Prince - Power Fantastic Lyrics

Late at night, when the world is sleeping
You are frightened, 'cause the power's creeping
In your room is something you're afraid of
Life or doom is what this feeling's made of

Power fantastic
Is in your life at last
You're a little apprehensive
'Cause what it is, is what you want and need

Minor G is the chord of pleasure
It will be played eleven measures
You will see fire, but you're cool as ice
You lie if you say this isn't nice

Power fantastic
Is in your life at last
You're a little apprehensive
What it is, is what you want and need

Power, power

Power fantastic
Is in your life at last
You're a wee bit apprehensive
'Cause what it is, is what you want and need

Power, power, power fantastic

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Prince Power Fantastic Comments
  1. John White

    Prince, what a scary dude. Immortalized through his work. Rip the kid

  2. K G

    One of the most powerful ballads penned by Prince. My top five love songs...

    The Beautiful Ones
    Power Fantastic

  3. Sonia Glennon

    💜 u 4 ♾ Prince!!!!

  4. Mychael Darklighter

    Easily one of Prince’s greatest creations and it’s hidden away as the final track on the b-sides disc. 😯
    What golden treasures can we expect from the vault..?!

  5. Callie Thornton

    Can’t stop playing it. It’s so nourishing.

  6. Lamonte Hale

    I used to sing this joint to my girlfriends, thats right girlfriendsssssssssss.

  7. Saul Manrique

    My favorite prince track

  8. T muhammad

    Matchless talent in one human being #Prince

  9. Lucius Brunswick

    Lisa was in an entirely different room as they recorded this in ONE TAKE

    The piano breakdown at the bridge 2:48 makes me emotional EVERY TIME

  10. McQueenPress

    You're a LIAR if you say this isn't nice! When I play this song on a loop, it makes my life real elastic...

  11. Dariukas L.


  12. Starr Company

    Smh I've been bumpin this shit since the early 90ds! Y'all really call yourselfs Prince fans👎🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


    The orchestration of this one of the most hauntingly beautiful I've ever experienced..☝

  14. Twan112785

    This was recorded in 1986 it should've been on The Parade album I love this song 💜💜💜

  15. Dariukas L.

    Fantastic... God loved him here

  16. Artel Miller

    I love the 🎹 on this track..

  17. bromf

    this shit is like amoebas crawling across earth

  18. Dariukas L.


  19. Supergrover

    Still listening to this absolute masterpiece in 2019.

  20. Melanie P

    Simply gorgeous! Prince could do it all.❤️❤️

  21. arlon1972

    Slow, That Flute , sax, piano combo 🔥

  22. giacomina dingeo

    So beautiful! Listening to this is just to be in Paradise!

  23. Brad Rainwater

    Straight up cool as cool is. From the mountain top to the valley below, your love showers us with diamonds, pearls and gold. Keep shinning with your love. Anyone agree? L🥰💜E

  24. Richard Green

    A rare gem!!

  25. CorrectVision3

    A magnificent, beautiful, Romantic, amazing ballad.. In my Top 5 of Prince's Ballads.

  26. * NightWalker *

    This song is a MASTERPIECE all by itself ... O(+> 4ever

    Larry Black

    A hauntingly profound MASTERPIECE. Exactly. Many years from now, after we're all gone, future generations will hail PRINCE ROGERS NELSON as a true master like Beethoven and Mozart.

  27. Gavin Blair

    I have insomnia so this is perfect!

  28. Dr. Simple Beauty 300

    Cause what it is
    Is what you want
    And need....

  29. Cynthia Lewis

    I'd like to have a little... um, polite discussion with those 10 people who voted thumbs down on this. You folks need new ears.



    Melanie P

    I agree 💯

  30. ms1996

    Beautiful record!

  31. Andre Grant

    Anyone that truly knows me, knows this is my all-favorite Prince song...I can't explain why....maybe it doesn't need to be explained...(I wish I could find a instrumental of it)

    Larry Black

    No need to explain Andre. I felt this back when I first heard it. It moved me...deeply. Still does. So did 'Condition of the Heart'.

