Project Pat - Rubber Bands Lyrics

[Hook x2:]
We don't play about the work and the rubber bands [x3]
Fuck with my rubber bands, its a murder man

[Project Pat:]
If its money on the table they get wronged and they gon' die
Penitentiary chance to get this cash, I'm wrong but a nigga gon' try
Fuck police and them snitches, sons of bitches bullets can fly
Choppa bullets [?] baked like chicken pie pie
If you real like you say you is, the streets gon' tell it no lie
If you phony get fucked like a slut, when dunked kicked out good bye
I'm gon' always hustle on the low, so my pockets stay high
I got thugs who at them triggers, blow one snap my finger you die
Blowing gas straight from Mexico, that's why my brains at the sky
Talking about taking something, they good though, Colombian they tie
Call me straight up the banana boat, now I'm gon' flood the town
Making plays like the Superbowl, each one touchdown

[Hook x2]

[Juicy J:]
My fingers tired, from counting fifty
Triple bands, only hunnas, I don’t fuck with twenties
Unless they young and they hungry for the dick, drugs
More dick, another bitch, drugs
Fucking 2 bitches with fore gloves
Yo nigga lost his bitch
I'm walking in on some ball shit
Juicy J I talk money, I don't talk shit
I wan't it all, I don't care what the cost is
I'm so motherfucking fly
I should star on Star Trek, and they should bring the show back
Let me show niggas how to swag
Money talk, I promise I heard your money laugh
I ain't got no bones to pick with my past
All of the niggas owe me money, dead in the grass
Catching my ashes, from the end of my weed smoke
Rubber bands, my jewelry nigga, diamonds is my weed man

[Hook x2]

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Project Pat Rubber Bands Comments
  1. Drea Castro

    Luv this jam they don’t play lol

  2. Ninja Little

    Juicy j a fool they should bring star track back loll

    Toran Lynch

    HAHA that shit had me 2

  3. Brian Castro

    this go hard af

  4. Halona Dorsey

    This be banging

  5. Raven Grayer

    blowin gas str8 from Mexico thts way brains in sky

  6. Zan Tastic

    Yall been sleeping on this 😈

    Sire Pledge

    Zan Tastic real shit

  7. King Bobby

    We don't play about the work & the rubber bands

  8. You only live Once

    100% gangsta

  9. Vannie Kimble

    This shit need to ft Gucci mane on god !!! #100