Prodigy - Click Clack Lyrics

Click Clack
Rock-a-bye Baby
Click Clack
Oh you'se dead mothafucka

Just look into my eyes, you see there's no bullshit
And I'm a professional, drama bring a.9 slinger
Just look at my face; do I look like I'm playing with you?
Listen to my verse; Do it sound like I'm a scared fool? NO!
I don't give a fuck when I rap
You see me in the street it's the same way I act
It's not movie dawg, it's a reality show
So that'll be real good when that cali-coat blow

Welcome to the life of V.I.P
On DVD 'cause shit too violent for MTV
There's niggas being killed; bitches being fucked
There's drugs being sold; our money getting up

[Big Twinz:]
If you look into my mind; all you see is hate dunn
The blood's everywhere, but most of 'em is fake one's
I load up the.9, trying to get payload
I take everything from you shoes to your Kangol
You gotta give it up or get your arm chopped off
Niggas know my name - Big Twinz pop off
The fiends know wassup, I'm the one to cop off
I'm not soft, Infamous fire like hot-sauce

Get a load of real shit, the hemi go bang
The swami go rang, in the shoot & range
So I could perfect my aim
Stick you like a dope needle how a nigga aim
Sharp-shooter, top shotta, top fire rapper
Voted most likely to knock back up...
I pick the ratch [et] up and cap you up
Night or day it don't matter
The skateboarder, surfboarder, snowboarder
Understand P you see 'cause he's sorta...
The best stuff on Earth
And if you come up with your bitch to put the cuff on first
'Cause I'm a animal pimp, I get up on a female
And tell her things she likes, she give me that tail
And I call heads, but I was all wrong dawg, a sex is the best

Click Clack
Rock-a-bye Baby
Click Clack

"And the man walked in the valley of the shadow of death
For years and he feared no evil"

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Prodigy Click Clack Comments
  1. Hollow-Tip

    Still bumpin this in 2020!

  2. Solidd Rockk

    Big tune man

  3. Dude Dank

    Cool to see flossy carter is into one of the greatest

  4. Josh'n You

    Max b and p and Nipsey Hussle and of course Lloyd bank$

  5. Greedom Worldwide

    “...but most of them is fake ones.”


  6. BigPlayVisual


  7. Michael Anderson

    need a styles p/ big twins album.

  8. David Furno

    Houdini P

  9. minds eye


  10. youngLu5t

    Still in 2019... R.I.P. to one half of the best rap duo ever

  11. D. White

    Still here VSOP💯🙏🏾



  13. jojo dancer

    Rock a Bye baby 🔫

  14. Big Dog


  15. oliverrando

    man rip to the hnic this shit was dope

  16. Kom Jong

    You gotta give it up or get your arm chopped off 😂

  17. ceasermore ceaser

    Click clack

  18. Menelik X

    (P) E E double you was the Muhummad Ali of this rap shit. Undisputed barz. A rappers rapper. Top five dead or alive. Maybe the best that ever did it. Trapped in the 90s era and still shocked that you are gone. Unbelievable.Rip P.

  19. Oliver Hernandez

    This that gangsta shit dunn

  20. jay trill

    R.I.P. Prodigy You Still That Nigga Yo


    Bandana P Sleep Easy God

  22. Solidu5 Ill

    Stick you like a dope needle how a nigga aim 💰💉🚬⚰

  23. King James Mayo

    P is the best

  24. C Betts

    R.I.P. Prodigy....

  25. ReShaN 912

    Beat Ill AsF

  26. Shareef Brooks

    the most infamous notorious capital p realest street warrior i heard way back to 94,95

  27. Mr.Norris

    classic P shit if u disagree Fuck yaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

  28. Wavy J.A.E. Black

    My Fav Prodigy Track R.I.P. Allnight mobb deep sounds still going

  29. arica679

    rip greatest rapper infamous P thug Muzik

  30. Gideon Milkins

    RIP still in shock!

  31. Howard Jr

    R.I.P. to a legend in the rap game. one of the 1st rappers to come with that grimey street music over classic beats. He will be missed

  32. MAOR JUDAH Israel

    R.I.P J-HELL

  33. geezy _m7

    R.I.P to the H.N.I.C

  34. Shareef Brooks

    click clack infamous P

  35. Semaj Rellim

    p make the best grimey music

    Stevie Dee

    Prodigy Return of Return of The Mac

  36. DunnY 98

    Big twin pop off

  37. 93 surenos

    respect from Paris 93

  38. M. Douglas

    Good looking out for the streets P.

  39. RBG MAN

    Real music till this day love this guy.

  40. OGRagtoproy

    The skateboarder, surf boarder, snow boarder...,

    M Taylor

    Hell yea


    Understand P you see ‘cause he’s sorta,
    da best stuff on earth

  41. wasp freeze

    song of the day for me



  43. Captain Diaspora

    This my muthafuckin shit!

  44. Yuri Hyuga

    Listened to this jam for like a month straight when i first heard it.

  45. maliqueB

    never heard of demi like dis tho