  32. jai deva

    Instant classic. Melancholy. Moving in so many ways. Has a slight touch of Christmas Charlie Brown harkening back to more innocent times. Still does stand always, with His Royal Badness.

  33. The Teleise Williams Experience

    Minor G is chord of pleasure it will be played 11 measures U will see fire but cool as ice your a liar if u say this isn't nice

  34. Heather Lowrie

    This is the Most Beautiful Song! Read that Lisa 🎹 & Wendy 🎸 🎼wrote the song & music, & Prince changed the words a bit. Listening to their music over the years, u can tell their style. They r great musicians & fan of their Dear Friend💜. I know He was a fan of their music as well🎶. Prince & His Woman( Lisa & Wendy) were a great collaboration 0(+>🎸🎹🎙️

  35. Emma Bernard

    How incredibly beautiful....💜💜💜

  36. denise cappelletti

    Prince made so much music for us !!!!!

    Melanie P

    Yes he did! Always a treat 👍❤️

  37. D J

    His voice..

    Melanie P

    Magical! Sometimes I think he doesn't get enough credit on some of the ballads.

  38. Voice Of The Firmament

    Great song to slow dance and kiss to, I could live for years and years inside this velvet jazzy song... and the white curtains in front of my open balcony door are dancing to this tune in the windy night.

    St. Paul

    Voice Of The Firmament Wow, I love the images in your mind. Beautiful.

  39. christine anderson

    Crying. Heard this for the first time. Prince, I love you.

  40. thepurplemancunian

    The lack of views this has is upsetting. I can't put in to words my love for this track 💜

    Melanie P

    I hear ya, stunning!

    Donaven Mercado

    I agree this song is very underrated and one of my favorites!!! 💯🔥💨🌲🕺🏻

    nero eagle

    It's very special that few embrace this song, bigger doesn't equate to being the best


    I love his music and him so much. And this piece is so him. It touches you when you hear it

    Kizer Soze

    I agree this song does something to my heart and brings out all types of beautiful emotions. To hear Eric Leeds on the flute is so beautiful. I truly love this song especially the break down.
    I close my eyes and dream of a beautiful place, blue skies and sunshine and warmth. Sitting under a tree with someone I love. This is what this song does for me. I'm gonna post this on Facebook. Like I did his other beautiful song I love...Venus De Milo from the Under the Cherry Moon soundtrack. ✌🏿 & ♥️ To you all.

  41. John Cee

    Brilliant piece!

  42. Concrete Rose

    Love this song💗

  43. John White

    Only 7.5k views of a masterpiece, oh dear! Rip, the kid. Thanks for the memories

  44. Chada Chamberlain

    Sounds so new, crazy....had to be in q spike Lee movie,? ...he killed wherever u are

    Alex Haynes

    Believe it or not, Spike Lee put it in the movie Girl 6!

  45. Lisa Gross

    Minor G is the cord of pleasure..... Yes indeed 💜💜💜

  46. Chada Chamberlain

    This BEEN playing in my head lately had to hear it

  47. Chada Chamberlain

    This BEEN playing in my head lately had to hear it

  48. shockadellick

    The world wanted to see Prince and MJ duet...However I wanted to see what could of Happen with a Trance Trent/Sananda Maitreya. Only musicians will understand my point of view here.

    Dr. Simple Beauty 300

    shockadellick they say that all poets have an unrequited love


    @Dr. Simple Beauty 300 Boy you shocked me with that reply....Unrequited love by Trent was the grove.

  49. Mr Maxxx

    A strong prince composition,lisa Coleman buttering the piano up and Eric Leeds playing the incense vibe flute,a sensual and laid back moving song

    nero eagle

    If im not mistaken, thats Miles on the alto sax.

    Mr Maxxx

    @nero eagle Atlanta Bliss who toured with prince and is down with Eric Leeds is playing

    Dirty Redd

    nero eagle you are correct it’s the great Miles Davis!!

