Prine, John - Wedding Day In Funeralville Lyrics

It's Wedding Day in Funeralville
Your soup spoon's on your right
The King and Queen will alternate
With the refrigerator light
They'll be boxing on the T.V. show
The colored kids will sing
Hooray for you
And midnight's oil
Lets burn the whole damn thing

Felicia is my dark horse girl
I'll take her if it rains
She throws up punch
Upon the host
And says many stupid things
But she ain't so bad
When we're all alone
She's as different
As can be
She's a part a my heart
Don'tcha pull us apart
She's like one of the family

Oh no! Trouble in the attic
Won't somebody turn on a light
Got so, so many troubles
Can't even tell
Wrong from right
I'm gonna comb my hair
Darn my socks
Tip my hat
And say goodnight
It's Wedding Day in Funeralville
What shall I wear tonight?
It's wedding Day in Funeralville
What shall I wear tonight?

My car is stuck in Washington
And I cannot find out why
Come sit beside me on the swing
And watch the angels cry
It's anybody's ballgame
It's everybody's fight
And the streetlamp said
As he nodded his head
It's lonesome out tonight


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Prine, John Wedding Day In Funeralville Comments
  1. Sean Honan

    Hands down one of the 2 best songwriters of all time....Dylan too

  2. Leo Fedigan

    One of my favorites.

  3. Tremoney

    Conor Oberst does a great cove of this song. A great example of the lasting legacy John's music will always have.

  4. Jelle Netten

    Wish he'd come to the Netherlands again .....

  5. Jelle Netten

    John WAS not. He is !! And busy with his Tour thru the USA !!

  6. Jelle Netten

    Common Sense was my first John Prine record. Vinyl, of course. And after this one, I bought all the other ones, piece by piece. John is my favourite singer/songwriter. October 11th 2000, he was in Paradiso, Amsterdam. Wonderful concert !! Hope to see and hear him again ....

    Dusty Bassman

    Im a little young to even know who John was, but my late father turned me on to him and hes one of my favorite singers of all time.