Project Pat - Pistol And A Scale Lyrics

A pistol and a scale, some boy and some bells
A pistol and a scale, a mask and a sawnoff
A pistol and a scale, ounces of the scale
A pistol and a scale, make you bitch niggas drop it off
A pistol and a scale [x3]
A mask and a sawnoff
A pistol and a scale [x3]
A mask and a sawnoff

I knew this cat, told his business to my dogs sister
He drive a benz truck, chrome rims with the wolfies
Had a house on the south side, black haven
Full of bricks of heroin, he got my dogs thinking
I told him get the information, find out where he play
Had one of them gals suck his dick, and find out where he stay
I got the information, then put the plot in motion
Money in cut though, bitches is a daily potion
Then he drank it and rocked to sleep, on the street
Ain't no nappers, walking lick, man buzzing in the hood like a rapper
Nigga crazier than the bitch, must be high on the shit
Cuz if my pockets get low, I'ma try me a bitch


We staked his house out for days
Pulled up in the driveway
Pulled up right behind his ass, with the pumps and AK's
Bust the window out the driver seat, snatched him out
And shot a .357 barrel in his mouth
Now will the money take us to the safe or
Bitch I swear to god, I'ma blow yo brains out hard
Tied him up, [?]
My nigga threw him in the trunk with a bit of plastic
Took us to the spot that we knew about
2 niggas came out
One was waving a 9, my nigga shot and took him out
Nigga started streaming out please don't kill me mane
Slapped him with the pistol across his head until we see brains
Uzi left the scene, 28 pounds of guns, 7 bricks of that boy, it was all good
Then we took that shit right back to the hood
Broke that shit down, and sold it in the hood


This a kick door, lay down on the floor
I want all the cheese and blow
Where the fuck the weed at ho
Heard you niggas spot got everything like a corner store
So I guess I'm running in that bitch like a corner store
Give it up, big boy straps in deck
This 40 got a nigga in check
Gun to your neck, gon' chop to that, he a fucking op
Choppa barrel, spitting fire like a dragon 50 shots
Ain't lagging, turn your mothafucking dress into a bloody mop
Where I'm from, you a pussy if ya out here fronting
A Memphis nigga selling drugs, mane that'll take ya something
Stuff for nothing, ain't no losses taking 40 fry ya like some bacon
Niggas b boy shitting, nigga, real niggas never fakin'


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