Priscilla Ahn - Lullaby Lyrics

Here's a Lullaby
For anyone who wants to fly
From their home town
Where people drown and where the town leaves die

This old library
Has thirty books and one dictionary
But that's okay no one reads anyway we all watch TV

So here's your lullaby
No girl don't cry just rest your head and go to bed your time will come to fly
Never a day just dream your life away

All the dogs will die
They just can't seem to stay alive
Cause in this town our cop shoots him down and we just let him go inside

Please God please what happened to our dreams
Were losing hope so we invest in dope to feel our vacant feelings

So here's your lullaby
No boy don't cry just rest your head and go to bed your time will come to fly

Never a day just dream your life away

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Priscilla Ahn Lullaby Comments
  1. pam

    Her achievements really push me to be a better person (ᴗ ͜ʖ ᴗ)

  2. BroHunter

    Still listening to her in 2019 <3

  3. Veron R.

    I love this song! Her voice is so wonderful

  4. Jason Price

    Let him go and *sigh

  5. Macushla XOXO

    Sweetest of dreams, love of my life

  6. Amanda Lopes

    2018?? This song never gets old

  7. Kester Dandan


  8. Rorschach Introvert

    Whoa. It's a good song but looking back, maybe this shouldn't have been my childhood bedtime song.

  9. CharotXgaming

    her voice is so relaxing that it makes me sleep immediately 😇😅

  10. Cellist 1

    i have all of her albums, i really hope she keeps making more music. i've listened to priscilla since i was really little and i've grown up with her music. she's amazing

  11. Prank Girl

    This brings me back to the MySpace days. Those were some of the best days of my life.

  12. Khaled Alsaidi

    I love you Priscilla 😶❤

  13. Attila Deák

    pisilnám ánuszba

  14. Attila Deák

    djentbe odabaszna

  15. Attila Deák

    remélem kiveri

  16. Attila Deák

    engem a berni altat most

  17. anthony olavarria

    I want an Adam Young and Priscilla Ahn collab, right now...

  18. Martine Brun

    Merci <3


    Probably the sweetest , cutest and the most relaxing voice I ever heard <3

  20. Tatsumaki Tornado

    1:52 NOOO!!! I just got over it ;-;

    Valerie P.

    I still haven't got over it. WHYYYYY?! (-_-)

  21. Bella

    Love your songs

  22. jung dammichu

    goshh how can i never heard bout her before?? her songs are so good im in love :>

  23. Beverly Ann Bohol

    lalalalalalalalalala.. just like it :D

  24. ilah !


  25. Haute Swan

    A voice as smooth as silk and you can tell a really sweet person too....


    and hurt..

  26. Alejandro Toro

    This song says too many important things we all should think about them.

    Gisselle Rocha

    this brings back so many memories when my sister was a baby 😢

  27. Wait a damn minute

    She's simply amazing. Definitely a hidden treasure

  28. Tricia Tan

    I love the intro! :D

  29. Brianna Lopez

    Should a sweet vocie

  30. Haileight

    omg i love you.

  31. Chrissy Montague

    Serendipity :)

  32. archie977

    i found her by accident best accident i ever had hehe

  33. archie977

    as soon as people become popular the jackles get a hold of em its good she stays simple and pleasant

  34. KkayKris

    It's "where the townies die."
    "We just let him go and sigh."

  35. MrColdvirus

    you show the beauty in the simple life...:)..

  36. Shannon Franklin

    i only heard of this singer because of her song dream was in bridewars and now i absolutely adore her songs

  37. Rae Sanchez

    How come i'm barely finding her? She is amazing.

  38. dlbtubeyou

    I love her music and funny cause Ingrid Michaelson was also the one that got me listening to her.. Never would have found any of the girls Ingrid, Regina Spektor, Lenka.. without Pandora!!!!!

    Thank you Priscilla for a pure voice :) Fav though is Dream.

  39. dlbtubeyou

    10 People missed the lullaby

  40. oh livi ah

    I know why Prisilla isn't famous, though she should be. I know this is a stupid reason but its the truth, her songs aren't about partying or boys.... i wish i could hear her on the radio... :(

  41. Maya Celeste

    I heard Priscilla through Ingrid Michaelson.. this song just makes me want to cuddle everything. And everyone. Everywhere.

  42. rat pack

    she is the next Bic Runga! agree?

  43. Victoria

    wow thats so true and really cool/ I never thought of that!

  44. soberanimal

    It would probably bring tears to my eyes, but it would be tears of joy. And deep gratitude for a long and happy life, filled with peple whom i love.

  45. soberanimal

    and now, the exact thing, that you didnt want to happen, happened. The irony...

    Its an amazing song, and i love it :)

    someday, when (if) i have children, i will sing it for them. And then they will be singing it for their children.

    And one day, when im sitting on a nursing home, my little grandchildren will sing it for me, with their cute happy child voices, while they are smiling up at me and stroking my hand - reminding me of all the happy memories i had had with that song.

  46. Supytalp

    I like how I randomly found her on my phone when I was looking for songs that wasn't related to her. Best accidental finding ever.

  47. fgvff

    I agree with you

  48. Chloe S

    ive noticed msot of her songs r directed towards childhood <3

  49. Belly

    but better

  50. yongslicer

    What do you think of her song "Dream"

  51. yongslicer

    @TheMusiclover13100 You haven't heard dream?!

  52. malibu64

    She touched my heart with this song. It's hard to do.

  53. Rachel Mulholland

    Omg, why did i not find out about this woman sooner?! :O

  54. Thinkbig96

    @TheGinder123 I don't know what you meant by that, but, okay.

  55. yongslicer

    I'm falling in love with this girls voice. Lalaaaalaalaaaaaaa..........

