Problem - Hennessy Lyrics

[Hook - Problem:]
Drinking Hennessy, getting high riding with my niggas
Dark days thought we never ever see sunshine
No lie now I shine with my niggas

[Verse 1 - Problem:]
Inhaling smoke with my lungs ya here it come
Will I live to see the sun nobody knows
Travel roads that they scared to drive
What I've seen make a sane man petrified
I remember hearing shots it was late December [?]
Shotty popped his body dropped me and my cousin ran
Breathing hard like "you seen that nigga"
Later on my body froze when I seen the killer cross the street
[?] dad that the kid just lost
Popping pills trying to lose the thoughts
One day we all gon' live or we can die strong either we got to carry on
Devil on the phone fuck it


[Verse 2 - Problem:]
The pressure building seems I can't take it
Supposed to pick the kids up but I can't make it
Daddy out here on the hood trying to change their life
Praying that the money make it right
But only lord knows what the future is
This a different area niggas shoot you in front of your kids
[?] who you is
And who they not, lick a shot for the hooligans
Solute those who came from the slums
Real niggas help extend the plugs
One day we all gon' live or we can die strong either we got to carry on
Devil on the phone fuck that

[Hook x3 - Problem & Rich Homie Quan]

[Verse 3 - T.I.:]
I'm still looking for the sunshine
Running around with them choppers dodging one time getting high
Twenty one dimes left to sell
On probation still throwing rocks at the jail
You get less time for rape then selling a brick
So who cares if we got a black president
On bended knees ask the lord "can you hear me?"
Let me meet my grand kids 'fore they kill me
And G's go to heaven I hope it don't take long
Just put me next to Malcom, Martin, Pac, and Trayvon"
All I ever wanted to do was see my dad happy
And would my momma hope my grandmomma ain't mad at me
Because I went to prison twice for living the life
Made a promise to the judge still rolling the dice
Wish Phil came back resurrected
Ain't got to like it but you better respect it or else
Still walking through the mall with a tec on my belt
Nigga cross that line I'm a kill him myself
Chasing down that hundred mil trying to get it myself
And ain't nobody gave a shit we had to get it for sale
Yo bitch big dick she a rounding up
Plus she with her home girl and they down to fuck
So what's up
You had to should've put it out a little quicker
Had your partner pouring out a little liquor
Pussy nigga try to get me
I squeeze triggers 'til my drum empty
What do we have here now
Do you want to ride or die ladadadadada
Sipping Hennessy, middle finger to my enemy
Pull up with choppers in your project like remember me
I hope you fine let 'em fly fuck nigga
You fucking with a fly young nigga from the west side

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