Project Pat - Flexington Lyrics

Mane I'm ridin' through the city on the [?]
Chiefing bubble gum loud with a pint of that henny
Haters I got plenty
Bitches lookin' breaking there necks
I got TV Johnny gold on my neck, so I flex
Got this pretty yellow bone wanna take me on a date
Cause a nigga at the crib
He keep on coming in late
That's your bitch need to get her
Cause I hate to have to drop her
Zero tolerance for niggas wanna trip about a bopper
Couldn't stop her, if you wanted to
Ho gon' be a ho
She would never leave this pimpin' if you payed her to go
I'm just ridin' makin' plays
Gettin' bread off the scale
Blow this loud in your face, mane you lames can go to hell

I'm flexin' so hard in the street, they call me Flexington
Flexington, Flexington, Flexington, Flexington
I'm flexin' too hard in the street, they call me Flexington
Flexington, Flexington, Flexington, Flexington

I just sold me a quarter pack
Blowin' on a quarter sack
You other niggas speak the loud
Project Pat just spit the facts
Turnin' hundreds in a racks
Chrome on a cadillac
Your bitch did say out the dome
Let me hit it from the back
If I'm [?] police I would be wasting there time
Need to be somewhere doing the job out there solving the crime
No more time for a player
I'm just getting to the bizness
Catch me an rodeo in LA spending grizzness
OG got my mind spinninin', I'm just grindinin'
Laughing at you loser money train game winninin'
I'm from Tennessee, but I got homies in Lexington
Who got them foreign cars just like me Flexington


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Project Pat Flexington Comments
  1. Antonio Matthews

    G lyrics over old school smooth beats. G shit.

  2. Yung Faness


  3. Yung Faness

    This Another Hit Song To Add To Project Pat'S CoLLection

  4. Yung Faness

    Project Pat is Some Kind Of Rapping Mastermind

  5. Yung Faness

    DJ Yung Faness

  6. Yung Faness

    i Aint Hear This 1 Before But i Heared This Song

  7. Yung Faness

    Where They Get Project Pat From?

  8. Yung Faness

    Thats A Great Rapping Voice Nobody Voice is The Same Never Was Never WiLL Be

  9. Yung Faness

    FLexington FLexington FLexington FLexington

  10. Yung Faness

    We Gone Make Project Pat BiLLions Of DoLLars Before This Week is Over

  11. Yung Faness

    Project Pat

  12. Thuggiey LaNae

    please stop playin wit og pat always been hard💪🏾

  13. Caution 720

    Flexington 🔥🔥🔥

  14. Nickeama Noys

    This Beat and song still Go hard as hell September 2019


    October 2019

  15. George Troxel

    Still flexin

  16. ML MajortodaLeague

    Still bumpin this pimpin in 2019!!!

  17. SouthernOregonOrgani

    I havnt listened to Pat since like 2008 and Instantly when that Smooth ass voice hits my ears I cant wipe the grin off my face. Dude is a cold ass motha who doesn't even need to rhyme his voice is so smokey smooth.

  18. NXZW

    Project Pat be really killin it man. XD

  19. Nino Brown

    One of the Most underrated classics songs ever

  20. Given Truth


  21. Ron GIZZLE

    Pat rip this shit cuh

  22. OG 6

    Memphis niggas ride clean with a pretty redbone that’s how we roll down here

  23. tylerx12x

    Project Pat flexing so hard it made Chuck Norris cower in fear.


    They call me FLEXINGTON! 2k19⭐️👑💯🥶

  25. romohc31

    This track represents the original way of FLEXIN!!

  26. Kenny Wayne

    HEAVY! 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥 y

  27. Jordi Planeta Tierra

    I remember the bichis times 😢

  28. That_ngga_dee Deeforeal

    Mane this beat 🔥🔥🔥

  29. David Edmonds

    I don't think people understand the swag Pat has. Bitches straight up breaking their necks looking at him. Skrate up.

  30. Big Ferg

    When i first heard this a few years ago iknew pat was still that nigga man the og foreal

  31. Naimah griffin

    This song relates to my Mr.Flexington who dont had cars amd everytbimg

  32. gators-N-rocks

    2018/2019 still bumping

  33. wupCdaZ

    Og kush got my mind spinninin

  34. Gene Grey

    Pat still holding it down

  35. Ronny Williams

    "I never would've moved those birds if it wasn't for Project Pat"

    -Colonel Sanders

  36. Iskander Aguppta

    "I once, in a land 45 days across the Atlantic sea, met a man in the keen yet raucous city of Memphis (not the Egyptian city). He was of tremendous size of both body and wisdom. Project Pat is what he is known by, all throughout the land of "Dirty South". A "Gorilla Pimp", he was undoubtedly a descendant by way of Heracles, sons of Nubia. He educated me in science of herbology. In particular, the administring of "weed smoke" and the practice of processing called "blunt rolling". Certain products, while being available for me to consume by free will, it would wise to put this product to market. This splendid product called "fish scale" was sold by way of "trapping". Upon my departing, my host shook my hand by way a complicated set of grips and gestures and patted me on my dorsal region. During the return voyage home, I could hardly contain the feeling of supreme confidence by way of Pat and his "hustle". And, I acquired an aweful disdain for gossipers or locally known as "snitches". If only Alexander could have met the "gangsta" in person.