  50. jck77

    laid down and gave my flower to this... dec 1995 9:45pm. this song will always have very special and quiet meaning to me... thank you prince<3

    Robert Perkins

    wow powerful statement

  51. Koen Legrand

    Late at night when the world is sleeping,
    you are frightened cause the power's creeping.
    In your room, it's something U're afraid of.
    Life or doom is what this feeling's made of.

    Power fantastic is in your life at last.
    U're a little apprehensive cause what it is,
    is what you want and need.

    Minor G is the chord of pleasure.
    It will be played 11 measures.
    You will see fire, but U're cool as ice.
    You are a liar, if you say this isn't nice.

    Power fantastic is in your life at last.
    U're a little apprehensive. What it is,
    is what you want and need...

    power, power...

    D J

    Oh! My Prince. I'm so lucky you were in my life. Thanks so much.

    Melanie P

    Oh yes!

  52. Sandra Chandler

    This is Beautifully Composed Prince Masterpiece 💜💜💜

  53. Maurice Jones

    This is such a fantasticly beautiful song!You can hear the waves crashing against shore,seagulls,etc masterpiece!

  54. Martvandelay

    My favorite Prince deep cut!

  55. Anastasia Morgan -Rose


  56. haha haha


  57. Cynthia Davis

    What it is what you want and need g minor

  58. Cynthia Davis

    Why dislike ?

    Melanie P

    They don't understand a genius at work!

  59. Ron Haywood

    "Late at night when the world is sleeping...U are frightened cuz the power's creeping...In ur room is something ur afraid of...Life of doom is what this feeling's made of"

  60. loce670922

    Gorgeous piece. They say Prince stole it from Wendy and Lisa. Is it truth?


    Nope. It was a band effort, but Prince wrote it.

    Danny Pound

    @Martvandelay I've read that it was a Wendy & Lisa collaboration which Prince contributed lyrics to.

    Dr. Simple Beauty 300

    Originally this song was called carousel written by Wendy and Lisa but it wasn’t complete until Prince touched it

  61. jamillah allen

    Thank you, thank you, thank you...I've been searching high nd low for this one song, I am at a loss for words -- I am so totally speeches I don't even know what to write!!! Thank you for uploading the original version of this one very particular Prince classic 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💖💖💖

    D J

    He's magical. I love him so much.

  62. Alphonzo E. Brown, Sr.

    This song always moves me in an emotional way.......

  63. Erik Max Q Mcc

    love this song .Prince had his back to the Revolution and Lisa played Upstairs while the rest was packed in basement but pulled off in one take amazing!!!! the last song he recorded with the Revolution. Eric Leeds on Flutes cool

    jamillah allen

    I did not know that 😕, love, love Eric on duh flute.

  64. Dee Robinson

    My absolute Favorite song by Prince!!!

  65. Tech 83 Studio

    I see we all agree how fantastic this song is who has turned out their lights only to have the room lit with a candle and listened to this masterpiece?

    jamillah allen

    I swear I can close my eyes and play this one in particular Prince favorite and I can place myself anywhere in the world...only wen I play this one tho! Magical, mystical and so very, very beautiful! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


    Tech 83 Studio After making is so beautiful ❤️

  66. Michael Koon

    Lisa's piano playing is so gorgeous on this masterpiece of a track...every single musical note of this song is just perfect...what an amazing track.

    jamillah allen

    I am laying here in my bed and in my head I'm thinking the exact same thing...every musical note...romantical, beautiful and magical! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Vaiyne Narcissus

    I'm sure that's prince on piano

    Erik Max Q Mcc

    @Vaiyne Narcissus No its Lisa she played upstairs from him rest of the revolution he had his back to them, it says it in the Liner Notes :-)

    St. Paul

    Carl Brunswick In an interview Eric Leeds said Lisa was in another room playing piano and this song was completed in one take. Eric also stated that when the track was done it brought tears to his eyes due to the beauty of the song and everyone working together to make it happen. Beautiful story from Eric Leeds to share with everyone.

  67. C. B.

    Beautiful melody Prince 💜💜

  68. T J


    LA LH

    Yes. Needs more views.

    Melanie P

    Yes indeed!

  69. Frank Taylor pun intended.