Prodigy - Veteran's Memorial Lyrics

Memories play back like film
I flash back we was little niggas livin most real
1989's when we first met
We first clicked over convo' gettin twisted
In dunn grand earth crib cuttin outta school
Watchin cable it seemed like the other day
Through the eyes of a stranger we was kids
But in our own minds we was grown mens
Outside on the block we would play the bench
And y'all play the rock every chance y'all got
As I sat back and just watched hey, what can I say?
The same back then as I am today
I can recall me, Jemel and Jamal
In the room drinkin straight vodka with they moms
When I walk home with the big nefertiti charm
Back with the light blue camoflauge suit
God me and Hav' doin it hard, tryin to get on
We sampled songs on the box with record and pause
Killer B didn't even get his first firearm
And I was still holdin one shot derringers

Who would think anyone of us would cease to exist
Left with just thoughts of the past to reminisce
Sometimes I see a chick walkin past with ya kids
Or find an old flicka of some 1-2-5th
All the shit that we been through it boils to this?
Dun, I wish we could start it all over again

Ninety-five, we on top tourin the states
A lotta times we even took the click overseas
Came along way from the hallway
Sitting in the staircase with Bacardi
Bring the honeycomb speaker outside to bang
While we would share drinks with the other that came
Triple L stayed takin they cash in dice games
Killer Black grew to keep an ice grill, dunn was not playin
Yammy, the most Infamous told me one day
"Put the bogies down 'fore I pound you out P"
But it was all love, we was eash others dunns
We held each other down, borrowed each other guns
Its hard to believe that niggas so strong
Could die so easily forever be gone
I could still feel the web of your palm, against mine
Cause we did our hand shake all the time
Why it have to be your time to go and not mines?
Spilled tears contemplating to my delf cryin
All the laughs we shared and fights we had
All the nights we would get nice, damn
Plates of food we split in half
I dedicate the rest of my life to all my niggas that passed

Who would think anyone of us would cease to exist
Left with just thoughts of the past to reminisce
Sometimes I see a chick walkin past with ya kids
Or find an old flicka of some 1-2-5th
All the shit that we been through it boils to this?
Dun, I wish we could start it all over again

What the fuckin deal, motherfuckin Scarface nigga, killer
For Bean, Fugi, Gooey, (I can't take no more nigga), Corey
Black Ed, the fuck, knahmsayin? I'll Will burnin
Harry, fuck yo, I can't take no more man
Frankie, Spank, whattup man? Straight up
My grandmoms man, my granddad man
Grandma Brooks, straight up my pops man
Straight up man, that's it
All my dead, all my dead
Man, the little babies man, no more man
Abortion babies man, I can't take no more man
I'll never forget you, all my dead it's all love man
Motherfuckin Yambo, in a minute, we'll be there
Motherfuckin Yammy, straight up, I can't wait
You was my strength nigga, I miss y'all
I can't believe you gone nigga
What the fuck happened?
Ain't nobody else goin away man
You ain't takin nuttin else from me man
Nobody can't take nuttin else from me man that's it
I dare you! Come try, it's over man
You can't take nuttin else from us yo...

That's my word, I put my life on it
I'll be next nigga, straight up!
I stand up for that
Cause ain't none of my niggaz goin, that's enough
We had enough
It's the Veteran's Memorial right here man, straight up man
We love y'all, one love...

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Prodigy Veteran's Memorial Comments
  1. Montreal Flo

    Rip Kobe Bryant

  2. Apostle9590

    Damn man, my nigga P was da one miss dat nigga & dis song reaches u on so many levels son. Fucken classic! *#RIP* 🙏

  3. Bohammond Lee

    Rest In Peace Andre Love You Nigga

  4. BlankThought z

    R.I.P. Hott Hasan Baker my Nigga I miss you bro. Prodigy we miss you...

  5. Kensho Nishimura

    When I heard that Prodigy passed, I instinctively played this song, and cried my eyes out. Prodigy Rest In Peace.

  6. bep 2

    rih vip

  7. Brio Dash

    This song taught me what loyalty is. Everybody got a day 1. This song is dedicated to so the day 1's. Rip Prodigy of Mobb Deep

  8. Em jay

    Dunn I wish we could start it all ova again! Happy birthday Albert !

