Project Pat - Kitchen Lyrics

[Hook - Cash Out:]
I got the money, I got the pack
I drop to do something and bring it back
I drive a foreign and I'm out [?]
They love a nigga cooking out with the blood
In the kitchen
I'm in love with my kitchen [x3]
I got the money and I got the sack
I drop a deuce and then I bring it back

[Project Pat:]
Whats a kitchen without no plug
Whats a plug without no drugs
Whats a plug without no bud
Extra barely she gon' suck
Sowed up with the yay
Jumping back like bullfrog
Everything is British pit
Nigga you can be my dog
Breaking home quarters down the quarters, we not quarters
You break that bag they gon' serve you in that order
I'll take it on off off the game it done crossed you
Nigga you can be saucer like a pimple I'ma pop you
Pimping money like a gymnast
Pouring ja like a chemist
Ain't no hustler don't get in this
Drop this paper she get ignite
I'm talking choppers on choppers make a hood harder
And rest run around might keep the snitches fuck of gualla


[Shy Glizzy:]
Bitch I got bands, I got Eid
Screaming out "free Billy Seagle"
I know I done tried to plead you
You'd rather not get hit with this Eagle
I'm serving narcotics, serving it all to my people
Why go out with the Eagle
She give me ass she do neither
Jefe, where the hell you at
I'm in the projects Pat, how the fuck you get that
I'm cashing out with the steering wheel
I'm serving packs, I be in the trap
Head honcho, I get the ho like hondo
Take the bitch to the condo
But I'm more like Rondo
2 bad hoes understoo'
And they better not steal my dope
Bitch you better not steal my dope


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Project Pat Kitchen Comments
  1. Randy Baker

    RANEY ntnntny y y ynby. Ybybbubybybb6by ybyb


    One of my favorite songs

  3. Does IT Matter

    Better get the back of neck

  4. Jordan Barnes

    Project Pat real trap music

  5. Datboy Bosshog

    this shit here riding #HoodMade

  6. tina guyton

    Nawf nawf days PAT for yahh a real man


    Would love to collaborate with you guys. Nard you've shown love on my Instagram videos @iam7thurty. Been listening to you guys for years and I'm a true fan as well. One of the reasons I even start producing. If you actually have time to read this here's my cell 901-208-9349. Thanks

  8. jr sanchez

    Nard & B are great producers but can't help noticing this beat sounds like something dj plugg would produce. Also dj plugg = will a fool if u hear this song, then they killed my brother by bloody jay prod by dj plugg and cut her off produced by will a fool they sound similar lol

  9. Precious Robertson

    I fuck wit this song this joint crack

  10. Bashi Ecstasy

    i am love with my chicken, coming up soon by JPJ  & Bashi ft. kostas hater

  11. MrLokkg

    Aye this song go hard as hell. Not a big fan of Cash out but they did this....

  12. DMacUno

    I'm a huge project pat fan, This is the dopest song on Cheez N Dope 3 #Salute

  13. HoodlumSpades

    dawg......this BEAT...SALUTE!!- YungMenace101

  14. Ugly Truth King

    yes sir ... i dig this and the OG PROJECT PAT 

    Nard & B

    Thanks Chris!