Proclaimers, The - Whole Wide World Lyrics

When I was a young boy
My mama said to me
There's only one girl in the world for you
But she probably lives in Tahiti

I'd go the whole wide world
I'd go the whole wide world
Just to find her

Or maybe she's in the Bahamas
Where the Carribean sea is blue
Weeping in a tropical moonlit night
Because nobody's told her 'bout you

I'd go the whole wide world
I'd go the whole wide world
Just to find her
I'd go the whole wide world
I'd go the whole wide world
Find out where they hide her

Why am I hanging around in the rain out here
Trying to pick up a girl
Why are my eyes filling up with these lonely tears
When there're girls all over the world

Is she lying on a tropical beach somewhere
Underneath the tropical sun
Pining away in a heatwave there
Hoping that I won't be long

I should be lying on that sun-soaked beach with her
Caressing her warm brown skin
And then in a year or maybe not quite
We'll be sharing the same next of kin

I'd go the whole wide world
I'd go the whole wide world
Just to find her
I'd go the whole wide world
I'd go the whole wide world
Find out where they hide her

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Proclaimers, The Whole Wide World Comments
  1. Kairos Academy

    I like it just way it is. No need to change the speed

  2. steve wilson

    great song & lyrics!

  3. Vince Roos

    Winners listen to this at 1.25 speed.

  4. cmwuscfan

    Stranger Than Fiction anyone?

  5. Darling Stuff

    Race mixing is an abomination. This group is obviiously corrupted by globalist music industry to promote erasure of Europeans. DISGUSTING. will never ever buy from this group or their music company again

  6. The Noob Police

    I'd just like to point out that Charlie 's wink at 3:21 was specifically for me ... I bloody wish ...😍

  7. refusetoburnout

    nice, but original kicks butt and this off the stage

  8. Sea_ Nettles

    Please don't go the whole wide world -- please stay in Scotland and make Scots with beautiful Scottish women -- the true minority of the world these days -- and help those lovely Tahitians out by allowing them to find beautiful Tahitian men.

  9. Taber Thistle

    Good shit dudes

  10. Channel X

    Good song.

  11. Robbie Spellman

    This was so cool!

  12. P J

    No sorry- Wreckless Eric every time

  13. soundcloud rapper

    1.25 speed👌🏽

  14. legasiguy

    Just found this tune! Great pop music writers! with some very catchy tunes!

  15. Johnathan Karles

    Dutch: TAHITI?!

  16. Diane Woodman

    I'm glad this video had a few closeups of Charlie. It is always Craig in front and Charlie always seems to be hiding behind him.

  17. Aris P.

    I guess now that they're older they are now willing to go much more than 1000 miles for love 😋...

  18. Hefty Alan

    Needs more balls

  19. Michigan29

    I always thought this was a cage the elephant song

  20. blue red

    ...even Will Ferrell's version holds more passion

  21. blue red


  22. Rodrigo Avila

    Proclaimers foda demais.

  23. Bradley S.

    Awsome... Love that I'm not the only hopeless romantic out there 😂❤️🙏

  24. wtfjunkie

    one of them should go solo


    I would Walk 500 miles and i would walk 500 more

  26. Max Lambda

    Spot on. Cheers!

  27. Dreamwell

    The harmony vocal here is a thing of beauty.

  28. Ellington Moose

    Just plain sounds better with a Scottish accent.

  29. darmot1234

    Nobody does it better

  30. Travis Reed

    God only knows where my One is. she could be half way across the world. or maybe she'll show up in my life someday. I pray everyday to God to meet her. I hope I meet the girl that I feel nervous around, I can't speak, and she's all I think about. I see her face everywhere and in everything. I want to be that in love.

  31. Vivi

    Their accents are adorable.

  32. herrdoktorprofessor

    just doesn't have the sense of urgency of the original

  33. I Heart Noise

    Are they saying "I got the whole wide world just to fight her"? Cause that's what it sounds like to me

    J. B.

    Find her.

  34. You Grow I Grow

    This is the shittiest rendition of this song. Lord save us all

  35. Jonathan Vernot

    Their tempo matches that of the Wreckless Eric original. Cage the Elephant's recent cover speeds it up. The Proclaimers's vocal harmonies here are top notch.

