Professor Green - Nightmares Lyrics

[Hook: Kobe]
And I'm drunk and I'm blown, and I don't know what I'mma do
Got it cocked ready, loaded, and I'm looking for you
In your nightmare
I'll be right there

[Verse 1: Royce Da 5'9"]
Yeah, uh, you ain't even in a realm we spit
Nightmare's mental, Freddy Krueger pencil on my Elm Street shit
Believe none of what you see, none of this shit you've heard
I call rolling a blunt of herb turning over a new leaf
A mixture of Biggie and Pac, going upside your head
With a mic stand at your show, it's me giving you props
My mind's pure, I thank Pope, I game 'til the bank's broke
And my flow's Novacane as Frank Ocean
It ain't a thing to hang-a-ling, night tears by day
Nightmares of the night like dang-to-dang
It's 6 million ways to end your life
And I chose the tool over the bloody glove with the finger knives
I'm who you can't stand, probably leanin'
You probably dreamin' 'bout Mr. Sandman mixed with up with Robert Englund
Me? I put it right there to see
How could I ever have a bad dream when the nightmare's me? Nickel

[Hook: Kobe]
And I'm drunk
And I'm blown
I don't know what I'mma do
Got it cocked
Ready loaded
And I'm looking for you
In your nightmare
I'll be right there

[Verse 2: Professor Green]
Everything in life comes at a price
It's time for you to pay

My pen is my paintbrush
I'm forever taking it farther and further
God forbid that I ever extend my art to murder
You don't wanna see me and these Shih-Tzu's in a pen
I'm a pit-bull
The world needs a new Fritzl doesn't it
I ain't thinking about pistols
Fuck a stick
I'm more interested in doing some other shit
Planning shit out
And really having some fun with it
Disintegrating your body instead of dumping it
I don't care how uncomfortable your cupboard is
I'll be up in it
Until I hear your front door opening
You're coming in (Surprise)
Til it's time to get to work
With the screws and all the other tools that I come here with
Yeah I'm fucking sick in the head
Should I operate in silence?
Or pick a cassette
To drown out the screams
As the blade tickles your flesh
I can hear the heart in your chest beat as you plead to me
Until I cut your tongue out when I'm sick of hearing you beg
Should have quit while ahead
You little fuck
You think a little blood is punishment enough
For all the things that you said?
Just as the blade I picked to finish you hits your neck
You wake up shivering in your bed
Yeah I'm a nightmare

[Hook: Kobe]
And I'm drunk
And I'm blown
I don't know what I'mma do
Got it cocked
Ready loaded
And I'm looking for you
In your nightmare
I'll be right there

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Professor Green Nightmares Comments
  1. Człowiek Wazon

    How the hell i reminded myself about this track. Why this shit is not on spotify?

  2. Ronan Walker

    I still got this cd

  3. Lee Sinclair

    This should've been a Bad Meets Evil track, in my opinion. It was great until Professor Green's verse started. He is a cheap imitation of Eminem.🙄😂

  4. crazymelon55 robloxlover

    How the fuck did this not make a single, dirty track.

  5. scotty boy 7

    professor green destroy this track

  6. Max B

    How the hell did Pro Green get Royce on one of his tracks holy sheiittt

  7. Tommy Carver

    I suggest you listen to Today I Cried, Forever Falling, Read All About It, Ect.
    Pro doesn't always diss people, he talks about his life.

  8. ainevek

    Don't forget 'Today I cried' and 'Forever Falling' two of pro green's best songs, along with those you mentionned :p

  9. SuperHardcoretillidi

    Try listen to songs like Astronaut, Avalon, Never be a right time, Remedy... loads! learn something about music before you comment.

  10. Project Unity

    ^ lol go back to wayne.

  11. Charlie Nowell

    100% agree.

  12. Dan Kemp

    JME Serous.

  13. SuperHardcoretillidi

    this takes Pro to a new level of talent! love how he sounds psycho too :P

  14. Bird96

    i love his angry voice :P

  15. Sebastian Negoescu

    BAD meets PRO! :x

  16. TheIsaac41

    OMG royce said frank ocean

  17. Haydn Neville

    Really don't think this style suits pro green

  18. Thigkry

    thanks for you input internet troll, I'll let you get back to your porn marathon :)

  19. David vickers

    shut up you little girl

  20. Zak Brindle


  21. Lanre Badmus

    @larry19 :D

  22. Lanre Badmus

    BAD MEETS NOOB... Royce is the BAD & Prof Green is the NOOB :DDD

  23. ben hill

    @mrrainman5ifty because it is

  24. Victoria Bird

    @Thigkry Reputation to up hold. lol. they all do it to sound better && 'harder' than thee others

  25. Stephanie Louise

    yeah thats what i thought 'till yours breasts tiggle my ballssss'' i dont care love them both loadssssss favourieeee they are THUMBS UP FOR EMINEM AND PROFESSOR GREEN XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  26. Josh Walton

    @Thigkry You dumb?? its the topic of this song... its ficiton.. every song cant be the same.

  27. Thigkry

    I love pro green but why do all rappers have to be so fucking aggressive, they should concentrate on making good music and not threatening others...

  28. Skeetz

    @mrrainman5ifty cos it is royce?