Prine, John - Mexican Home Lyrics

It got so hot, last night, I swear
You couldn't hardly breathe
Heat lightning burnt the sky like alcohol
I sat on the porch without my shoes
And I watched the cars roll by
As the headlights raced
To the corner of the kitchen wall.

Mama dear
Your boy is here
Far across the sea
Waiting for
That sacred core
That burns inside of me
And I feel a storm
All wet and warm
Not ten miles away
My Mexican home.

My God! I cried, it's so hot inside
You could die in the living room
Take the fan from the window
Prop the door back with a broom
The cuckoo clock has died of shock
And the windows feel no pane
The air's as still
As the throttle on a funeral train.


My father died on the porch outside
On an August afternoon
I sipped bourbon and cried
With a friend by the light of the moon
So its hurry! hurry! Step right up
It's a matter of life or death
The sun is going down
And the moon is just holding its breath.


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Prine, John Mexican Home Comments
  1. Paul Barnes

    just heard this, my goodness, outstanding.

  2. Gary Browning Sr

    Thank you John

  3. conantdog

    My dad died last night ,today I looked this song up to sooth my heart , one of few prime songs I don't play , I wanted to learn it when my mother died but couldn't bring myself to sing the lyrics , now I have no choice .

  4. Leonviejo47

    SEÑOR J. PRINE ; me encanta la poesía de sus canciones, letras hablan de cosas tan usuales y actuales, por ser mexicano y Ud., contarnos de "Mexican Home" traduje el coro, así literalmente, faltaría la "rima" y dice :::Mama dear ///// Mamá Querida
    Your boy is here ///// aqui esta tu hijo
    ///// lejano atravez del mar
    ///// Esperando
    //// ese sagrado corazón
    //// que arde dentro de mi,

    //// y siento como una tormenta
    ///// tan húmeda y tibia
    //// desde tan lejos
    //// cuando me voy acercando
    //// a tan mexicano hogar.. Ahora que le conosco Mr Prine, seguire escuchando tan Agradable interpretaciones, llenas de sentimientos profundos nostálgicos y algunos comicos como "Lonsome friends of Science" y si en estos videos agregan la letra, pues podre entender mejor lo que nos cuenta en sus canciones,, FELICIDADES, un Saludo respetuoso, desde Cd. Ju´´arez Chihuahua... un 21 Mayo 2019.

  5. Ian Ryder


  6. Jesse Belt

    These god.

  7. Robin G

    My sister (and my best friend) died a week ago, a young 58...cancer also. She was a huge John Prine fan and learned to play and sing many of his songs. I had not been able to listen to him until today......

    Ginger Jones

    Robin Beckwith - my sympathies.

  8. Skip McQuillin

    Good Lord. That song is powerful. Just powerful.

  9. Fred Gardiner


  10. OldGoldBlue

    Prine is to music as Vonnegut is to literature. They're the only two that can make me laugh and cry uncontrollably during the same story.

    Jim Parks

    OldGoldBlue beautifully stated and a perfect comparison.

  11. Guy

    My father died last Friday in his living room while I spoke to him. As I was walking through his home after, opening all the doors and welcoming him to leave this plane, this tune started playing on my phone. The first two words John Prine utters - Thank You - hit me hard, as I had for the last month cared for him as we fought the cancer that ravaged his body.
    Thank you John and Josh for giving my father the means to express himself to me after he had passed through this life with unimpeachable grace and humility.


    Thank You for sharing your touching story..May you find Peace

    Shelly Sprunk

    How utterly beautiful! Thank you SO much! God bless you and your Dad.

  12. Elizabeth Harper

    ~ Oh, Lawdy.

  13. Michael Penny

    What a great rendition. Hits you in the heart....the soul