PRo - Fight Music Lyrics

Until they put me in the grave
I will not be a slave today
(I will not be a slave today)

See this is that (this is that) [x3]
That fight music (that fight music) [x8]

[Verse 1:]
Now til I collapse and stop breathing
We never stop beefing
Think I'll fall but I won't
Guess you can stop thinking
Won't consume a bite of food
Til you inside a tomb
Even if that mean that I gotta kill me to kill you
This is 9-11 kamikaze
Inside my mortal body
Not like I'm fighting alone because the LORD got me
I stand strong listen
Don't get me wrong
Though you born inside of me
I hate you with every bone
Make war with my fellow Christians and beat you into submission
We die for the cross
This is more than religion
It's that scrap til you die music
Don't believe the lie music
Crucify the flesh til the LORD crack the sky music


[Verse 2:]
Now hold on, He strong
Endure for a while then homie we gone
It's time to zoom in like a missile
But you can holster your pistol
We fight with the Scriptures
It cut down to the gristle
Go hard til they murder me
Ain't scared of you hurting me
Watch me rise again
They won't burn me to the third degree
This that, this that motivation to get in an altercation with yo, with yo sin
I suggest they just resist Satan
Cause he wanna kill you anytime you believe in the God who exists in three
But ain't no way that I'm a die I'm a go ahead and ride cause the LORD exists in me
His everlasting peace
Is what we fight to see
My joy inside the LORD
Take this world away from me


[Verse 3:]
Around my waist I wear the truth
Righteousness on my chest
Faith repel hate like a bullet-proof vest
It's no turning back
This is much more than rap
Salvation on my dome tuck snug, fitted cap
I cling to the word watch it cut like a ginsu
Catch me on the street trying to bring all of my kin through
Spirit penetrate our heart cold like Juno
But cover your feet with peace
Call it Air Force Uno
Up in Ephesians we see that we fighting legions that wanna leave you with lesions
But homie don't stop believing
The gospel is our weapon, not bickering and yelling
Hold strong to the cross til the LORD is sent from heaven hey


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