Propaganda - We "Sketchbooks" Lyrics

I keep my notebook closer than most, it refuses to boast
When the pushing get to shoving and the loving is rare
It's like a nightmare out there but never mind that, I'm chillin'
Verbs are blowing out the surge with God-given words
It's building, being a man stick to my decisions
Holding my conviction to keep up tunnel vision
Some contemplate suicide when times get like this
But others hold to hope and get open to coping
I tend to lean to daydreaming about what coulda happened
But wasn't always rapping or breaking or going painting
Or maybe I oughta take time to reprioritize
You near family, I ain't tryna cut the ties
Put down my pride for fellowship to rise
But you swear that I'm being unfair and I don't care
It's dumb in hindsight to share my woes
And expect y'all to get what my notebook only knows

Throughout my whole life man, it's just been we
Sketchbook, notebook, good book, we
Sunshine and rainfall anytime
Man, it's all good, it's just we

She gon' look me in my eye like s'posed to understand
Demanded taking your name would crush my frail frame
Took love in vain, I thought we would sustain
Fought tooth and nail, dread to shell toe to get it crackin'
Rap overtime to gain couple more scratches a month
Jump from apartment into own house and home
Leave it alone before it hurts your other warnings every morning
I'm more for [?] tears in my eyes
Thought the ring was banging, me and Zane picked it out
It's a shame without a doubt, I guess I pushed her too far
And too fast, that's the price of Tunnel Rat life
Put the vision first and expect her to do the same
Uncalled get washed away in the rain
Sometimes the strongest hearts be the one that been slain
Foolish to think that we won't disagree
But there's nothing I can do if you don't believe in you

Throughout my whole life man, it's just been we
Sketchbook, notebook, good book, we
Sunshine and rainfall anytime
Man, it's all good, it's just we

It ain't like we don't get along, I'm sayin' y'all are cool
But called to stand above us all and y'all would act a fool
I don't know, I close my eyes and take a shot in the dark
If I said the wrong thing, then the gossip would start
I could tell by your words what you got in the heart
Y'all is tryna keep it real with no idea where to start
Find it in your soul to pray for me, I'll do the same
It's best if we give a pound and go our separate ways
It's now more obvious our goals are opposites
You ever been called home by the cries of the projects?
If not, I doubt that we could ever share a stage
I was raised for the war, y'all is looking for the praise
Consider me an enemy, but I promise you this
Take my life and I'ma die with a mic and a clenched fist
Sketchbook in pocket, good Book in heart
Face it, y'all and we just ain't meant to be

Throughout my whole life man, it's just been we
Sketchbook, notebook, good book, we
Sunshine and rainfall anytime
Man, it's all good, it's just we

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Propaganda We "Sketchbooks" Comments
  1. Rasheed Badmus

    one year aniverrsey for the video!

  2. Cecilia Donis


  3. Fishcake 7


  4. Matthew Caputo

    God bucket's face is terrifying.

  5. Matthew Caputo

    Got bucket's face is terrifying.

  6. Tracy Vives

    The 2nd Intro Was Better Than This One And The 1st One (Throws Self In Garbage bc Feels Like Garbage)

  7. Jace Vlogs

    “ *I Feel Like Trash Now.* “

  8. Preecha Saetaew

    That is staticky

  9. Catications Incredibox

    song is called overworld by wubbix

  10. lego mocs: godzilla, stranger things, and more

    Why do you need two books, bfdi fries, and cloudy asset?

  11. Sunny DayDay

    Optical Entities
    Aroma Stick
    Basket/Laundry Basket
    Book/Coloring Book
    Earring/Pearl Earring
    Fang/Shark Fang
    Skittle/Green Skittle
    Double Plug?/Plug
    Peanut Butter

  12. gamer777

    sorry but i like the old intro better

  13. Chloe Guevara the video editor

    I love wubbix overworld

  14. Dogman Super Fan

    i made a copy

  15. TrainKidd 6

    This looks awsome

  16. Iris Rosario

    Seeing these intros by a year is getting worst

  17. Jace Vlogs

    Other intros Music was better at the start not at this point

  18. Cik Alyen

    This intro is really awesome plug eye like the eye from the future and use teleport

  19. shotsghots animation

    yo five you need to make my new intro using flash assets were powerpoint here is the file

    shotsghots animation

    also the intro music is the re-volt front end theme

  20. Katiana Morgado

    What’s Up With Paily?

  21. JamesThe Animator3000

    I liked the old one :(

  22. Creepsington

    The music makes me want to neck rope

  23. Jazzdog5

    OE is cancelled guy's five told me that on discord

  24. Ryantheobject show fan XD

    So when is the actual show coming out

  25. CoopDog .

    Here’s the link to the song

  26. Catte Official

    Where's the actual show?

  27. Animation legendary

    I love it

  28. DreamingStars

    But..If the show is cancelled..Why do you still make intro for the show ?

  29. DreamingStars

    Oh my god this is very god ! Great work you did there !

  30. Yanimations

    the 4th version was better

  31. Alma Jones

    Like the song: 100%

  32. Alma Jones

    Like the music... But paily's face...

    Tayler Ignacio81

    It creeps me out O_O

  33. Mania !

    No names this time?

  34. reedbakaroom

    the older one was better

  35. Jordan The One

    This is actually good, good job

  36. JimmyTheJamMan 10_26

    How do you animate these?

  37. mineboinamedzack 77

    I may try to see if i can VA for note card because im relatively quick when it comes to Voicing lines.

