Project Pat - I Like To Smokeaaaa Lyrics

My gal liked that brown
My cousin liked that white
I like to smokeaaa [x2]
My partners sipping lean and pop them pills all night
I like to smokeaaa [x2]
[?] and they love the rocks
I love to smokeaaa [x2]
My uncle loved them young strippers on them molly [?]
I like to smokeaaa [x2]

[?] OG mash
Project Purp put ya on yo ass
You can get a lot of people high and get a lot of cash
Its a paper spend up bone
California in my lungs
Loud smoke like religion
Have you speaking in tongues
Higher than a astronaut
Ready mane butt smash a thot
Skeet some nut on her back
Then I'm skeeting off the lot
A mouse on my cheddar cheesey
But I'm staying high like Weezy
Oweing money mane to Project Peezy
Put you in a squeezy
Riding round blowing gas
Stronger than a junkies fart
Round my neck diamond Rolex watch
Granddaddy slow anigga down like grand pappy
In the back of the Maybach I done took a nappy


Hit the weed pass the dope
Blunt the lips inhale the smoke
Do this shit bout 4 more times and then yo mind gon' start to blow
Start to blink, start to faint
Like a smoker start tweaking
Bout a couple of hours you gon' want some chips or something sweet
Munchies munchies I'm so hungry
Icy white honey bunnys
Or maybe some Papa John's with some extra pepperoni
Baloney that babbage weed, that's not what we need
You need to be planting that shit it's nothing but seeds
Sometimes I get so high I might forget my name
I'm supposed to catch a train
I got on a plane
Drugs on the plane mane that's federal pen
But I'm still getting it N-G-O-P


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Project Pat I Like To Smokeaaaa Comments
  1. A - GOD

    "Stronger than a junkies fart" LMAO!!! PAT A FOOL!!!

  2. Jake Resnick

    Greatest rapper who ever lived pataaaa

  3. Allison Heikkenen

    Dude i feel the most ganagsta to this haha

  4. Robbie Schmitz

    Smokeaaa lol

  5. therealistghost

    Dis right here

  6. snuka_ 420


  7. Spud Brown

    please play this at my funeral.

    trippy nation


  8. Anna Galante

    This song 😍🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. Rashid Murray

    I Love To Smokeaaa

  10. Liam Price

    He a boss this shot reminds me of when I was 16

  11. Roberto Cinà


  12. elchonpiras jowi


  13. Monta Collier

    Never can get enough Project Pat. 🔥

  14. Eugene sims

    M TOWN finest!

  15. SCMG Liscenced Handyman

    Projecr pattaaa Isa real nigga

  16. BlackPanzer KampfWagen

    Project Pat always killing songs..up up 💯%

    Monta Collier

    BlackPanzer KampfWagen fosho.

  17. Soulja LilRude The Assassins 561


  18. Dericus Tuggle


    Monta Collier

    Dericus Tuggle

  19. Quez Driver

    Me n my nigga heard this bihb lastnight smokin a blunt the weed part got my ass lit

  20. Jeffrey BurgessSr.


  21. Megan Joye

    I smoked 1 time in high school and forgot my name lmao

    Brian Fry

    i make you forget again baby. start dancing to my tune. sry. nt rly.

  22. Cali Kush

    I alway like 2 smokeaaaaa

  23. Andreya Paige


  24. Jimmy Watt

    "Supposed to catch a train... I got on a plane." Dope.

  25. MikeMitts

    song bumps.

    J Shinn

    my jdkd