Project Pat - Dope Talk Interlude Lyrics

You know, its fuck out here because
Its a drought, know what I'm saying, its a drought going on right now
On the cocaine in my city
But the goddamn heroine is taking everything over
I mean we always had heroine in Memphis but
That shit everywhere now, that shit in Mississipi
That shit in little ass towns and shit
Heroine took over, nigga out here mane
You got you some clientele on some heroine
And you got you a, a, a, a half a brick of boy
Man you the fuck, you the fucking mayor right now
Yeah, you the fucking mayor right now
Heroine took this shit over mane
This shit went back to 70's
Niggas finna start back pimping hoes
You know what I'm saying
Like pimping with someone somewhere else

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Project Pat Dope Talk Interlude Comments
  1. Lawrence Perkins

    Project Pat speaks the truth

  2. Lawrence Perkins

    true story