Probot - Big Sky Lyrics

My world has died
All gusts and leaves
Your wondrous life
And love have ceased

And all you've touched
Is dead and gone
And night for night
We're all alone

Big sky throning over the tree
You've left behind
Through these tears lost
By your forlorn only child
Big sky throning over the tree
You've left behind

It hurts inside
This silence new
And yet i know
The wind is you

And all you've touched
Is dead and gone
And night for night
We're all alone

Big sky endless in your overwhelming pain
Free at last into the light behind this eternal rain
Big sky endless in your overwhelming pain

You'll never pale
You're never gone
And all within
I'm not alone

Big sky

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Probot Big Sky Comments
  1. Avalon Satans

    I mow the lawn

  2. Rusty Shackleford

    That is one masculine riff

    Melana Chasmata

    Trust the guy with godflesh pic to say


    Is power

  4. Cody James

    @TrollandDie yes chuck was approached to do this album, but due to his failing health he could not participate. In fact, I believe he passed before it was released? correct me if I'm wrong..


    Yes, you are correct.

    James P

    Cody James shred in peace chuck

  5. yung kfs

    This song hits you like a kidney punch!

  6. twitchymus

    This song has hit me in a painful spot ever since it came out

  7. Thomas Zajicek

    unless your a human centipede!!

  8. Ario Angelo

    its not even strange, that every asshole has an opinion also!

  9. Anton H

    Nooo... it's because the songs are excellent or at least very good instrumentally, and the album features some of the best metal vocalists ever.
    I'm not really a fan Dave Grohls other works but this is great!

  10. RdrckDeimos

    I miss a "Ugh" from Tom in this track =(

    Michael Campbell

    Whoo! Hey!

  11. annalee christie

    kicking the bass and the off timing xxx


    annalee christie I noticed that but at the very beginning only

  12. annalee christie

    this is louder than words music lovin thanx 4 relief probot celtic frost an all the people i dont know ur name

  13. annalee christie

    we can be alone together hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahaha

  14. annalee christie

    obviously good manners dont work anymore and the loudspeaking of advertising and religious bretheric are reigning supreme with a touch of yellow cake icing god bless heavy music but soft music helps me sleep and i have now grown to aprcc8 what my shepherd was lording us to has anyone put on this music or any music and seen the trees and birds at the same time oh beautiful

    Angelo Gleason

    I feel like you sniff flowers while swinging on top of a green hill under the protecting shade of an oak tree and sharing orchard fruits with brightly colored butterflies.

  15. annalee christie

    Tis my contention as well as others evidently that if one part of the body hurts some other part is gonna hurt what is happening in syria and all of a sudden out of nowhere people or persons are killing lots a folk when asked they say i thought it was a movie oops again if a part of the body hurts the rest of it feels it xxx

  16. CounterfeitDogz

    ROCK...... is a beast you can't tame or control or predict and when you do, you suck. DAMN THIS IS A GREAT ALBUM.

  17. Buzzmancer

    Everyone shut the fuck, no this isn't the best metal/rock album of all time, it's exactly what dave grohl wanted a tribute to all the metal singers/musicians that influenced him growing up. This album made me respect grohl so much more to see his influences was great and this is just a fun rock/metal album, not amagnum opus/masterpiece, remember guys he's a alt rock musician not a metal musician so ofcourse this isn't going to be the greatest metal album of all time, just something funandawesome

  18. Steel4

    @MeganS64 Dave Grohl made all the music and he had all these different singers contribute their own vocals and lyrics.

  19. KittySlayer69

    @xxMMxKIDxx lol thanks so much XD

  20. KittySlayer69

    @xxMMxKIDxx lol thats what i meant. but thanks :P

  21. RPGraciotti

    Is it just me, or it sounds like Dave Mustaine?

  22. EdUntouchable93

    @MrTranscendentalMind oh, well, yes. sorry xDD

  23. EdUntouchable93

    @SD5k and Triptykon, man. never forget Triptykon xD

  24. KittySlayer69

    this may be a dumbass question, but i have this CD. and i dont understant why it has all of these other bands/songs on it. :L


    KittySlayer69 it's basically a tribute album to all the metal bands that influenced Dave Grohl. He wrote all the music in the style of the bands,which is pretty insane and I think the vocalists wrote the lyrics.


    KittySlayer69 because it’s a Dave Grohl compilation of his favorite bands

  25. patrick's broken glute

    @lordmarshall7 I disagree.

  26. thousandlegger

    @govtschemes me too.

  27. pankhil kaicker

    this song is fukin' awesome!!

  28. Eric

    this is EPIC

  29. Eric

    this song so fucking good in the begging

  30. malyfromhell74

    Chuck had to play on this album, but he died, there was no contribution to this album

  31. John Flynn

    Was Chuck Schuldiner suppossed to play on this album if anybody knows?

  32. GrimRDrag

    @MusicianPooper Yeah theres a reason for that. Its called Metal

  33. Ray Mew

    If you were nt in the 80's then you are not going to appreciate these artists for what they are. They were legends and iloved them all. Well done to dave for getting them together again.

  34. TrueGamerXXV


    "Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one."


    and they usually stink

  35. taikogroove

    but come on... this really is just a heavier foo fighters song... a bit industrial maybe. I wouldn't call it metal
    love that Tom Warrior is on it.

  36. dizzygunner

    dave grohl is actuly a metalhead :D

  37. Midgetsdontfloat

    All it was was just Dave Grohl saying "Fuck it, I wanna write some metal again" and sending out requests to some of his favorite singers.

  38. ella goldbloom

    best riff on the album

  39. claude bawls

    he should put ff to bed and keep on doing this

  40. Mustachhe

    awesome stuff

  41. svds

    He also write the music, and recorded all instruments (except vocals of course).

  42. webbtje

    So what if it has Tom G Warrior and Lemmy? It's still dull.

    PS, favourite albums of all time: City by SYL, Words that go unspoken by Akercocke, Blessed are the Sick by Morbid Angel, Nothing by Meshuggah, This Godless Endeavor by Nevermore. Not too sure where you got the impression that I'm some nu-metal kid from. Believe it or not, I know my shit, and I can tell when an album is soulless drivel like Probot is.

  43. webbtje

    I feel dirty for stooping to this level, but...

    ...gtfo, n00b. It's a Black Sabbath/stoner metal ripoff with tired sounding vocals, boring and repetitive riffs and vocals, and overall a terrible vibe. Just no. If you think this is one of the best metal albums of all time, you can go and actually listen to some metal albums and realise how wrong you are.

  44. Grohljr

    This cant be Dave?;p

  45. rottencactus28

    tis cd is definitley one of the all time best metal albums eva!!!! so 2 all u haters,,, GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Wonder if YOU still stand behind this statement. Lots of great stuff released since ...

  46. PTSeifert

    I'm gonna have to agree with that statement.

  47. TobyDixMundis

    hahahahah i know!!! and that was the best one...

  48. peterabelard

    the vocals are good as always, but the song is just fine, nothing more. or maybe it will grow on me with more listens

  49. alist0

    like qosta on drums... dude seriously dave was on one album!!!

  50. blackholedays

    "By typing in the corresponding letters to this song blows"
    XDD Captain Obvious is here! what an ass XDDD

  51. SD5k

    That's Tom G. Warrior from Hellhammer/Celtic Frost.

  52. TobyDixMundis

    i love this mix sounds like queen of the stone age whit dave on the drum and that fucking voice rocks!!!