Project Pat - Real Talk Interlude Lyrics

Yeah mane you know we gotta stop with this bullshit
I'ma tell you this bullshit we gotta stop
We gotta stop, real niggas can't be getting to it over bitches
Its a bitch I fuck with right
Oh she eats dick, she licks balls, she swallows cum, she does it all, ya feel me?
And the bitch shes a big booty bitch, pretty ass skin, long ass hurl
Just going, know what I'm saying
Going for the game I come with, know what I'm saying
Mane the thang is, why would a nigga wanna kill another nigga over a bitch
Cuz the bitch, the bitch pussy had, she gon' eat a dick
She gon' ride some dick
I mean, thats what bitches do
Like, you can't get mad with the bitch, cuz the bitch wanna suck my dick
See I'ma tell ya what it be mane
See niggas be upset and mad because they have a problem with the nigga
Like they should have a problem with they bitch
But they don't have a problem with their bitch
They have a problem with the nigga
When nigga fucking a niggas bitch or a bitch
And the nigga is want the other nigga want the bitch
He wanna kill the nigga over a bitch
That's like a nigga wanna murder yo dick
Like nigga wanna shoot yo dick
Like this nigga actually is hating on a niggas dick
You not hating on me but its my dick that's in her mouth
So you hating on my dick
Like what the fuck
That's gay shit
Like what the fuck my nigga like
Know what I'm saying
Cuz think about it and see
Nigga get mad if bitches speak to players and shit
Ya know what I'm saying
If a nigga find you fuck that bitch like damn
It wasn't me, it was my dick
Ya know what I'm saying

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