  36. d b

    i had 3 muses already, thanks girls

  37. Juan Pablo Castillo

    This is by far the worst Cover on the Whole Wide World! Sucks big time

  38. hodaka1000

    Well done.

  39. Michael Fairchild

    good remake. the monkees also have a good version too

  40. WarChief781

    great song...terrible cover...for shame

  41. Scott Donaldson

    Why do they always have to chase the women they love? :)

  42. joshron99

    "I'd go the whole way-d wa-rald.." I love it!

  43. Charles Farthing

    best ever duet - love you guys

  44. Ho _bbit

    Whole wide world, 500 miles, letter from America..Someone in The Proclaimers was in a long distance relationship

    Reiss Robinson

    Pal letter from America was about the highland clearances

    Taber Thistle

    This iant their song this is a copy of a 1978 wreckless eric song check it out dudes voice is nuts

  45. john green

    I feel that the Proclaimers are one of Scotland's many national treasures

    john green

    I have always thought that the use of profanity is a sure sign of both a limited vocabulary and intellect.

    john green

    reliance on profanity to express ones opinion is often a sign of a limited vocabulary, which in turn is often a sign of a limited intellect

    Tyler Whitworth

    @john green - Well said

    Chelsea Ryan Park

    Aye definitely

  46. crusty

    That tam ermine did you sing my gree blue tambourine

  47. crusty

    There fricken chicken 80

  48. crusty

    There sooooo old

  49. Reverend Howl

    Thank you gentlemen that is well tidy.

  50. cu nho nguoi

    Oh , cool !!!!!

  51. robertuk444

    nice atempt to cover this song but over produced, this song belongs to wreckless eric and wreckless eric alone

    R. Alexander

    And Afie

    Scott Ratzloff

    I appreciate the purist point of view but must differ with you in your use of the word 'attempt'. The boys didd a great job with this.

    Wayne Heyward

    Still better than Cage the Elephant's version.

  52. Matt Tiessen

    Love this song.....I can't stop singing it......

  53. Tom

    Well played you buncha Haggis chasin Whisky swillin twins!

  54. Estigio


    but nice :D

  55. Devaniel614

    Was that zooey deschanel?

  56. Ray Higgins

    I love this song but their tempo is just to slow. I find changing the speed to 1.25 makes it absolutely pefect

    Shane Sonksen

    check out Cage The Elephant's cover of it in their Unpeeled album. :) their version is faster and I love it.

    Cliff Moore

    Good at 1.25 but not as haunting.  Liked the harmonies better at normal speed. Just my opinion.

    David Vosspoor

    @John Rush Check out Die Toten Hosen ;)

    Sea_ Nettles

    Thanks! Much better that way

  57. MrScotmac

    if you want to fight then we will fight

  58. EnoVarma

    I don't quite understand what they were going for here, but whatever it is, it doesn't work. Um, nice try?

  59. sykorant

    Always love me some Proclaimers, and this song was perfect for them

  60. Davok

    I guess they'll be walking then !!!

    Travis Reed

    daveyharsh 500 miles.

  61. Dolly Dimple

    Love that they covered this, made my day.....!

  62. The Rider

    I wish somebody would love me so! XD

    Travis Reed

    The Rider me too.

    Travis Reed

    JMōR •dreads amen.

    Magnus Peacock

    Hope you've found someone now!

  63. Isaac Booker

    Love it, Proclaimers redefine this track their style.

  64. Michael Boyce

    Also done by The Monkees,on their "POOL IT!" Lp as well!

    Wally Banter

    Which was also a cover

  65. andreaneilcmc

    Love the 'claimers but this shouldn't have got more views than the original by Wreckless Eric.

  66. Lyegk

    Nice rendition.  True to the spirit of the song.  First heard it when Will Ferrell sang it in a movie.  A great song always lasts forever.


    Lyegk My favorite movie

  67. MrPittsburgh2008

    They couldn't find any brown-skinned girls to be in the video??


    well it's not an American rap video so please excuse the lack of "bitches 'n hoes"

    Lucas Reta

    @then33k4 Cool meme, man -> "bitches 'n hoes": Them always be black

    Wally Banter

    There ain't many if thase in tha Isles

  68. solidrockifcation

    Love this song so much!

  69. SurfingOnBrainwaves

    no thanks

  70. george shannan

    great cover......sure Eric would approve

  71. durban skyslot

    Nice job on this Reckless Eric cover lads!

