Problem - White Riviera Lyrics

[Hook - Stoney:]
Here's a lil story about a Eastside nigga
Fly motherfucker, everbody call it dealer
Came up on a plane from his Westside partner
Every time he bang it loud for a pack he say I got you

[Verse 1 - Stoney:]
Two niggas, one white Riviera
That nigga used to think he put the pedal to the metal
Back then I used to get the pound for the fino
Trap talk from the real dealer packer
Says the lil nigga used to hop the dought up in my hand finger
Born from a Taaka Vodka [?] liquor
Used to chip me up my money 'till I learn to count it quick
Hard times cut me up on my shit now I'm seein' clearest
Started rappin' cause I'm tired of [?] the lyrics
You never choped, you never fucked, you never bust a mission
You never copped, you never [?] you never bust presciptions
You're not a blood, you're not a crip, you'se a fucking gimmick
And that bitch you clamed you fuck said you never hit it

[Hook - Stoney:]
Here's a lil story about a Eastside nigga
Fly motherfucker, everbody call it dealer
Came up on a plane from his Westside partner
Every time he bang it loud for a pack he say I got you

[Bridge - Stoney:]
Now the line around the corner but the shop closed
I gotta run nigga shop closed (I went to meet the plug)
Now the line around the corner but the shop closed
I went to meet the plug

[Verse 2 - Stoney:]
Got that, double bag
First sale of the pack before a thirty sack
My nigga bleed he [?]
I told brother like to double keep the wood crackin'
Servin' out the window like the burger stand
Bad bitches and the homies get the ground for ten
Growin' up all I wanted was a bank roll
I got a line around the corner now I can't close

[Hook - Stoney:]
Here's a lil story about a Eastside nigga
Fly motherfucker, everbody call it dealer
Came up on a plane from his Westside partner
Every time he bang it loud for a pack he say I got you

Two niggas, one white Riviera!

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Problem White Riviera Comments
  1. ShawnTae Ebonique MN Hockaday

    Im the Boi Beyonce I'm shawntae ebonique hockaday..the LAST BaBY

  2. Victoria Roman


  3. Victoria Roman

    Still bump this shyt on the east coast like it came out yesterday lololol 👍🏽

  4. Brian Vasquez

    Probably the illist rap since the mid 90s

  5. Boii537


  6. 4sy_t


  7. Jony Gehret

    This shit harsh

  8. Zetsu Tsuletsu

    Flash backs of Easy E on that first jawn.

  9. Robert davis

    Dome daked

  10. Amina Rage

    Can wait for problem to put another tape out One of the realest to do it

  11. ichibanski8

    Playa del Rey beach, end of Culver blvd :)

  12. Chastity Youngblood

    Whoop one mob movement love loyalty salute whoop 😍😘

  13. Wilbert Villalta

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  14. yung Reyes

    2018 anyone

  15. Jakob Miller

    Why am I just now hearing this ????

  16. Anthony Gonzalez

    You never done shit either

  17. Anthony Gonzalez

    Winnie as stoney the bitch

  18. Un touchable

    Why Problem make denver lane gang signs? I thought he is from West Side Bompton?

  19. Gang of money Records

  20. Jason Garrett

    god damn were was I when this came out? shits fuckin 🔥🔥

  21. R/T Tommy

    My cuddy on da 4

  22. lil evil tha loc garden gang

    Thanks for this one much love WATTS UP!!!

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  24. cali ortiz

    Stoney Da Flees.........................Mona Gang

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  26. Autismo

    who is here just to see world stars first video

  27. Connor Tripoli

    Them lil kids dancing with him got me 💀. 😂😂😂

  28. Markel Zarandona Cañas

    Is it on spotify?



  30. Cesar Alvarez

    Gay rappers look at How they feel all over each other dnt got nothing against gay ppl..some ppl are fake as FUCK THO

  31. xiaughn71

    Whoever did this video dat nigga a beast!!

  32. orion astre sacre

    trop bon son

  33. Riley Daddie

    all summer'17

  34. Fuck In Su Perb #HittinYaWithThatGangstaShitt

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    "Good in the hood like burritos off the lunch truck "

  36. hkzy aor

    lol just saw n heard this


    "That just happened!"

  37. NOIMAD

    my step dad made this beat

  38. FlatDerp SS420

    mason symbols all over this video #killuminati

  39. cjb cjb

    Hell yeah

  40. Gustavo P.

    Why the police is in the video? The guys dont do anything wrong. Im not from America :)

    PeeGee BeeDee

    @Glenn Parker Soft. White.

    PeeGee BeeDee


    PeeGee BeeDee

    A Bitch Named MONA!

