Project Pat - Get Loose Lyrics

[Hook x2:]
I ain't tripping on no broad
I got bitches that get loose
All it take is some of that loud and a couple shots of that goose
I be training the hoes like dogs
She fuck me she gotta fuck you
Man if that's your bitch you better get your bitch
Cause if I hit your bitch and you through

Pussy real good and her head is even better
Made here eat the whole dick the first night I met her
Oh ratches ass ghetto hood ass rats wanna fight her
And these sucker ass niggas tryna snatch her up and wife her
I heard she got the blow, though
Her chevy that's a four door
My cousin hit that broad, but I flex like I don't know though
Man when I hit the front door, her mouth wide open
Man this bitch didn't waste a second toss her action while I'm smoking
Took her to the room with the king size bed
I'm Lebron in this bitch, Project dunking in her head
She asked me for some bread my reply was an excuse
Zip my pants hit the door, burnt out in a coupe


One thing in this world I believe in is karma
Nigga tried to hit my gal so I fucked his baby mama
He know his girl was bumping off the slugs in my grill
In my foreign Aston Martin flexing dawg, how you feel
Cause if your feeling salty, guess that's something to run your pressure up
My nigga that breaked your heart
It don't matter how you dress her up
Everybody know she is a dick eating dog
Eating pussy, doing menage-a-trois, damn she go hard
When I met her at the mall, slide her number in my phone
She got a people head, she love to eat the bone
She leave your ass home with your son and your daughter
And them tricks that she doing bad my nigga I told ya


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Project Pat Get Loose Comments
  1. Native American

    Better than 2016

  2. Jay Money

    dope jam right here