  56. TheZarlefrine

    sweet voice... :)

  57. Gigi

    @Thinkbig96 sry it was an accident i vote down ur comment. i meant it.

  58. Dary Stabbo

    @foreverinspired96 That's just exactly what I think :D

  59. Genelife Lab

    ขอบคุณกาแฟที่ทำให้ทำงานได้ ขอบคุณLullabyที่ทำให้นอนหลับ

  60. LinkandAllensGirl77

    I love just hearing people with REAL talent you can just feel that she really loves what she sings :)

  61. Thinkbig96

    @cornattack1234 funny. for me it's just kinda creepy, lol.

  62. shelby ford

    @Thinkbig96 Lol. We all know its not a lullaby. Its not really supposed to be... its called lullaby because its supposed to calm people. at least, thats my outlook. It is beautiful though.

  63. Thinkbig96

    The lyrics are so strange. Morbid and a bit cliche. This song is not a lullaby lol.

    Very beautiful music though, as usual.

  64. Chrissy Montague

    This song is so morbid, but so innocent sounding. You would never expect it if you weren't listening to the lyrics.

  65. Jeff Sorioso

    ooh. lovely!

  66. Seafoamgreenbean

    I'm so glad I discovered Priscilla Ahn and her beautiful voice! C:

  67. AJ C

    she reminds me of a fine frenzy

  68. BreAna1393

    @BroadwayBeauty30 - Yeah, I think that most mainstream artists are famous because they conform to things that artists like Michaelson and Ahn refuse to. For instance, a lot of famous female singers sell sex, sell their bodies in order to get recognition. And a lot of those mainstream rappers and even rockstars are misogynistic and practically advertise rape and male superiority. It's disgusting really. The saddest part is- we, the consumers, continue to listen and support these people.

  69. Kachlae

    this has to be the best CD i have ever bout in my entire life... it should cost WAY more then it really does...

  70. mehidalgo18

    @BroadwayBeauty30 I dont like cyrus very much. but I have to recognize that at least cyrus has a good voice. maybe she would not write as good as ahn or michaelson. but she can sing...well its my opinion.

  71. wintersmoke335

    I feel like a princess after listening to this piece of art...<3

  72. TheWannabeKorean

    @BroadwayBeauty30 Each to their own, 'ey? ;P. I hope I didn't annoy you.

  73. TheWannabeKorean

    Whilst I agree with you that artists like Ahn should definately have more popularity, isn't it a little harsh to say Miley Cyrus doesn't have any talent? I mean, I dislike her style of music, not to mention her habit of forgetting to put on clothes before she goes on stage, but in terms of talent, she does have a pretty powerful country voice. She's just using it wrong, no?

  74. Sarah Yeager

    i don't think being famous has anything to do with if you're better at singing or not. It's about the passion and love to sing. Not the popularity. :)

  75. MrMetthias

    i just fell asleep listening to her songs. not because she's boring, but because her voice is incredibly soothing...

  76. water2chick

    how many of her songs do you have?

  77. bree b

    @ali15valerio they're in the description. which used to be on the side of the video but now its under it. maybe you should fix your attitude and actually think before you talk.

  78. Alicia Valerio

    you said the lyrics are included next to the video. well there not. fix it.

  79. Zulluhead

    @BroadwayBeauty30 I couldn't care less for her excuses to be doing that "music", she is SHIT and needs to get killed before My ears bleed from her "music".

  80. Zulluhead

    @BroadwayBeauty30 I'm right behind you on the meaning in songs,I see that as well, but imo Miley isn't as bad as some people make her look, I mean look at Gaga for example -.-

  81. Zulluhead

    @BroadwayBeauty30 I wouldnt really diss Miley tbh,dont get me wrong she aint better BUT compared to MOST mainstream she is GOOD,she has a good really good voice,knows how to dance and plays some instruments herself,thats what a muscian should do.

  82. coolkid

    @BroadwayBeauty30 My sister said the same exact thing to me yesterday. Now I know where she got it. ;) lol

  83. Scarlett Gamiz

    This old library
    has thrity books and one dictionary
    but thats okay no one reads anyway we all watch tv
    ORIGINAL! i love how she talks about everything in persepective lol :)

  84. deamonsead

    I love this song! The one i have on my ipod is deiiferent.... I mean, it's still her but it's not quite like this. There are more backup singers and louder music, and her singing of the song is different. But still, I looooove this song. ^.^

  85. thebrotherhooduk

    im such a fan of pris, shes an inspiration... speaking from a scot who lives in england the dream is alive!

  86. Katie Lamport

    This song is incredible. Priscilla is simply amazing!

  87. hollyfrog123

    Shes like, the most beautiful woman Ive ever seen or heard. Her voice is amazing i wish i could sing like her.

  88. Eileen Stevenson

    amen to THAT!

  89. Sam_oeste1

    ya right

  90. Sam_oeste1

    ya right lier god this is youtube you can be real

  91. priscilla gonzalez

    this bitch
    i thought i loved her
    my dog wont die T~T

  92. leo111991

    on our way back home from six flags, i just put it on her album, and slept the whole way home, soooo soothing


  93. sageb1

    her voice is soothing.

  94. jackcarver1984

    All the dogs will die
    they just cant seem to stay alive
    cause in this town our cop shoots him down and we just let him go inside

    I went to school with Priscilla and in the town she lived in one of the cops shot and killed a dog senselessly and nothing ever came of it.

  95. luigilsperu

    i slept during this song.............. shes my sister

  96. Cal Hsiao

    um i think the line is actually : where people drown and where the townies die
    i love this song :)

  97. TwinDusks

    lalalalalaaaaa uhhhh uhh lauh lauh lauh

  98. Amber

    she has such a pure and natural voice its amazing