  38. Sfracans

    He used the Undertale Font at the End

    Alma Jones

    Ma Ceph Tune yea

  39. blues trainer second channel for real

    hi neo im comein homw

  40. Socially Awkward

    Time to restart . *Dumps old fan animation* New year new stuff

  41. ravyn 2

    Plug now has Future Glasses!
    It almost made me laugh!

    Alma Jones

    Cappy Furcorn lol

  42. JC TV

    why did u remove the squats btw i still like fis

  43. JC TV

    what is music

    Alma Jones

    Ava marie Gerona ik

  44. Scratch

    i like it but could be better

  45. samia shire


  46. LavaMava

    I'd rather have the female characters have eyelashes cause for a brief period of time, I couldn't tell if Fries is a girl or boy.

    Sunny DayDay

    LavaMava Fries is a female

    Thunder Strike

    Some people decide to not add eyelashes on females and that’s their decision.


    @Thunder Strike dude it's not like I'm judging, that's just me

  47. Creepsington

    the transitions look a little stiff

  48. Alejo Animations

    Eh, it’s ok

  49. Timenzing

    this looks rushed and I don't like the music, I liked your previous ones

    Antonio Sanchez

    Aw why did he get rid of the eyelashes on the females. The intro is still epic

    Thunder Strike

    Antonio Sanchez Can you not reply unnecessary and off topic filler plz. Thanks.

    Antonio Sanchez

    .... Unkdabcukraehorfs

  50. Flamey Films

    It’s a meh I mean it’s obvious it was rushed but I like the style.

  51. ravyn 2

    needs some improvement

  52. TheChromaAnimator

    you’ve uploaded so many intros for the show but you haven’t released ONE episode yet


    About that.. Nobody is doing there scenes :/ So I might as well send them to you.

    Hannah Greenzweig

    TheChromaAnimator same

    Lydia and the world

    TheChromaAnimator The show is cancelled and replaced with universe

    Hillary Diaz

    He doesn't have his lines for the characters

  53. Christianimations


    Keep the intro, update with squatting.

  54. filling knife the 10th

    HAH that "f5ve" joke never gets old


    why are you here

    filling knife the 10th

    Because im a fan of object shows so i definitly watch all of them!

  55. Slimy-Pennies

    ya can’t say “I need a character voiced, contact me” and not say which one needs to be voiced, y’know. what if someone wants to try but the character is out of their vocal range and they don’t know yet?

    Flashy sketches

    @Dorito Dragon it's not cancelled stpi

    Flashy sketches

    @Dorito Dragon evidnece

    Flashy sketches

    @Dorito Dragon oh well i think he was just joking

  56. Panda Q

    S0undcl0ud may0naise

  57. Thunder Strike

    Okay, umm fix Fries body. I saw a line coming out of it.

    Alma Jones

    Thunder Strike oh yea

  58. Thunder Strike

    Dude this is epic! Nice job on this Five! No suggestions this time, it’s all good! Also Plug with futuristic goggles makes him look epic!

    Antonio Sanchez

    I hope episode 1 comes out this year if not (TRIGGERED)

    Logopedica Billing

    I did not know those were futuristic goggles

  59. Ace The Dewott

    W o a h!!! That's so good!!!

  60. TheHeaterGuy

    Why is Nutella *WHITE*

    Thunder Strike

    Just Another YT Channel Actually that’s her wrapper that’s white. It’s because text on bodies is now trash.


    @Thunder Strike oh ok

  61. TheMarkerAnimator s

    cool assets

  62. Shastic

    Am I the only one who likes the remix of the music ._.

    Thunder Strike

    I liked it.

    Sunny DayDay

    leafy Is cool I liked it too


    This isn't the remix lmao

  63. Leafy is cool

    Dude that is epic great work i cant wait for episode 1

  64. shamefvl

    OKAY This is good. Improvement on animation. Music tho. Are you going to keep that song for every intro,or are you going to change it at least once? Plz, it's getting old. Still keeping my subscription, good job buddy.

  65. Flan The Man

    I wish i could animate for this amazing show but I still suck using Adobe Animate CC

  66. The 200 Files

    on fries' body theres a part sticking out next time fix that

    King Boo

    CantThinkOfAnythingElse200 Found it

  67. GameAndWatchGuy8

    Oh yeah the visor

  68. JimmyTheJamMan 10_26

    This animation looks like jacknjellify

    JimmyTheJamMan 10_26

    Razet yes

    Mania !

    It looks nothing like their animations. Also, this is practically just a slideshow.

    JimmyTheJamMan 10_26

    Mania !
    K well cool your tits. It looks like their animations to me

    Alma Jones

    Kind of

    JimmyTheJamMan 10_26

    Alma Jones Looks like their old animations

  69. Asdf Man

    epic time

  70. Animortis

    This just feels like it was created in 5 minutes...

    And the music, The god awful music.

    filling knife the 10th

    I think even tho he rushed
    He's still better than me or any of my friends XD

    Konrad why?

    @filling knife the 10th really? You just completely ignored my sneeze story!

    WIMF v2

    jeez my guy your harsh

  71. Fivetoonyman

    You may realize the music is STILL wubbix overworld, but it’s.. a remix?

    Alma Jones

    But i obviously like it btw nice futuristic visor it looks like a futuristic visor on ajpw

    JoeJoe's Videos

    @Fivetoonyman good


    It’s the 2nd drop

    Alma Jones

    Wait... did u change ur name

  72. Yeartine

    meh, i've seen worse


    Can I see these, worse??


    @Fivetoonyman Turbo object brawls intro.

  73. King Boo

    1st also this is Epic