Problem - Be On Lyrics

You know I'm harder than you
Ridin around not getting at ass niggas
Dumb fly niggas
Nah nigga, uh man

Every time you see me I be on, I be on
Every time you see me I be on, I be on
Every time you see me I be on,
Every time you see me I be on,
Every time you see me I be on,
Every time you see me I be on

[Verse 1:]
Every time you see me I be on,
Fuck on who? I can smoke up on half a zone
I'm like a captain, drop the dozen in my liquor
I'm a dog, yea I fuck before I kiss er
Diamond Lane again, I'm ridin for my team
Real up on me and you see just what I mean
Well you better pray to Lord before you cross me
I don't teach it like the niggas, never watch me
And that means he getting money for you dug bitches
Stay high, so I get to these young bitches
Money talkin, all these hoes love my lingo
Don't know it's big as this dick on my ego
It's all the niggas and I know because the moves that I be makin
I am the man because the risks that I done taken
Just tick some more dust, now my whole body is shakin

Every time you see me I be on, I be on
Every time you see me I be on, I be on
Every time you see me I be on,
Every time you see me I be on,
Every time you see me I be on,
Every time you see me I be on

[Verse 2:]
To get high ass me yo ass gon need a ladder
My girl a dime, my other bitches swear they badder
Swag on foolies, on my mind don't let me think
I'm callin, have my youngins knockin I don't question
Holy Water, oh my God I freakin feel it
Any pussy in my way I freakin kill it
Where that molly? Give it here, I pop it now
Call up yo girl to her house then knock it down
Every day it's about dollars so you know I'm out here cakin
They go on top 'cause of the risks that I done taken
Haters got a mind, yea I see they body achin
I don't know about you but...

Every time you see me I be on, I be on
Every time you see me I be on, I be on
Every time you see me I be on,
Every time you see me I be on,
Every time you see me I be on,
Every time you see me I be on

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Problem Be On Comments
  1. Jennifer Luis

    Dumb ass slappin 510 East bay ya beezie

  2. Breanna Hernandez

    holy water omg i feel it

  3. Joseph Lapeer

    Its going straight how I th I u ft t street fight fuck

  4. carnage6ar

    We're do I get the heat swap meet or naw

  5. Mini92

    Can you make a clean version

  6. Nathalie Robles



    I be on pt2 plzz on s2

  8. Felisha Gonzales

    R.i.p my chinaa 👼
    Song reminds me of youuu I miss you hella

  9. Victor Coronado

    it's 2018 I still Be....On...One$$$


    Best rapper best song right here 🔥whaaaat

  11. فواز ميوزك - Fawaz Music

    i'm The Boy With The Comment No. 100 :)


    Palms itching like a niqqa neva washed it 🔥

  13. isaac Rayder

    What’s with the red cuz

    Patty Gerard

    Drink Poison



  14. Jesus

    so under rated. I love his cutz.


    Julia Ridgeway this the goat

  15. donna espinosa

    its alright....

  16. Francisco Hernandez


  17. SparklezandSweetzTV

    Fun ass Memories


    What up prob luving yo shit,DEE HARBOR. CiTY🔥

  19. Sam M

    Where can I get a Detroit hat like that from

  20. Got You

    where u at

  21. Stefan S


  22. Ro C

    You ridin around, not git nit ass nigga

  23. Bradley Smith

    best problem song so underrated


    Bradley Smith agreed💯

  24. geo salvador

    fucken love this song

  25. Amir

    er time you see me I be on!

  26. The Duder

    Everytime I play this, subs be on

  27. ganges

    This is the best track ever made.

    Daniel Olsen

    I was on everyday for like 6 months to this song bro


    @Daniel Olsen Man I don't even smoke but this shit makes me feel like I just did

  28. David Garcia

    well todays the first fuckin day no one hits me up fuck it haha turn up

  29. Leonel Resendiz

    Any 1 know what kind of shades he using ?

    baby pink

    they kinda look like wayfarer sunglasses

  30. 5hift6ear

    Holy water oh my god I freakin' feel it
    Any pussy in my way I freakin' kill it
    Where that molly, give it here I'll pop it now
    Call up yo girl head to her house then knock it down...


    5hift6ear bang bang

  31. Silky tha pimp S.T.P

    man I was thizzzzin lastnite played this allnitte while watching porn 6 hours straight fuk DAT molly that make u feel like u snorted a q of soft##fukdatshit

  32. Alex Overton

    to get as high as me yo ass gon need a ladder

    Lakisha Bastian

    Alex Overton he tight AF & I hope he keep runnin new songs from his heart! Love him like I used to love Lil Wayne #Lyrical



    john boss

    Alex Overton your simple aint you

  33. Janet Salvador

    mah shitt doee

  34. lil bill

    He's definitely Underrated .

