Propaganda - Don't Let Us Lose It Lyrics

Yo still spill skill, wouldn't forfeit it
On and off on it, find pocket
Think outside pens, engage verbs and nerve endings
And pending the release date not for Pete saking
Your body breaking and bone shaking
[?] such, crossfader touch
Brooklyn style, ain't seen you in a while
Better strengthen them forearms for 90's done right
Perfect perpendicular, no form in particular
You can't ignore it, flawless b-boying
Not much more beautiful than that
Break dances to rap [?] cats
Dreads stuffed in skull cap, gravity defying
Feet toward the sky and curve that backbone
Like Oakland with scoliosis, it's hopeless
Visual poets form your circle and begin to express
That unwritten text, moving to the music
We love how you do it, God don't let us lose it

Trust me, you won't out-bust me, your boys think it
Your source unreliable, I flow with the mic controllers
I thought I told ya, don't stop
Y'all count on that man, I'm good for rapping and finger-snapping
Love to make it happen, quick for the capping
Cruising and bruising, face it y'all losing
Ain't tryna to be like another Dax and Journey bite
My writing, a little uninviting
Creative, thank God I made it
That California native ain't playin'
Chrome under finger nail
Grip mic so tight, choke water out dust
Lyric cast out lust, still six foot plus, will bust regardless
I'll rhyme pattern, prayer time skate around Saturn
It ain't be mattering, I'm on some upper
Infinity [?]
Moving to the music, God don't let us lose it

Lil' man grip that black book, fat cap, and flair tip
And share it, no matter when you wear it
I'm feeling you, no I'm more real than you
Hand-eye coordination all over the nation
Culture life story painting, keep the ink spraying
And bouncing and reppin' your town in 12 ounces
An aerosol blanket, swear I seen ya hanging upside down
Dangling from the clouds with a mandate to make the land great
All abandoned buildings, they're to make your skill tight
And when it feel right, show your boys
And if any crew destroy, God commanded 'em
Love the art and not vandalism, project evangelism
Yeah all the way to Rockaway
Let the world see what you be thinking
Cause out of the heart, the can speaking
Exactly the meaning of Propaganda
Every people, every land a voice of reason
Every time a season, feel the ghetto breathing
Moving to the music, God don't let us lose it

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