Project Pat - Pull A Move Lyrics

I'm bout to pull a move, I'm bout to pull a move
I'm bout to pull a move, I'm bout to pull a move
Some bails here, some bricks there
Some pills here, some boy there
I'm bout to pull a move, I'm bout to pull a move
I'm bout to pull a move, I'm bout to pull a move
A stash here, some work there
Some powder here, some weed there

I'm bout to ride on you niggas with that chopper thang
And like we auto man I'ma let that bitch sang
I never start shit my nigga, that I can not end
You out here flexin' that's why your dope got kidnapped
A real nigga bout his money gon' receive respect
And bullets comin' out them [?]
Like that Tec, back in the days, that I used to carry
[?] hustlin', gettin' brain, blowin' Mary
I do moves and I do flex
Been not going bout a [?]
Flossing in the nigga face
I jack hand on my stack
Plenty pills, plenty pounds everythang is for sale
Hand out to me to me you ain't my dawg, you can go to hell


I got to down bitches out here [?]
They on they hustle like Project Pat do in the future[?]
I'm out here on a mission
Dwag I'm in a good position
I feel you niggas tryin' to me me street intuition
Maybe superstition but I do not sleep on suckers
It's been shit get worse might have to kill some motherfuckers
Talkin' to nigga [?]
He was really scary
But a scary nigga put you in the cemetery
I'm a god at all times like a (swash butcher[?])
My nigga I don't want your bitch I already fucked her
She already ate my dick like Capital Green
Put me on a lick over 30 thousand pills


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Project Pat Pull A Move Comments
  1. liu1213

    American treasure

  2. Brayden Cook

    My nigga I don't want your Bitch I already fucked her

  3. stefan x

    Some boy there (heroin)

    Franklin Graves

    cocaine boss omg thanks I had no idea

  4. Valerian Salad

    like rihanna mane haha dope track



  6. Charles Davis

    dj paul wasnt makin project beats right foreal

  7. Luis Clark

    project go hard

  8. Joe Arend

    real shit real og shit

    Luis Clark

    hell yeah

  9. MUSTANG 5.0

    One of a few rappers I still get down to

  10. Capitalhill 9000