Procol Harum - Soldier Lyrics

The sky has no end tonight
Clear view beyond the stars
Daylight in the early dawn
There's no-one left unscarred
Sand is drying up the tears
Burnt shells soaking up the sun
The generals laughing with no fear
Because their work is done

Liquid gold was in their sights
Paid with blood by infantry
Giant statues ripped and torn
All engineered so brilliantly
Back home it's the Wild West
Children sleeping in their beds
Grown men that passed the test
Now free to go and wed

I'm through with the fighting
All the terror and the pain
I've seen the lightning
Felt the thunder and the rain
The silver birds come screaming
Painting blood right through the skies
Still I worry, and I wonder
Wonder why

They tell us it's OK to kill
They're just vermin in the sand
Don't worry 'bout the blood you spill
You'll be forgiven by God's hand
The images etched behind their eyes
Will never fade away
Eternal buildings turned to dust
In just one day

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