Project 86 - Breakdown In 3/4 Lyrics

(Obsolete, obsolete, we're so obsolete...)

Sleep soundly in silence
Knowing that we will never return
To what we once were
What was now is a distant memory
I guess that I should thank you
For freeing me from my naivete

Sleep softly knowing that we are through
The spotlight has turned its favor from us
And now it's upon you
You were so right to write me off
We took to heart everything that you said

And now I agree... we're better off dead

This is the sound that drives you to deny
These are the words that remind you we're alive
This is the voice that haunts you in your sleep
Outdated, forgotten, we're yesterday's obsolete

Yesterday's model, and oh, so expendable
Is it comforting to know we're so temporary? Temporary
Yesterday, obsolete
We're so obsolete
Yesterday's model, and oh, so expendable
You were so right to write me off

This is the sound
These are the words
This is the voice

When you're just a memory I'll be there
To remind you of what you said
As ash to ash so you will return...

"You once made such noise, but now so obsolete."

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Project 86 Breakdown In 3/4 Comments
  1. Joe Latam

    Nostalgia and a half right here

  2. ReneidKlein

    4:02-4:27 one of the best parts of any P86 song I've ever heard.

  3. Jaded Potato

    I never knew how to pronounce the name of this song :/
    Or knew why it was called that.

    Ross W

    yeah I had no music theory training when I was into this stuff, funny to realize its just in 3/4 haha

  4. Sports Jabber with J&J

    To me their old stuff like this and truth less heroes album was best ones!

  5. QuasiTraction

    "Yesterdays model and, oh so expendable"....Obsolete.

    Joe Latam

    Yesterday, yesterday....

  6. allooutrick

    awesome song by the band