Project Pat - Crash Out Lyrics

Blow a nigga ass off
Wild like on bathsalts
All these fucking bills do, gon' make a nigga crash out
Crash out crash in
Nigga better check they cash in
Make a nigga put that mask on
AK bullets blasting
Busting bricks on side of buildings
Niggas running around like children
[?] that's gon' hurt ya
Choppa flippin' like a burger
Mane don't make no [?] who will kill some
Tell that man the truth dog
Or ya gotta deal with it
Yeah he gave me that but I ain't paying a dime to that bitch
Home quarter chick fuck that boy I'm standing on this shit
Put the automatic to his mouth like a muzzle
Back of his head all in pieces like a puzzle

Crash out [x6]
Pull that gun and mask out
Crash out [x6]
Pull that gun and mask out
Crash out [x2]
Nigga don't make me crash out
Crash out [x2]
Pull the gun and mask off
Crash out [x2]
Nigga don't make me crash out
Crash out [x2]
Pull the gun and mask off

Automatic gun make niggas run down to 201
2 detective offices get to telling like my son
Funds missing out the product that means anyone
Who's around getting shot up bullets to their lung
I ain't tryna hear that bullshit cuz friends can be foes
Claiming that ya real but deep inside you's a ho
Hoes calling, texting niggas when that money is good
When you fall off they flexing niggas bitch keep it hood
Bitch keep it real
Automatic steel to yo forehead
Tryna set me up with robbers bullets to that horse head
Sawed [?] shot with the burner Kruger 9
Blew his balls off male abortion, like a bitch drinking terpetine


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Project Pat Crash Out Comments
  1. Brian Washington

    This album is solid....but you can never do Mista Dont Play over that's a classic that cant be replaced

  2. Crash BanditLoot

    Fire as all fuck

  3. Blaze’N Exxxotic

    The way that beat come in and he rap snaps harder than all this new shit

  4. Soulja LilRude The Assassins 561


  5. Allen Dubus

    used too playin this shit in central city in my whip. never got mugged bitch

  6. Black Koshinomi

    The cheese & Dope version is better

  7. zachos2

    This whole albums is trash

    Charles Collier

    zachos2 your trash.

    Soulja LilRude The Assassins 561

    Fuck you pussy ass suck haters ass bitchhhhh

  8. Vince Travis

    crash out crash out crash out pull that gun and mask out


    Been listening to pat for many years and still goes beyond what I expect from his music

  10. Jimmy Watt

    This is the best one on the album. Shit hits hard as diamonds.

    Nielli Vass

    This and "Makin' Plays."