Problem - Ain't Fuh Me Lyrics

I don't get involved with the shit
Stay calm through the storm the revolver I'll flip
Money come by the bags and won't fit in the clip
Wet flows on ten toes, I'm too wavy to slip
Let a hoe be a hoe, I don't baby a bitch
I'm ownin my shit, that's clear as the tequila I sip
Life's funny as these marks that act hood now
Hey Joe, hit this J, put that backwood down
Chach pimp in this game like when that Lac pull 'round (biatch!)
Get outta pocket it's over
Centennial high nigga had a a bad one in Culver (on God)
She only like to fuck, she ain't like when I hold her (true)
Imma bang her ass out and send her back to her man
Washed off, got dressed and got back to the plan
And that's for gettin' at me

Get the money nigga, cause anything else ain't fuh me nigga [x3]

Me I'm kinda simple I ain't complex
Bitch nigga miss me with the mind flex
'Cause if its fuck me then its fuck you
Pray that you take that outta context
Baby making turkey bacon with the omelette
Baby tappin' out, I ain't even come yet
High off life, weed ain't even hit the lungs yet
A nigga feelin like a nigga bout to run shit (on God!)
Track shoes laced up
Street money, really never had a pay stub
I'm too 100 I can't fake love
All my bitches think I'm crackin' bruh that ain't love
I'm just doin' me what they hatin' for?
Just closed a new deal they'll be hating more
It ain't nothin worse than to lose a bitch round
Don't believe me, ask Chris Brown
Hold your head up, my young get cracking
You young and you active, you bangin', it's braccin' (I see you)
But a lot come along with that lifestyle
But you can make your rights right, right now

Get the money nigga, cause anything else ain't fuh me nigga [x2]

Get the money nigga, cause anything else ain't fuh me nigga [x6]

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Problem Ain't Fuh Me Comments
  1. Jon Huggins SR


  2. Taylor Andre

    3 five 4

  3. Tropic Lucas

    Was that a ab-soul diss?

  4. Boston Griffin

    Word from Jah.
    He said facts...
    "just ask Chris Brown"
    @kingboston_710 @bhonomics

  5. tTodd Wright

    Damm just got on wit his shit fucking wit it all day cutty


    I was waiting for the beat to kick in.....

  7. Krystal Kee

    I swear you in my Head!!! Thats fuh real!!!! Lmao👌 Str8 1HUNNIT.... ALL THESE. RAPPERS ....STEP YO GAME UP!!! TRUST YALL DNT WANT...THIS PROBLEM!!#WHAATT😉👈

  8. Twan Culberson

    I like the remix he did wit maddgenious. Maddgenious the hottest rapper in Michigan

  9. Lyrico ND3 Ggsosonikole

    If its fuk me then its fuk u💯

  10. Truer JETS



  12. OGcaptain Steez

    Where the fuck the views at ??? 🤔🤔🤔 this shit fire 🔥

  13. fatdog371

    Conspiracy to keep Problem under rated going on.



  15. G Boyy

    A nigga feeling like he bout start running shit 🗿💎

  16. Jaquies Taylor

    Let's go west

  17. dc14eva19

    Lyrics < Beat

  18. T Williams

    This my song!!

  19. Jamilia Marshall

    Cali shit🔥🔥🔥

  20. Angel Garcia

    the best ever

  21. HBK Ang

    My nigga active asf 🔥

  22. Rius Smith

    My nigga I just found my new shi for 2017 and [email protected]_rohn84

  23. D Crafty92507

    flame on🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  24. adam stokes

    new favorite!

  25. Vincent_Artman

    Flo wit da flo!💯 all day!✌🏾🙏🏾💯

  26. pdog305301

    This shit is so hard. First you get the bars then you get the beat

  27. Dana Murray

    the second coming of MC BREED

  28. jerin browder

    this shit literally put me to sleep

    Pure Mind

    in a good or bad way

    jerin browder

    @the dark ghost bad way

    I love Rykeem Doggy Dogg

    the dark ghost lol nigga there no good way in that

  29. Vinny Carrocia

    What is the Problem video with two girls on the bed talking about truth serum and then Problem comes in? One of the girls is white. I cannot find the video or the song title. It's not Potion. Probably about 10 years old.


    Vinny Carrocia problem-hoe for that

  30. Djigga Carter

    He really think he's good enough to rap without a ordinary beat ??? Oh come man, don't be stupid !


    Djigga Carter u gotta be confident in what u do and take risks like he does. This is one of my favorite tracks on his mixtape

    Adam Noyb

    Dasauce. it's not a mixtape it's a actual album. shit hard as fuck

  31. DAZ187

    really 2min just to drop the beat WTF


    Agon Leed Truth.

  32. Akeem X

    I expect way more bitches in your videos bru, you got a reputation, the album go hard 2.

    Aaliyah E

    Akeem X stfu

    Luisrael Naranjo

    Akeem X bruuuuuh check out plugs on the way by Problem if u wanna check out alot bitches on his video. Same album. 🔥#Chachiville

  33. Adam Noyb

    this whole album bang!! this my motivation song right here! get your money nigga

  34. Explore_Visulaize

    cause any thing else Ain't fuh me Nigga. summer Mo

  35. Supa`s World

    like whaaaattt

  36. sevi.

    c a l i l e g e n d