Problem - Lift Off Lyrics

[Intro - Problem:]
Lift off!

[Verse - Bad Lucc:]
Fuck with me I go hammers, beams all in my cameras
Black and white, them the pandas, and we don't fuck with them pandas
I used to ride that fifth wheel, pull a Vols up at [?]
B-A-D, I'm the man, you understand, DLG on my canvas
Rock red, I'm a raider, baby, magazines, no Fader, baby
When I move, move major, baby, family first, no favors, baby
Fat boy and he's workin', play with yourself, not jerkin'
Better talk to this nigga like [?], I keep a fifth on my person
Down bad, I go all out, I break bread with my crew
In them Jordan 6, grab my dick and tell a bitch (What it do?)
Yeah, I slang verses for a couple zones, no [?], bitch, I'm hustlin'
Racked out and it's nothin', head shot, we go pumpkin
Talk the talk like a preacher, I'm too damn good for a feature
My brother Prob' gon' eat ya, this my class and I'm the teacher
Boy, I light it up and go bar for bar, go above the law with the raw
If I show a flaw, them pistols draw, put a hunnid thou on my pa
Give me give me dollars, bitch, I wanna ball
I'm looking like a shooting guard, I'm fucking off
It's Diamond Lane until I'm under city, baby
Real nigga can't play me, or fade me
Nigga, all about the dollars
I used to want the '96 Impala
I growed up and I'm throwed
Bitch, that's on the vogues

[Outro - Problem:]
Lift off!
Nigga, lift off!
Yeah, lift off!
Lift off!
354, lift off! (Whaaaat)
354, lift off! (Whaaaat)
354, lift off! (Whaaaat)
354, lift off! (Whaaaat)
354, lift off!

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