  72. garthrs

    I enjoyed this!

  73. Tara Sheldon

    nope, just nope... no one does it like wreckless eric, so stop trying

  74. Matthew Boutflower

    I don't know why there's so many negative comments on this. Yes it's not the same as their previous work but it shows the diversity that they have. There was a comment saying that someone didn't like their pronounciation of "wide" and "fine" but come on, everyone pronounces things differently as we all have different idiolects and diolects that make us who we are. I really like this song and think that people who are picking up on stuff like this should be less shallow minded and learn to enjoy music for what it is

    Matthew Boutflower

    Sorry That was a reply to you, think I miss understood what you were saying before

    Greeta Sue Ahart

    I personally like hearing people's accents when they sing. It is boring to have everyone sound American. But I am particularly fond of a Scottish brogue anyway. 

    peter lane

    @Matthew Boutflower That's fine just a simple misunderstanding 

    peter lane

    @Greeta Ahart So do i that's why i love the Proclaimers 

    Travis Reed

    Matthew Boutflower this is a great Proclaimers song.

  75. zymbotictoot

    Their accents and pronunciation of certain words dont fit this song,a big thumbs down. Awesome song just dont care for this version.

  76. Jonathan Howland

    After 500 miles I was like, "Why don't these guys have a career anymore?!?!" I have my answer :(

    En Emerson

    I have some of their songs from their Born Innocent album on my channel, much better than this. But this isn't that bad of a song, i like it better than the original.

    Jonathan Howland

    @En Emerson I think the pace of this song was just off-putting, but I'll check out some of their other stuff before I am too quick to judge, I suppose :)

    Shantanu Khandkar

    This is not the best song for representing these guys. Listen to 'Sunshine on Leith', 'Letter from America' or even 'I'm on my way'

    Heath Sims

    This is a beautiful song, not mention a very good cover. If you hear the original and then this, well, it shows creativity. I suppose you aren't heart broken enough with someone you love avoiding you for years, even though they live down the road, to enjoy this song.

  77. Lyndell

    Awesome sauce !

  78. lezzliea

    Fuckin' awful !

    Johnathan Karles

    (sorry for being late)


    your dad just to disagree bc literally everyone that loves them

  79. sebastian silvayvasquez

    Existe alguien que una vez oyó esta canción en mi presencia, ese alguien estaba marcado por su preciosa aura, su tierno mirar, pero su fiel indiferencia a mi
    es poesía hecha carne, mi profesora de literatura
    al volver a oír esta canción todas las partículas de mi ser me gritan en encontrarla nueva mente para verla de nuevo suspirar, pero también pensar el hecho de que no sea mía.
    sencillamente despliego esto ante cualquiera por que no he encontrado mejor manera de des ahogarlo.

  80. drbs0289

    me three! ^_^ she is everything i could of ask for, but more.

  81. Patricia Silva

    Very witty! LOL

  82. NULLPLUSS1313

    me too : )

  83. donza01

    What an absolute stinking pile of horseshit this song is.


    donza01 somebody’s angrt

  84. Stephen Whittaker

    Always Great ..two men and one live group

  85. Cotne Gordeziani

    i found her!

  86. Rodrigo Avila

    It's the best song on the Stranger Than Fiction

  87. CroMarduk

    it should be faster

  88. dancesroundtheflame

    I like both. The Proclaimers are great singers, and part of it I love is the accent.

  89. Saan

    Liked it the moment I heard it on Stranger than Fiction!!

  90. Robert Miller

    Actually, it was written in 1974.

  91. outrigger777

    They should have sailed to Tahiti with Captain Bligh.

  92. Randy Herrera

    good cover but the original was better

  93. Kim Harrold

    Hard to believe this song was written in 1977. So fresh, and timeless. I'm thinking Wreckless Eric wrote the best single of the punk era, and he was largely ignored. This Proclaimers version is a lot of fun too. This song will always be a favourite for me.

  94. John Walker

    Good cover but a great tribute to the one and only and vastly under rated Wreckless Eric.

  95. robert ross

    Well of course not; it's not trying to be, so stop yer haverin' and haud yer wheesht!

  96. robert ross


  97. RemyGL1968

    Wreckless Eric any day,
    sorry: ANYDAY!