  35. Big Daddy

    errytime you see me, I be on

  36. Lamonta Roper

    Dis Shit Sound like some Bay area Muzik..

    Real Richmond, Ca

  37. Daathstroke


  38. Keiffer Meyers

    Did everyone just hear this on Pandora?

  39. DWillTheGreat AWillTheGreat

    This shit is dope and im over on the east coast . Much respect this shit is fire

  40. jae zee

    he deserves more love..he underrated.

    Truman Kane

    jae zee

    Christian Barrett

    I agree.

    Daniel Olsen

    For real!

  41. Reezy Cash

    Where that molly , Give it here ill pop it now , Call up yo girl head to her house then knock it down

  42. jayborneo

    This is the meanestttt ishh

  43. kiwi8476

    The first verse, before, "I can smoke up on a half a zone" doesn't sound like he is saying, "f*** on who?" Is that what he really is saying, it doesn't sound like it to me.


    I'm trying to get this song down. So BA! It's killing! Lyrics are killing!

    Everything's Chill

    "Pop a hoo, just smoked up like half a zone."

    A hoo/who must be a pizzle


    @ProgressNotProfit Every single lyric site says "F*** on who", they have it so wrong!

    Donny Smyser

    @ProgressNotProfit pop a ooahp. pop a thizzle.

  44. toby mange

    Song hits stupid hard on a system.!!


    The Bass is todamn nice wit it!! haha

    Big Crip

    stupid widit

    Ricky Ruiz

    fucking retarded with it

  45. Kaylee Sexton

    Where do I gets the sweater

    Original KrYpTyC

    +Kaylee Sexton the kayo corp or ccs

    Phoenpaseuth Duangjai

    Kaylee Sexton
    Phoenpaseuth Duangjai
    San Diego CA 92113
    Call 619 317-5577

    Christian Barrett

    Phoenpaseuth Duangjai Thanks for that. I need to come out to California again and check it out.

  46. Jason Costa

    to get high as me your ass gon need a ladder

    lost child Faith

    You would need a fuckn satellite...pop an oxy and smoke more kush then burning forest ...

  47. Team Burban Lyfe Music

    #burbanlyfeapproved  Team BurbanLyfe Salute!!! Tight.

  48. Kajonha Williams

    I BE ON!!!!!!!!

  49. gpoop23

    Problem is what trap is supposed to sound like.


    @gpoop23 At this point, I don't even know what trap is.

    Amanda Mcrae

    +You Aint Really Out Here only thing ratchet on this video, is your lack of proper English


    this is more hyphy then trap homie.

    Lakisha Bastian

    Amanda Mcrae booooooooooo

    Christian Barrett

    You Aint Really Out Here Why are you mad over an opinion you dumbass lame.

  50. xFallenRagex

    This shits bangin, someone needs to bass boost this shit.

  51. Dezmen Ruelas

    it makes my car fing loud

  52. SkamcityTay


  53. Gill Goudie

    Best dgk sweat ever out there

  54. Randolph Turner

    Super Slap!!!

  55. bernard mange

    This song hits super HARD on my car system straight Turning heads though my shit was going to blow out Haha

    Marcus Jensen

    dude respect. u got that 100% right man.  this slaps


    hell yea this song go hard my kickers be knocking my tailgate like a mofo a cop rolled up on me saying my shit bumps hahaha made my day


    Ain't nothing but a G THANG baaaaaby. West Coast gangsta shit. We OOOON!!! Been OOOON!!! Gon stay OOOOOOON!!!

  57. Ice Storm


    Santos Constanza

    On the real that shit goes hard

  58. Creeze718

    0:55 .. that is all.

  59. Chase Lewis

    Make a lyric video.! Dis shit go hard as fuck.! L gang.!

  60. Joseph Hernandez

    nigga on my MOMMA!

  61. Marcus Jensen

    this track straight slaps

    Marcus Jensen

    fuggn Durpi on the beat

    John Doe

    god damnit dupri

    Marcus Jensen

    @Ballbobuys hell ya bro

  62. Alex Reyna

    representing cali the right way boi, Keep doin wat u do

  63. imhisboobitch

    I be on too baby! I love you #problem #daRemedy

  64. Kiyana Askew

    I love this guy.

  65. YAtv

    *ATTENTION ATTENTION* there's a new vlog/web show called: TeenageHotlineTv so, type in the search box "SuperDayvon12" & subscribe its going to be crazzzzy

  66. Harvey Bluntman

    Every time doe.