Proclaimers, The - Sing All Our Cares Away Lyrics

Mary loves the Grouse
Hides the bottles round the house
She watches chatshows and the soaps
Broken-hearted but she copes

Michael's out of work
Feels he's sinking in the murk
He's unshaven and a mess
Fnds it hard some days to dress

Stevie smashed the delf
Cos he can't express himself
He's consumed by rage
Like his father at his age

Rita's little child
Has a lovely little smile
But this means nothing to her father
Because he's never even seen her.

And we sing, sing all our cares away
And we live to fight another day

Joey's off the gear
He's been clean for half a year
He gets bored out of his mind
But he's trying to toe the line

Maggie's in a chair
'Twas joyriding put her there
She puts the kettle on the boil
And she's always got a smile

And we sing, sing all our cares away
And we live to fight another day

And we sing, sing all our cares away
And we live to love another day

We grow strong from it all,
We grow strong, or we fall

We grow strong from it all,
We grow strong, or we fall

And we sing all our cares away

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Proclaimers, The Sing All Our Cares Away Comments
  1. Brian O Cadhain

    Quality 🙋‍♂️

  2. Brian O Cadhain


  3. Brian O Cadhain

    Great song 🇮🇪🇮🇪💯

  4. bigdirtyjames

    Didn't realise they covered this. Superb!

  5. Ryan Arbuckle


  6. Bfinn

    Very enjoyable . Thank you!

  7. Cristina Marchesi

    Bellissima, molto dolce come ritmo. Ringrazio Synergo del canale "cose dell'altro cinema" per avermela fatta conoscere.

  8. Filippo Onorati

    Bella canzone Synergo!

  9. Fulminman

    Sono qui da synergo


    @Alessandro Spagnuolo e quindi ho scritto che sono qui grazie a synergo

    Marco Altobelli

    @Mr. Fulminman Presente! XD

    Dead Yggdrasil

    @Mr. Fulminman idem,bella song però :D

    Riccardo Mariani

    Presente! Bellissima canzone! Spero di vedere il film prima o poi! Grazie Synergo :)

    Lopsy yolo

    io lo gia visto @Riccardo Mariani

  10. platypusboy

    From Australia: This song altered me to Damo in 2009- so kudos to them. Seen him three times since then and them once. Salute to the band of brothers

  11. gary taylor

    just goes to show the Irish and the Scots are so linked

    we"re both dealing with the same shit

  12. Bfinn

    This is a fantastic version. Came across this by accident and the Proclaimers are the perfect act to give this a go.

  13. koikoiboi

    Love this song, love this version yet can't take my eyes off the moobs on the twin on the right! Sorry!

  14. Ralf King

    i love this song!! saw them sing it live in Austin Tx.

  15. bettyswollex

    a true band of brothers. Bua.

  16. Aine Ruth

    ah come one now, fair play to them for trying but they just don't come close to Damo!

  17. Brian Boylan

    Excellent stuff

  18. John Carolan

    human truths...

  19. Loubytee

    Absolutely love this version - Proclaimers are just great.

  20. mick walsh

    very underrated singig duo,pure class.

  21. theholyfather1

    Heard this on the radio today. Amazing version of a powerfull song. I,m a big fan of Damien Dempsey but this is beautyfull.