    John P

    Sinkaner Aguppta i like dat

    Iskander Aguppta

    @John P for real, I've learned alot from listening to Pat. Practical shit anybody can apply to daily life n stuff.

    John P

    Sinkaner Aguppta this is what hip hop suppose to be.

    Naimah griffin

    What he does is his business

  37. Bigdickchaney Tripp

    Pat one of the realist too ever do it and consistent with it From Mississippi to Memphis

  38. Lord Andross

    This shit raw as hell i love it that beat cold as hell flexington i can relate to this 100 percent this is how i roll on one of my strong days

  39. John ALbert Short III

    Pat is still and foremost the mobbest cat out the dirty baby

  40. Mr Flexington


  41. Trill 4life

    Project pat that nigga real shit never get old

  42. What will we talk about next ?

    Good driving music ...pataaaaa

  43. Robbie Gregg

    Project Pat a fuckin OG, still gettin it🔥🔥🔥🔥

  44. Kendrick Ellis

    Classic 🔥

  45. Juan Rodriguez

    They call me flexington

  46. Walter Lewis

    That beat plus 2x 12’s slamming in the trunk = smooth ride

  47. ramon317

    That track though!

  48. Dream

    Them:you flexing ain't you
    Me:i ain't making no noise

  49. tonio G

    Those some big ass titties😎

  50. BlacLabel365TV

    4 every dislike... yous green, a hater, lame asf. This is a legend like Al Green, Willie Hutch, Issac Hayes, etc... u mad cause you and yo music ain't on this level of pimpin... siiiiiimp

  51. josh smith


  52. 1life To live

    I was hoping to see Pancho...

  53. Kira Howard


  54. Krispy Burnz

    Why wasnt this fly ass track on every radio station ? This shit is fixed out here.

    Tony Rich

    Krispy Burnz too many people would be down in the dumps cause they ain’t flexing fr

  55. CHECKER3362

    Project pat is my hero

  56. John Harris

    love this funky ass shit

  57. John Curtan


  58. mylia lunsford

    slyvers how love hurts🎤😎🎶

  59. mylia lunsford

    slyvers how love hurts🎤😎🎶

  60. mylia lunsford

    slyvers how love hurts🎤😎🎶

  61. mylia lunsford

    slyvers how love hurts🎤😎🎶

  62. Silverback219

    Play me some pimpin mane

  63. Silverback219

    Play me some pimpin mane

  64. Money Baggs

    This shxt drop 2 yrs ago and still knock like the first time i bump this shxt play me sum pimpin mane

  65. malakhi kelly

    How does the SunRail have a million views

  66. Lexington Warner

    My names Lexington 😂😂


    You became Flexington Warner after you heard this track

  67. Nicole Braxton

    Damn, you got you another new car. You flexing, ain’t it??

    George Troxel

    "Awww, I ain't making no noise"

    Cam Pacino

    Hahahaha southern players

  68. Robert Luan

    Project pat isso é hip hop de Qualidade

  69. jlbsinaloa


  70. jlbsinaloa

    this is what you call pleasure to my ears

  71. SuperTitiez

    my nigga pat killing it I know gangsta Fred must be proud of him

  72. vlncent chi

    that beat hard af!🔥🔥

  73. Christian Mason

    as big of a project pat fan I am this my first time seeing this

  74. Robert Luan

    muito louco esse clip

  75. Chris Hollinger

    love the beat and song keep doing your thing pat

  76. Wave Gang

    This hard

  77. William Brown

    fav rapper raise me play ya position she never leave if u payed her to go smh og salute im in da north

  78. elyons83

    knod my homeboy from va beach put me on to this

  79. Tre Deuce

    Flex project pat mane

  80. The Adventurous Guide to the Galaxy

    Favorite Patahh song of all times

  81. Edward

    This gotta be my favorite Pat joint.

  82. Ray LowKey

    95 haters

  83. Memphis2Atl

    Mane this beat and his flow, I don't know whether to go find a ho to pimp or a cup of Hennessy to drank! Tennessy finest mane

  84. Gerald Bolden

    D Don pattah

  85. Gerald Bolden

    Dis shit still bang

  86. Cap City

    project pat and zro. that would be dope asf

  87. Angelo Roberts

    how in the fuck did i miss this for a whole year .......Project Pat at his best..........Love this it again

  88. karl blakeman

    who pruduced this beat !!?!!!!????

    justin heard

    karl blakeman lil awree

  89. Gilbert Aispuro

    Instrument in my channel.

  90. Matt Halstead

    ho gone be a ho. trill

  91. Naimah griffin

    for me project pat will always be the business...he make some shit rhyme that's not even suppose too....i love him

  92. Jazz Jazz

    real niggaz from the streets know what a pimp talking about on this track pat Fo life u dig north north

  93. Naimah griffin

    You might not like the words but you can't deny the beats

  94. Gerald Bolden

    Who in the hell dis like dis song dis go hard