Project Pat - MF U Niggas Lyrics

I grew up on the [?] projects
Nigga throw your gangsign, nigga where ya mob at
Disrespect we gon' smash your face like a car wreck
Nigga learned violence and learned to compile a pyrex
As a school boy I was always skipping class
[?] smokin' out the glass
Name brand shoes and some pants on my ass
Had a good momma, that stayed on my ass
And I thank god for my family
Not too many presents under the tree, but we family
Poverty made us have unity
Lil cous used to hang with me and got shot down in the street
Niggas they have love for me couldn't tell
We pullem in the ground now none of you niggas where there
And I still I see you niggas
And it's still fuck you niggas

I'm screaming motherfuck you niggas
I'm screaming motherfuck you niggas
The lord say forgive ya, but I ain't fucking witcha
I'm screaming motherfuck you niggas
It's still motherfuck you niggas
I keep my hand on the trigger, cause I ain't fucking witcha

In the club from highschools in my class
VIP, gold bottles bitches poppin' ass
Picture with an autograph
I ain't Andre 3000 but the bitch treated me like a outcast
But still took the picture and I signed the motherfucker
I'm a rich nigga not a better motherfucker
Now I'm riding foreign whips, domestic bitches wanna roll
Slammin' pussy holes like basketball
But I do not never trust you bitches
Keep my mind focused stay in on my riches
And my hand on the trigger
Cause it's still fuck you niggas


I used to hang with this nigga more than my blood brother
[?] like we had the same mother
Undercover this nigga worser than the devil
Prosecutor tried to bury me this nigga, he the shovel
Sittin' on a witness stand dawg, they don't understand
Tryna help these people take my license 'posed to be my man
Got out the cail and came up
Heard you and your mama moved
Cause you [?] bra

I would never lay a hand on you
You was my motherfucking nigga
You was my motherfucking nigga
I used to wanna kill ya, but nigga I forgive ya
You wasn't strong like me nigga
You wasn't built like me nigga
The lord say forgive ya, but I ain't fucking witcha


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Project Pat MF U Niggas Comments
  1. Mike Jr


  2. oliverrando

    this album trash

  3. Joseph Bridges

    Damn. Feeling this shit. Fire song. Fire album

  4. Kick Door

    Fuxk errrrbody

  5. Kick Door

    Real talk.. Aldi's & Cook OUT. Red Skies with hundred MPH back streets

  6. Kick Door


  7. Lucky Carter

    Big Pat this track is TIMELESS

  8. WooZIE997

    The lord say forgive ya, but i aint fuckin with ya!

  9. wupCdaZ

    Mothafuck that niggaaa

  10. Soulja LilRude The Assassins 561

    Rip my boi 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥💰💰💰💵💵💵💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  11. Chief lazy

    He talking about the guy from the song 528 cash on the ghetty green album

    suck mydick

    Chief lazy for real

    Mr. Funny Hands-In-Your Pants

    He mentions the dude in lots of other songs too like when he was in Tha Kaze on the song “Situation Gone Bad”

  12. James Jones

    Anybody know who he talking about in this song?

    Dope Kills

    He not famous

    Kick Door

    Pyrex dish Man!

  13. Azo Hcnif

    I still signed the mutherfuucckker im a rich nigga not a bitter mutherfuckerr. real nigga shit!

  14. Jarron. Jackson!!

    the realest shit

  15. friday nitemike


  16. Marcus Kelly


  17. Black and Blue

    lil cuz R.I.P. Nigga Creep


    +Black and Blue Hoes ain't just hooees

  18. Mei Lor

    This shit is good.

  19. Chuck Baker

    my hand on da trigga