  9. Bigwhatthefuck?

    R.i.p Prodigy we will never forget you

  10. Lucky Guy187

    P is the greatest

  11. Jeff Carey

    The abortion babies man

  12. ten4r

    I can recall me Jamill and Jamal, in the room drinkin straight vodka with they mom

  13. F D

    Put the bogies down before I pound you out P

  14. I am good at this

    Rest In Peace bird

  15. FrankWonderBeantown

    He lost Bags not long after this. R.I.P. to P and E-Money Bags...

  16. oliverrando

    Man p was saying.some real stuff on this

  17. Sir Damian

    Put the bogeys down fore I pound u out P

    J M

    Only a real friend or a brother will say that cuz they care about that person...realest sht

  18. 228allday

    In my opinion I think HNIC is probably one of his best albums.

    Larry Coleman

    228allday Facto Mundo

  19. EM KAY

    RIP Prodigy, Bandana P! May you be blessed in the afterlife.

  20. elvacano231

    RIP nipsey and prodigy

  21. king zimo

    Damn p rip this my fav rap song. First song I ever learnt ever word but also felt ever line

  22. elvacano231

    RIP nipsey and prodigy

  23. s0mankts0160 bill

    Rip too da nigga p

  24. Premiere Media Cable


  25. Memphis.

    Mobb Deep has captured the N.Y sound perfectly! Rest In Peace Prodigy! Respect!

  26. Tariq Zraika

    Rip to my dad 04/06/08 always think of you when I hear this song ! I know it’s been some years but to me it’s always yesterday . I love you dad I always think about you I miss you I miss you I miss you I fucking miss you I fucking miss you dad

  27. w hosten

    i'm tired of playing this song because it mean we lost another soldier i love you forever my uncle sydney clyde hosten dead today at 2:30 am he was my strength nigga he supposed to be here. 1 love family see u on the other side

  28. Pablo Bob

    RIP king P, respect from Chamartín, Madrid-Spain

  29. Robert Antonetti

    This album had some it the illest production. Rip to the Great P


    I miss u so much P...why u had to go...this song touches my soul

  31. Soldier4Life

    R.i.p Prodigy Soldier4life 🔥

  32. elvacano231

    RIP nipsey and also prodigy

  33. Michael Muscat

    Still here

  34. Auto Byonix

    @ 2:08, realest words ever. Dedicated to my Brother who got murdered this past December on his block.

    RestInPeace, Bullet :.

    Tariq Zraika

    Auto Byonix rip to your bother

    Bohammond Lee

    My brother passed Sept 21st that part of the song touch me too

  35. Lorenzo Grant

    MLK DAY to who whoever banging this 🔥🔥🔥

  36. FleeGod Finesse

    Rip Prodigy 😥 😥 😥 iam hurt king

  37. rawhiphop34

    Rest In Peace Bandana P.... thanks for the years of great music you put out... you and havoc was always heavy on my music rotation 🙏🏾

  38. Cesar Ortiz

    Real shit R.I.P WE GOING TO MISS YOU

  39. Redd Mojado


  40. Eduardo Vitoria

    Rest in Power king!

  41. Paul Nevarez

    RIP Legend

  42. Jan Hamza

    0:50 What can I say...

    Frank White

    Same back then as I am today

  43. Derrick Lake

    Song is real as it gets

    Sir Damian

    Derrick Lake I can still feel the wet of your palm against mine

    Hardbody Harrison

    Sir Damian Webb

    Sir Damian

    Hardbody Harrison wet

    G T

    It's webb

  44. Emaculant e

    remeber knocken this when my nigga ro got locked up fucked my head up. Both got booted out of college for pushin

    Alessio Alessio

    Emaculant e you are from the ghetto?

    Born Yesterday

    Emaculant e sounds like a asshole

    Borna Arabi

    you still kickin it dunn? what up?

  45. Wild child

    Diz Is deticated to my cuz wildchild

  46. Brooklyn Babe

    Great beat

  47. DCDirtBag

    Dam, this song means so much more after reading Prodigys book.....RIP Scarface & Killer Black

  48. Major Keys

    Back when real music meant real things for real people...

  49. Major Keys

    Jan 14th 2011

    Kağan Özer

    Major Keys 8 years damn

  50. Major Keys

    This one is for you Jamek....

  51. rluongo19

    i feel ya homie, it dont suprise me that peeps sleep on this...reel recognize reel though, just aint that many trues listening to the real shit no it p

  52. makesumnoise

    the lil airplay just shows dat a lot of cats outthere dont even know one of da best beatz dat alchemist ever did! plus one of da dopest songs from prodigy...

    Scott LaRocc

    makesumnoise you so on point my boi ... I cry to this song when I get real drunk think about my dead .