies. the Propaghandi guys actually seemed interested in hanging out and having a beer, seeing what we were trying to do there.

  10. Jordan Graff

    @BeerGoggles100 yeah sorry i realized that afterwards when i broke em out lol he released the song for both

  11. thehealthyone

    @TheJordanGraff Are you serious? John K. Samson wrote this song when he was still in Propagandhi. It's from their album "Less Talk, More Rock".

  12. Jordan Graff

    too bad Anchorless is a Weakerthans song I have every Propagandhi and Weakerthans album

  13. Austin W

    First to comment, Yeah bitch! Good Song