Princess Superstar - What Do You Want? Lyrics

I'm back, damn
I forgot about how disgusting
Yet, somehow delicious your food is
Anyway, as you might imagine
Where there's a lot of merchandise
There comes trouble in paradise
The duplicants began to get unhappy, and wise

I'm the best
My breath to my breasts, especially undressed
Never get depressed, so impressed
Take everything till nothing's left
So, advance to France, make 'em dance
Due to Zimbabwe, another pay day
?, they think I'm awesome
Compton to Thompkins, leave I'm wanted

What do you want, what do you want (cars, cars)
What do you want, what do you want (jewels, jewels)
What do you want, what do you want (cars, cars)
What do you want, what do you want (more, more)

If you wit me, let me hear you say uh, uh
If you wit me, let me hear you say uh, uh
If you wit me, let me hear you say uh, uh
Say uh, uh

I've spread like a virus
Get what I want, a remote control in my iris
I ruled the kindness
Gotta be ruthless baby, why don't you try it
Wonder what it's like to be me
Everyone buying, dying to get next to me
Yeah it's ecstasy, even better than some sex could be
Uh, everything you dreamed and more, the ?
?, desperate to score
Drippin' in diamonds from my head to my core
To my hymen all for my beautiful rhymin'
Nobody knows who won the Nobel prize
But everybody knows the colour of my eyes
And when I go up a dress size
And my market sliced and my pocket book priced
Hey, Duplicant 661, what the hell is going on
You a broke clone or su'thin', can't you see
I'm in the middle of a song, what's wrong
(Sorry Superstar, I'm feelin' worse)
(I think it's gonna be a brain spurt)
(My body, my soul, everything hurts)
(My brain and spirit broke, they don't work)
You jerk! I don't care
Better push and make it work, get out there
Feel bad about your life, I don't care
Wanna make things right, I don't care
What you need right now is just more things
Buy more things, you feel nothing
Money ain't a thing for what it brings
Diamond rings, you need more things

What do you want, what do you want (cars, cars)
What do you want, what do you want (jewels, jewels)
What do you want, what do you want (cars, cars)
What do you want, what do you want (more, more)

If you wit me, let me hear you say uh, uh
If you wit me, let me hear you say uh, uh
If you wit me, let me hear you say uh, uh
Say uh, uh

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Princess Superstar What Do You Want? Comments
  1. Mr. Paul

    ааа пуси пуси))

  2. Alexander Martinez

    1, 2, 3, 4... 🔥

  3. John Woods

    .75 speed is a legit remix.

  4. wrhabbel

    pornstars in a pop-video nothing special

  5. Russel Moquin

    This video is 🔥hot

  6. Mercury.

    Who's here in 2019👀

    Glauce Gomes

    Im from Brzil and I love SO much this music! I will listen forever

  7. Giovanni Cristian

    Ok ok i get it I get.

  8. Frozen blood

    The social network music!

  9. Bren Jeff

    Yo what’s that gap toothed ones name

  10. El Gee

    This makes me want a bit.

  11. Saiya Yautja Malkav

    Nope. It was bad back then, it's still bad now.

  12. H a y a t o

    Hentai music video anyone?

  13. Natiele Santos de souza

    Tal de alvaro no meio....roubaram coisas la da academia energia de sao luiz e karate e da natacao tambem..e criaram isso ai..e das corrida do zanini que me apelidou de the flash roubado tambem e quase me mataram e dos futebol tambem...tudo as medalhas roubadas.

  14. Gaby Walker

    A de roxo é a Daniela Albuquerque kkkkkkk

    Changing my usurname every 6 months

    Daniela Alburquerque com AIDS.

  15. Rolanda Loathe

    The girl in the purple is gorgeous.

  16. Secular Humanist

    Knockers knockers, knockers everywhere...

  17. rob evans

    original the best remember judge jules always slamming it out..this is just a cheesy version

  18. T0mat0S0up

    I like gappy the best.

  19. THOOHT Official

    Ok YouTube this is getting weird

  20. Samurai Worrior

    =_= what?! Didn't I just watch

  21. Natiele Santos de souza

    Academia energia

  22. ardvark84

    It's my guilty pleasure... Can't watch tho, just listen because that make up is... too much.

  23. Dirty Snowball

    Where's Yoko, bitchez?

  24. Tim Hernan

    Casey??? NO WAY!! I CANT TELL

  25. pinwheel87

    why do i keep coming back to this i must be gay lmao

  26. Civis Hamburgum

    This makeup is unsetteling.

  27. Sly the Guy

    I like the girl with ponytails.

