Problem - Use 2 Lyrics

[Hook - Problem:]
Can't be fuckin' with these bitches like I used to
No they don't make 'em like they used to
No they don't make 'em like they used to
No they don't make 'em like they used to
I can't be fuckin' with you niggas like I used to
Cause no they don't make 'em like they used to
No they don't make 'em like they used to
No they don't make 'em like they used to

[Verse 1 - Problem:]
They don't make 'em like they used to, shit
That's gon' take some gettin' used to, shit
I'm in the hood, on the backstreets
My old best friend tryna clap me
So I'm like fuck it, what the fuck a nigga gon' do?
I gotta get up before he give me but I love do
Hooh, it's a fucked up feeling
Cock it back, get high, hit the muthafuckin' ceiling
Like playin' what these niggas betta get that
LA the land of the getback
Make sure the weed kush before I hit that
And if I ain't got a condom I won't hit that
Shit done changed from how a nigga used to be
My mind ain't the same as it used to be
Shouldn't wait for the truth to see
Got a little money ab baby right up in my boot to see
That's why I

[Hook - Problem]

[Verse 2 - Bad Lucc:]
It ain't the same, but I'm cool
I don't fuck with niggas anyway
Stay to myself like a nigga who trust me
Who never did me wrong, who neva broke my heart
Who never pointed me out on the lick
These hoes quick to get me set up but with another chick
Fightin' to get it lit, the box have me callin' it quits
Ain't that the pitch know Jason
See that's how the game show

[Bridge - Problem:]
They don't make 'em like they used to, shit
That's gon' take some gettin' used to, shit
They hate it when a nigga crackin'
They'd rather meet me in the hood back-trappin'
I stay in my lane, can't be worried bout these otha ones
Five years, prolly bout to have anotha one
Shit, plus a young nigga just got payed
So I'm a have to get anotha one

[Hook - Problem]

[Verse 3 - Bad Lucc:]
I'm seasoned for this, learned the game for many seasons
I've enlisted, a gift, a curse, the soul rehearse
So I neva make that mistake twice, throw the rice
I'm married to the concept of conquering
Bum ass hoes and fake bros crossin' the love-word
Cheer for the kid that they sent as love birth
On Instagram flexin' with a nigga like Love Birds
Please, let me loose, let me believe what I do
Let me believe you ain't true
It's easier to not fuck you, let's keep it cordial
I won't even record you I'm askin' myself what would the Lord do
Judas, well there you have it the cut-off is automatic

[Hook - Problem]

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Problem Use 2 Comments
  1. Noemyskillz

    Bad lucc 👌👌

  2. Noemyskillz

    Problem underrated

  3. Jony Gehret

    Don't make them like they used to

  4. Arin Lewis

    These boys always come with the Heat $tr8 up💯🔥💪🏿

  5. Auto Gtown

    when we cruisin in the benzo
    My girl always playin this.
    Its a fucked up feeling part is where its att

  6. Saltwater boy

    must be talking about lil Xan

  7. J . Costa

    Great Video, Great Song

  8. Melanise Tommasi

    Real SHIT, they don't make em like day use too!

  9. Old_tooth_paste

    Ive been listening to this song since 2015 now its 2018 ITS FIRE 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. Nate Tha Barber

    Good job.

  11. Aaron Brown

    hell yeah gangster shit

  12. Lemie Bizz

    this right here Wetttt Ler!!!

  13. Western_African _King

    Love that beat and melody

  14. Western_African _King

    Just got out on .. 2017

  15. Chyna West

    real rap stand up

  16. mark simon

    I swear folks sleeping on this nigga



  18. Mike Gogel

    people still sleeping on this dude in 2017

  19. Kyle Phippin

    so underrated problem a strait up real one 100

  20. Xavier Edison

    That's the west bic

  21. Floyd McCarty

    Problem raises the level and makes it uneven. Lay low and blast EM!



    Anti Riku

    Autotune, fam.

    Marx Zalez

    looks like he barely used any lol


    Marx Zalez Are you freaking serious the whole song is audio tuned ..This generation is pussified...

    Marx Zalez

    lol he barely used any tho its not like he is off tune or anything lol and homie go complain somewhere else about "this generation" lol

  23. Mark Pedersen

    I memeber

  24. Daddy Hammons

    yess indeed very underated.and this song is as real as it gets!! INDUBITABLY

  25. Epic Gaming

    can someone explain what the songs about to me

    I Dont Have A Name

    Epic Gaming fake ass ppl

  26. Rachel Zimmerman

    They don't make em like they use too, it'll take some time to get use too. Still poppin in 2016.

  27. Desiree Luton

    This is classic

    jason robinson

    LOL while it is fire it is NOT a classic go look up bill withers, johnny burnette ,dion THOSE are classics

  28. Mike Roman

    trueee shit videos wack tho

  29. Le`Mar Cone

    that second bad lucc verse 💯💯💯💯

  30. Evalina Johnson

    This is Real

  31. el chapo jr kimg of the trap

    wait so problem can take his hat off

  32. Lil Trae Cole

    I love problem 😘

  33. lukas354 ha

    shit I slept on this

  34. Ocarri Customs

    my favorite rapper love the music keep it coming


    It was an honor to work with the greats Bad Lucc X Problem X DLMG.....

  36. Ray J

    this shit is fire ,if u don't agree, u don't understand musical lyrics and composition ! listen how they compliment each other.

  37. SirKaross

    problem is a blood

  38. Admir Fazlic

    best song on wshh channel

  39. noumenon

    1:53 daaammmnn

  40. Youn9 9unz

    Problem n bad lucc need to do more they always on point

  41. michael adrenaline.mike

    this is a jam real talk real life shit keep it real

  42. soicystaxx

    grow the afro back!

