Proclaimers, The - New Religion Lyrics

Evidence of a new religion
I'll spare you the details
Effluent from a bloated business
With replica shirt sales
Two for the kids, one for the wife
Indicating a stunted life
Didn't know gullibility was so rife?
Well you do know now?

Evidence of a new rligion
Some hippy with a gripe
Strikes a blow with his census form
By summoning Star Wars tripe
Here's a thing I'd love to say
Lynndie England walks free today
If she'll only agree to play
With every Jedi Knight

An Lo! My faith it was honed
We can't be alone
Don't say we're alone

Give me ancestry that's inbred
Give me wit that's completely dead
Give me a zip for the back of my head
I want to join in too

Evidence of a new religion
Meeting a human need
fertiliser for the brain
Feeding the weakest seeds

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