  28. 5thStreet2009

    01:57 dint know why I used to love this

  29. Gillian Cockroft

    Top Marks 😍

  30. Juan Navarro

    I'm here from a hentai edit

    Sly the Guy

    Oh, which one?

    Juan Navarro

    @Sly the Guy it was on iFunny I don't know what it's called. 100% tho you'd probably find it if you looked up the song on pornhub with hmv

  31. Robert Bellorin

    One two three

  32. Henri


  33. _marseillaise135

    Un français par ici ?

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    why is this the Wipeout Game music?

  35. Artyom3400

    Ан girls!!!

  36. MrSpanishboss

    They don't make videos like this nowadays

  37. BlackMetal Warrior

    Могли бы уж и полностью раздеться, чего мелочиться то .....

  38. Ana Mejia

    Could kick a football between her front teeth :)

  39. Kiedis Selley

    Man's flip was clean asf

  40. Дмитрий Цыганов

    2019! Push IT !!!

  41. darkmoon560

    One of my favorite videoclips ever. Teeth gap chick, gorgeous

  42. Republikpropaganda

    1:59 when your crush gives this know she is ready

    I am Jerk King off

    soo true👌😂

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    Moon dos channel late night

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    Was this an actual track??

  45. CarpetHater

    everthing aside, the song is actually very catchy

  46. pro Ximity

    wipeout 4ever

  47. Natiele Santos de souza


  48. Rodrigo E

    Que hermosas putas!!!!

  49. Erick Sánchez

    + Nescafé

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    I don't remember this part of Wipeout..

  51. chris86simon

    Ive heard this song SO many times, never seen the video. So glad I got clickbaited into this.

  52. Chad Battman

    LOL @ people calling just 12 year old songs/videos "classics". "Spinning tv classics" Wtf are you for real???

  53. fractal infinito

    Como não gostar de um vídeo tão sexy?;

  54. Cansever Sayın

    0% half-nacked women
    0% dancing women
    0% x
    100% talent and music

  55. fabian berndt

    1:22 B score 10 Points

  56. Platous Rhayteer

    2007 was the year so many great hits

  57. Adriano Battista

    It's hard to type a comment with one hand...

    Because I have a Bible on the other.

    Dr. Ninja


  58. Maliceuk

    I love the cheeky cheesy tune..push it push

  59. Janice L

    If you used to replay this video a lot when you were younger , guaranteed you're a lesbian now.

    lil bumble

    No Just bi

    i accidentally sent you a picture of my clock

    No just confused


    Nah super straight

  60. alexander tuin

    lol so fun this track still in 2019

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    1:50 bold guy from Brazzers, is that you? o_O

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    Really surprise that nobody mention Yoko from Gurren Lagann, like ??? Anyways I'm here because of her !!!

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    Sign me up for this gym

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    the teeth gap on that one skeleton is really distracting

  66. Graham Harvey

    That’s like it girls !!!!yehar!

  67. Tomas Tosas

    Yup, 2:05am and don't know how it's happened

  68. SL Content

    love the song , but 3 hookers doing gymnastics dont do it for me ROFL

  69. Mx Starman

    Great memebers!!! :D

  70. McAmber

    Still awesome :)) heared today in gym this booster

  71. Jimmy neutron

    5 days into No nut December.

    Watches this video

    chris town

    Day 8😭


    Why do you go with this stupid, unhealthy trend? No common sense at all.....

  72. Surubí

    2;15 am YouTube

    2;17 am YouPorn

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    the one in pigtails i always thought looked like Madonna

  74. SynthDevice

    Лысый из браззерс великолепен

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    EU teeth

  76. Michael Commiso

    they should put the uncensored Music videos on YouTube too

  77. Michael Commiso

    this song is super cool

  78. Silent Human

    I'm starting to wonder why my parents were fine with me watching this as a child.

    Silent Human

    @HT ... and again, you're assuming my emotions. Man, i'd me more "butthurt" if I struggled to spell. i.e "faghet"

    PleaseDontForceMe ToMakeAGoogleAccount

    Nobody can take their appearance seriously, neither could the parents lol

  79. Unboxing Luigi

    Legal pra caramba! Kkkk mimha namorada me mostrou. Da adolescência dela.

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    I lost contact with my penpal Princess Superstar Aline, please like up so she can contact me on here

  84. Colm Gallagher


  85. Colm Gallagher

    I didn’t do that

  86. The Missing Link

    Released in 2007? Where was I?

    This must be out of the U.K. or something because this would never place on the charts in the U.S.

  87. Brandon Now 48

    Friday 8 November 2013

  88. Robert Gemmell

    Velvet horse, anyone notice, very chavvy 😂

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    WTF did I just watched? lol...


    A legendary music video from the past