    Gustavo P.

    one question and world war stars lol


    Gustavo P. lol

  41. Brian C

    Lil Drawz 1:47 ... he be on Mona

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  43. Love Live Life

    this shit fire!

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    what a shit

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  46. Mike C

    I'm servin', yeaaaaaah S550 with my shirt off swervin'. 🔥🍁🔥🍁🔥💯🍁🍁

  47. AdrianKeepitLit

    problem and Rj need to make a mixtape!!!

  48. Hunter Gamer Drone

    Stoney dope as fuck. Sounds like a mix between eazy e and Danny brown

  49. Bee's Knees


  50. 45jubeishotgun

    I like this video. The girls at least look believable, like they really hang out with them, not paid to do so. Stoney is kinda dope, I'ma have to check him out.

    President SK

    true, that's what I like about it too

  51. Toni Penn

    2 foe 15 yea tha lito

  52. justin follesvold

    cali love baby you already know we go hard out this way...keep em comin

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    ayyy my bro in this

  54. Oumar Diane Jr

    that look like south centrial

  55. Ian Knight

    My god.. That voicemail at the end though.. I hope that was staged because NOBODY and I mean NOBODY would listen to more than 7 seconds of that.

  56. Chas Jaehn

    Stoney goes hard asf, as well as problem, say whaat.cant wait for something, seperation 2 or hotels 2 plz?

  57. Mike Will


  58. twinkles

    shid that's my MF cuzzo I see ya love this shit

  59. Nunsense3

    if you enjoy positive music, check my latest music video. Good music is timeless. Let me know what you think. blessed.

  60. Detective Alonzo Harris

    Shot out to the lil fat boy at 0:30 seconds...U the reason why i turnt up to this shit

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    This clip is pure 90's

  62. Team Player

    that shirt looks like one of those old Coke Cola shirts .

  63. HiImBoredAF

    This song goes harddd

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    Yeah I fuccs wit it, I been fucn with Cuz and Bad Lucc since I first caught on to the separation. Appreciate the that real shit. Shout out to Compton and Watts! Rip Big Dee Love You big Cuz!

  65. LouLou Gonzalez

    This track go hard. Someone please tell me Who did the beat?!?!??


    +Lourdes Gonzalez beat is made by qwest


    My step dad

    Imunique Stephens

    ozwynt what’s his Instagram

  66. Lovell John

    on Cripj da on ✋✋

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    StoneyThaDealer look like Pharrell and Swae Lee had a baby

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    5:17....that chick is badass

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    Dominic... smh, u dumb bruh u wanna say that to his face? haha

  71. Arthur Minasyan

    hat on wit my shirt off so these hoes can see my bird cage haha this beat kill any other one problem, diamond lane music own this game

  72. Phlatt

    Only thing is 2 dollars bill arent fake somebody need to tell problem that lol dope ass song

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    Giggin, fool

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  77. TLM C-Note

    i swear to god my cuzzo done came up stoney tha dealer if u see this i hit u up on ig nigga we need to link up ill come threw with the tree cause u aint smoked with me yet but u smoked with joey @stoneythadealer

  78. Lady777

    2:33 is when I stopped listening to it

  79. tish page

    stoney my nephew i used to change this nigga diapers this nigga done came up im proud of him i remember when he was just doing lil mix tapes now he came up

  80. Jon Doe

    that jorden down?

  81. Dominic Barile

    This guy looks like a fuckin clown... Problem looks like a boss as always.. but who the fuck is this ugly ass other guy lol


    +Dominic Barile have you not seen majority of the shit young thug wears? this is casual compared to that dude.

    Dominic Barile

    @dirtymuffins23 hes not ugly lmao he just has weird hair and dresses weird haha

    Joshua Banning

    +Dominic Barile Who gives a shit about what he looks like. Music is for the ears and that fool spits fire

    Domo Beee

    @Dominic Barile hey my bestfriend cute lol.. his swagg is dope.check out his i.g. @stoneythadealer


    the nigga look like a bootleg chief keef

  82. Jay Vincent

    stoney the great is about to blow up. his lyrical style dope as fuck

  83. wattstownla


  84. James Super-J

    StoneyThaDealer's flow is sick.. #RealMC. /// THAT TRACK "SERVIN" SHOULD BE ALL OVER THE AIRWAVES. #FIRE

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    haha, pre dope,i remember people used to always pronounce my name as riviera...i rap too foo checc me out

  86. wattstownla


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  89. Atreid3s

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    lil homie at 0:31 kills it!!! orange & white shirt! LOL

  94. Frank L

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