Project Pat - What You Said Lyrics

I'm just stayin' out the way tryin' to stack my bread
Burn out some loud
Burnin' bitches head
What You said? what you said? what you said?
If the lick lookin' sweat imma had to make it
Gangsta walk with the bag imma had to take it
What You said? what you said? what you said?

[Young Scooter:]
Man you know the bizness
You ain't on my level trick
Bitch ask me for ten thousand
I said "what you said?"
Then call up red with the fire head
I been stay down the ray
Low key sellin' yay
Jugg [?]
And I was in the a
Finesse king you know what I said
Seven thousand on the ring and I [?]
Young scooter been gettin' in
Imma paper chaser
The police is in fake street niggas
My biggest haters
You ride throught the hood playin'
My young niggas sprayin'
If you don't stand this shit
Pat tell em what we sayin'


[Project Pat:]
15 years in this biz
Still gettin' riches
Ever fall up
And I'm right back to chargin' bitches
Back to loading up them yoppers
With them latex gloves
Your own nigga set you up
You should have paid them thugs
So kinda attention that I mention about then fifteen bands
Your nigga tryna play me but he was a ignorant ass
Like a donkey I keep shittin'
Swift gears like a stick
Thirsty bitches out here doggin' drinkin' semen out your dick
Better stay about bread stay about your butter
Street niggas sell dope you get about the gutter
What's tryna move my mooder
Helpin' out my sister
Snatchin' all the money I can
Dodgin' the system


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