    Pj Zip

    he did look coo wit da fro

  43. Billhilly

    I'm gettin abused 2...


    OK I like this but....... WHATS UP WITH THE DUDE RAPPING, he really isn't "rhyming" N it just doesn't go OR MAYBE I'm just taking it wrong, I'll have to watch it again

    -TJ Bear

    +LOKDOWNKING you dumb as fuck or wat?

  45. Nancy Jayla Chacon

    loved the video , song's on point , & yes they dont make them like they used too!

  46. Grinch X

    i feel that 100 if u about it keep it up

  47. yeshua we shall be saved , jesus is my answer

    your fake if you cant relate to this shit !!

  48. yeshua we shall be saved , jesus is my answer

    only real people can relate to this . people only get jealous and fuck over people who are doing better than them. people who hustle more people who struggle and keep getting back up . people who get more hoes even . shit. this song tells you a story about how it changes you and shit talking about not trusting no one . getting stabbed , shot , jumped by your "friends or homies" is fucked up . ive been through that shit

    michael adrenaline.mike

    im with you on this

    Dougy 187

    +michael adrenaline.mike stfu lie


    This nigga problem look like marcus houston's twin

  50. Knomad

    problem dropping hits! Visuals was on point


    pelea de toros

  51. Ivan Meza

    I fuck witchu Problem but damn this sound like that Drake "Used To" chorus. Stay in ur own lane bruh! #DiamondLane

    Ivan Meza

    It is but sounds similar to Drakes track


    2 songs sound nothing alike, flow is completely different

    Austin Gray

    +MRSuavethe1st ikr

  52. Oscar Lynch

    same flow same beat come on rappers need to work more harder its just all the same now days it kind a pissis me of you know it gets sortof boring.ha

    david hernandez

    Kick rocks weenie

  53. E. L.

    diamond lane!

  54. Lola Wm

    Problem you killed it foo!keep this wave coming,

  55. Lola Wm

    Course is fire

  56. Pobz A

    Not disappointing like the other WSHH songs...

    Raw Raw

    +Pobz A fr I'm downloading this

  57. Ferdinando 1

    pls name of model tnk

  58. That one guy

    Song straight.


  59. StuckInMyWays ClothingCo.

    this is actually coo and this video fire

  60. DZON

    music should like this.

  61. OG OCHO

    I don't comment on shit but this song legit 💯

  62. Jo Fa

    pure garbage....rather listen to lady gaga

    david hernandez

    Move along square

  63. Catarino Oviedo

    I like this chill style

  64. ken king

    real music.

  65. 3kT.V.

    Video is fvcking amazing made me actually like the song👏. Sub to our channel for creative songs and vids like this dropping soon

    Raw Raw

    +3kT.V. right

  66. Always Broke

    wack af!

  67. Rob Meez

    #Salute bro bro

  68. Chico G

    I think we go have a PROBLEM after this one

  69. TheRealKevin MANE

    These stupid people in the comments.. Like the song and video..! Who cares if it talks about murder or whatever! It's Problem! Respect it, if not, go watch some young thug or Quan! DIAMOND LANE!

    Carlos Rangel

    Go get em bro! Hell yeah!
    Diamond Lane!!

    This Is Indie

    TheRealKevin MANE real talk

    Saltwater boy

    TheRealKevin MANE same dude Problem DL from day 1 remember people asking who this LOL

  70. IamDaso

    Molly wood 3

  71. U.C.ME!! Visuals MG

    concept on point. Never heard of dude...nice joint.


    Never heard of him? Did you play GTA 5?

    U.C.ME!! Visuals MG

    +BLVCK LORD Na...haven't  GTA 5?...

    Carlos Rangel

    +BLVCK LORD if you heard of him in GTA 5, gtfo please.☺️ Thank you


    @Carlos Rangel I didn't I was saying you should at least know of him if you played Gta 5 smh

    Carlos Rangel

    +BLVCK LORD My bad. From the sound of it, made me feel like you did.

  72. JohnTheRedNeckTHUG

    I'm white mfs and this song hard Search "Kidd Cutta - Shark city"

  73. Don Carlitos

    first Brazilian

    Equip Giovanni

  74. Nick

    Don't make em like they used to

  75. Taktavious Xertoxal

    Kinda boring

    TheRealKevin MANE

    How is it boring?

    Taktavious Xertoxal

    @TheRealKevin MANE Cause of the song

    Raw Raw

    +Lil Juan naw its pretty fire I'm not gonna lie i came here to download it

    Taktavious Xertoxal

    +Raw Raw Ur trippin i aint sayin its wack but fire? lukewarm

  76. Ki Mill

    when bro cut hus hair tho lol??

  77. Juan Sean

    problem look differ asf

  78. Sea Bass

    gee a black man singing about murder... how odd

    Isabel Chavez

    @Pobz A lol

    Lazara Hawkins

    kill yo self lol

    Salene Brom

    Sea Bass it's paint

    Walker Chapman

    Go fucking die. You're an embarrassment to white people/ humanity. What a waste of space and oxygen.

  79. Zimzala Producer


  80. Money Making MZA

    I like this different kind of visual .......I am a independent rapper from Miami if you like trap music check out the high quality music videos on my page


    +Iroc Maro Yo,you wearing any socks on atm sir =o?

  81. Damian Dunlap

    Great video

  82. Barbaros B

    ALSO please stop making 1 minute intros. nobody gives a shit

    TheRealKevin MANE

    Where are your videos at?.. No one cares for your opinion.. Keep it to yourself

    Barbaros B

    @TheRealKevin MANE Go play with your friends on twitter. stop talkin to a  grown ass man

  83. Ending Ignorance

    1st dislike

  84. Kenya Raphael

    the video is what i was expecting when i heard this song