Problem - Lightwork Lyrics


Bout to make another million of a mixtape
Bang her out then dip out before the bitch wake
Run up on a mark bet the bitch break
When it's money on the line make ya bitch wait
Dog I'm off the chain man the leash gone
Let your marks see now the beast home
Now its time for yall to roll like a fixed flat
Six figure check fuck a six pack
Junior I'm a King, watch my Martin Luther
Feeling like Eazy when he started Ruthless
Bet a nigga do his thing for he clock out
If Like Whaaat was the hit, this the knockout
This knockout
Nigga this the knockout
Fuck the club dog, I'm bout to turn the block out
Young niggas on ten with they Glocks out
But still catch fades cause they crazy with the knockouts
Decisions made with feelings don't end well
Your real ain't familiar, I don't remember you
Smelling like Givenchy and gorilla glue
Bossed up, hired homies, did what real niggas do
It ain't hard to stay motivated
Cause with every win comes another goal
Buy a new Benz save another soul
Pull up swervin they like damn that muthafucka cold

Pull up swervin they like damn that muthafucka cold

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Problem Lightwork Comments

    It's a slapper

  2. Muana Pachuau

    🔥 HARD 💯 👌 🤝 🔥

  3. Thomas Ma

    Crazy Show yesterday in Stuttgart germany. Who See this??

  4. Victoria Roman

    Do u hear that.... ??! Listen!!! problem the shyt

  5. Victoria Roman

    From Cali tho ..

  6. Victoria Roman

    Problem is sooo sick! I love problem been bumpin ur shyt in a northern VA for a min now

  7. Victoria Roman

    The shyt

  8. V S O P: Visions Started Over Pain

    New Fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Louie Luna


    Problem bad as fucj
    505 jokes

  10. Azure

    I for sure thought the 2nd part of the song was some totally different dude.

  11. Gexel Sangrenes

    Betta watch yourself i really like the beat so catchy.. Lit🔥

  12. Slopoke

    Problem brought me here!

  13. Tomeka Hayes

    World of dance brought me here..Funkonometry


    Tomeka Hayes. Big fax

  14. ronald telos

    Sounds like taste..

  15. ronald telos

    Kinjaz made shit like a hit on my ear..

  16. jesse joe

    2019 this shit is still on fire!!!!!!!!!

  17. Joe Hall

    Reminds me of snoop!!

  18. Bboy Power

    kinjaz arena 2018brought me here

  19. prason chettri

    you should thank and watch out the kinjaz plz

  20. lost 559

    The plug brought me here. Always playing problem at work summer 16.

  21. BiggQue

    Came here because the scene on Insecure Season2E1

  22. BiggQue


  23. Corey Becker

    Why the fuck am I just hearing this? Who are kinjaz? Who is keone? All I know is Problem

  24. Ced Mc

    this shit BANGIN' HARD!!!!!!! respect from the deep south cuz.... damn!!!!

  25. Jhunttah Katana

    Betta watch yo self
    Betta watch yo self
    Aww shit

    [Verse 1]
    All you niggas swear you with the fuck shit
    Til it's time to get buck
    A lot of talk, no nuts
    See that ain't how I was raised
    Send packs, catch fades
    Stay on the move or catch strays
    Forever on the go
    Money get low it's ewoohoo
    Bro I ain't afraid of that
    Cause if I made mill one time
    It's no question I can make it back
    That's on the gang
    Broady what up
    We drunk laughin at the niggas we cut
    And how they out here politic'in
    But ain't nobody but they momma listening
    That's on the gang
    It's hot out here
    Seem like everybody gettin shot out here
    Ex bitch stalking my post
    So what you lookin for a shout out here
    Get lost
    They love my sauce
    The way I say R they love my talk
    California reppin, Lords my weapon
    Never count my money fore' I count my blessings
    Just made a left on Western
    Got a green chili from Ramonas tho
    See a mark nigga out my side eye
    He think I ain't tripping but I'm on him doe
    Dern Avenue with an attitude
    In these magazines fully magazined
    Mind full of weed, I don't fuck with lean
    But I'm far from a preacher nigga do ya thing
    It's hot here
    Girl you thought we didn't know you was a bop out here
    Giving niggas top, setting up plots to have niggas run up in my house out here

  26. Casha Nova

    Problem is so slept on...

  27. Rinku Rathore

    Kinjaz is awesome dance crew

  28. Truer JETS



  30. Trang Nguyễn

    kinjaz put me on. Nice

  31. Tachanka Dream

    very good!!

  32. Angga D.rukmana

    kinjaz brought me here wkwkwk

  33. Justin Preuss

    Problem brought me here

  34. carlos caponpon


  35. Xin C

    Love the beats and the light

  36. T Savage

    #DiamondLane PROBLEM

  37. Errolx Llenos

    Thanks to kinjaz hahahaha

  38. Productions Just Him

    And kEONE brouht me here too , so dope coreo, i mean epic !!

  39. vic'd'ories

    where i have been?

  40. Jodi Yasmin

    KINJAZ 🔥

  41. 通りすがりのブス女전정국



    通りすがりのブス女 わかる


    Both songs 🔥🔥🔥

  43. dc14eva19

    "Pull up swervin, they like damn that muthafuka cold!"

  44. Lyrico ND3 Ggsosonikole

    haha yeah 👑

  45. T Williams

    Listen to this each and everyday oooooo🔥

  46. K Pintcho

    Wack white bitch!...

  47. Greatest Ever

    Problem brought me here just to tell y'all that this whole tape is 🔥🔥


    me too...KINJAZ bring me here

  49. Selena Ortiz

    This guy goes hard🔥🔥

  50. sospeter kimani

    kinjaz brought me here too.

  51. Alistair Dollente

    This is one of them classics & Kinjaz got swag...

  52. Henry Prabowo


  53. aslam amir

    kinjaz brought me here. but why only 300K only views? it should be 2million something or better then despashito!!

  54. young hood

    Yg disss

  55. Lil Pickle Rick

    Problem is one of my favorite rapper he is so great 🔥 🔥

  56. Luis André

    It` a trap

  57. Antonio Fixx

    somebody please make an instrumental for Better Watch Yo Self

  58. Royce En

    hahaha all kinjaz fans were here!!! 👏😊😆

  59. Chill Rob

    After seeing the Kinjaz vid I just want to walk up to my co-workers and yell "better watch yo self!"

  60. Brandon lee

    at least 70% of viewers here are from watching Keone and the rest of the Kinjaz #Kinjabang

  61. Fadh Hz

    who else can imagine Keone's choreography while the song goes on?

  62. ehTimboi

    Why isnt this on spotify?

  63. Robin Wenceslao

    All the comments talks 'bout "Kinjaz and Keone brought me here". Haha

  64. Leandrinho 2

    Que som fodaaaaaaaaaaa

  65. Papa LLamu

    Bro problem this is fire

  66. Ankhjargal Jargalsaikhan

    Kinjaz brought me here

  67. MRK3LV

    He needs to re-shoot this video with Kinjaz

  68. Asq Ignatova

    Cool Song Bro! 😆

  69. Nonos Neon

    Never count my money for..
    I.count my blessings..

  70. who? what!

    if u like best music ;) subscribe

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  73. Kanedough

    cant stop listen and dance to it

  74. Ludwing Van Beethoven

    Quien aquí viene por KINJAZ?

  75. 141johndo

    this song dumps. loving the 90s west coast gangsta sound. definately need clyde carson on this remix that would be dope.

  76. Big Slim

    am I the only one who dosen't know who keone is?

    Tanisha NeeNee Ashford

    Lol I thought it was just me WTF 😂😂

  77. Tristen Lam

    This shit is str8 🔥 actually thought it was nipsey

  78. naica williams

    Too damn underrated

  79. Bryan Teo


  80. John Carlo Esteban


  81. Pala dinx

    kinjaz brought me here #rep

  82. Voltage

    so im guessing 140 of the comment are kinjaz based 😁🔥🔥🔥

  83. Vince Zosa

    kinjaz brought me here :)

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    Kinjaz Brought me here 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  85. Carl A.M

    "kinjaz brought me here" comments brought me here

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  87. DarkCeChan

    kinjaz brought me here, glad to hear real hip hop! sick n tired of hearing dat Weak Munble rap...Keep it real Problem!

  88. bunu gandharba

    Just made my day 🙌🏻

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    Kinjaz brought me here!

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    kinjaz brought me here

  92. The Makeup Daddy

    If it's so hot out there, why is everyone wearing jackets and hoodies? It can't be that bad can it?

    Treycito K

    The Makeup Daddy ...meaning crimes not weather lol

  93. Hanate

    Bet the artist watched them too xD

  94. enhee LoRenZ

    Problem you need watch how kinjaz dancing on this fucking dope music ))

  95. Dean coleman

    Kinjaz sent me here